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Patterns for Woodworking


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Discusses basic tools needed by beginning woodworkers before starting woodworking projects and buying woodworking plans and buying patterns for woodworking.

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Patterns for Woodworking

  1. 1. What tools do I need to getstarted with woodworking?
  2. 2. Ready to get started with woodworking, but not sure what tools you need? Whether youre interested in working with wood as an enjoyable hobby or looking to develop a rewarding career,having the right tools is an essential first step to any project. Here are the basic tools that everybeginning carpenter should have and know how to use properly.
  3. 3. Youll never be able to make even the easiest woodworking project without usingmeasuring tools like tape measures, rules and squares. Youve surely heard the old saying"Measure twice and cut once", and once you actually start working with wood youll quickly learn how true this is.
  4. 4. Tape measures are essential for making quick, accurate measurements, while squares and rules allow you to properly align joints andmark pieces for cutting. To put it simply, when youre working with wood theres just no substitute for good measuring tools.
  5. 5. Levels and plumbs are another set of tools you must learn how to use properly forprofessional results. Levels and plumbs allow you to make sure wood pieces are fitting properly and are flat or form the correct angles for easy joining.
  6. 6. And plumbs also help you make awkward measurements on your pieces by usinggravity as a point of reference so you can draw lines that are truly straight.
  7. 7. Chisels are some of the first tools that were ever used, and theyre still an essential part of your toolbox today. Youll definitely want to build up a good selection of chisels forcutting, shaping and cleaning up rough edges or joints on your woodworking projects.
  8. 8. To find out more about the basic tools youneed to get started on your woodworking projects, please visit