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MIS Degree Careers


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Discusses MIS courses, MIS classes, MIS studies and MIS jobs for MIS majors with an MIS degree.

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MIS Degree Careers

  1. 1. Careers for an MIS MajorWhat kind of jobs can I get with an MIS Degree?
  2. 2. Careers for an MIS Major Most graduates with an MIS degree use their skills and training to solve computer problems anddevelop computer technology to meet the particular needs of a business or government agency. Their goal is to help an organization get the most return from its investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes.
  3. 3. Careers for an MIS Major MIS degree students focus on evaluatingbusiness, scientific, or information processing problems and then using technology todesign new and innovative solutions to these issues. They may plan and design new computer systems, including both hardware and software.
  4. 4. Careers for an MIS Major Or they may develop new softwareapplications and other methods to expand current systems resources to perform additional functions.
  5. 5. Careers for an MIS MajorMost systems analysts generally specialize in a specific type of system such asbusiness, accounting or financial systems, or scientific and engineering systems. Typical jobs performed by MIS graduates include Database Specialist, Application Developer, Information Security Manager,
  6. 6. Careers for an MIS Major Web/E-commerce System Developer, SystemsAnalyst, Software Quality Assurance Analyst, System Architect, System Designer, Programmer-Analyst, End-user Support Analyst, Technical Support Specialists, Information Systems Consultant, Systems Teacher-Trainer, and Computer Support Specialist.
  7. 7. Careers for an MIS MajorWhatever their job title, MIS professionals need to be problem-solvers who have mastered a wide range of specialized technical skills including designing newcomputer systems to meet specific human and organizational needs.
  8. 8. Careers for an MIS MajorTo find out more about careers for MISmajors and the possible jobs available tothose with a degree in MIS, please visit