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Puritan enlightenment powerpoint

  1. 1. The Puritans were some of the first to initiate the idea that a society needs the freedom to pursue religion according to each person’s own interpretation, not one under the rule of the church. They believed no Earthly government Freedom of Religion Fair Laws was absolute and the kings were also subject to the law. The Puritan communities felt that they should be very closely bonded with one another; that individual duties were important, but also community duties as well. Puritans believed very heavily in spirituality and that God must remain as the sole priority in each person’s life. Limited Power Individual Spirituality
  2. 2. The puritans inspired people to believe that it was their duty to overthrow governments when they became corrupt. This led to the killing of King Charles and also the separation between the United States and Great Britain. Many inspirations from their beliefs can be found in many important documents like The Declaration of Independence and Common Sense.
  3. 3. The Enlightenment The Enlightenment was a time of great change among the people. There was a transition from the idea of being controlled by another, to the thought of selfindividualism. People began breaking away from the common thought that the governments were in control. People wanted the right to practice religion on their own terms.
  4. 4. Enlightenment Principles All men were created equal under one God. Freedom of Religion There must be a separation between church and state. One’s intellectual strength Fair laws would create a more substantial and increasingly better human journey. Democracy and freedom were God given rights to everyone. Break away from the church for individual spiritualism. Limited Power
  5. 5. Famous Puritans John Calvin-Taught that God was the all powerful and one and only. John Winthrop- Told people if they honor their obligations to God, they would be blessed. Oliver Cromwell- Intensely religious man. He was also an English military leader. He believed God was leading his victories in battle. William Bradford- Served as the colony’s governor for over 30 years. He also was responsible for writing “Of Plymouth Plantation.”
  6. 6. Ultimately the main idea of The Enlightenment was to change the current mentality of the people. People began to have a thirst for the understanding of God and society. One cause of The Enlightenment was the sudden increase of knowledge. People began making their own assumptions and stopped listening to the church and state. The war driven times were a signal to the people that something must be changed. The people wanted to originate back to the powers of Nature, and Nature’s God. That’s where true spirituality exist.
  7. 7. As Puritan ideology began to sweep across the land, there began to be a new understanding of life and spirituality. This led to an increased intelligence among the people. As people began to see the world for what it really was, there began to be revolutions to overthrow kings and their unjust laws. The Puritans were directly responsible for the change in many governmental structures including Great Britain and The United States. Puritan Ideology Change in government control The Enlightenment Revolution of Hierarchies New understanding of life
  8. 8. Not only did Puritan ideology change our perspective on religion and spirituality, it contributed to the design of present day society. The Puritan message has echoed within our current political systems and will likely continue to do so until their ideas are needed again. They sparked the concept that the people are in control and the governments are only here to support that idea within itself. Throughout the history of the world, there has been no group that has significantly shaped world events as much as the Puritans and their ideas during The
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