Coco Robicheaux Spiritland Band Tribute


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Coco Robicheaux. the unofficial mayor of Frenchmen Street, was a unique, completely self-defined character and musician, a man who believed his music intermingled the spiritual and physical worlds.

Nearly 2 years after his death, several of Robicheaux's friends and former bandmembers have come together to stage a fitting tribute to him. At the Blues Tent during the 2013 Jazzfest, veteran rock and soul singer Irene Sage -- "Queen Irene," in Robicheaux's lexicon -- led an ensemble that included guitarist Michael Sklar and pedal steel "wizard" Dave Easley.

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Coco Robicheaux Spiritland Band Tribute

  1. 1. Curtis John Arceneaux, better known as Coco Robicheaux, was an American blues musician and artist from Ascension Parish, Louisiana.
  2. 2. Dancer and Songwriter Danielle Laramie Arceneaux first joined the Burning Bushes in the Spiritland Band back in 1997, and she has performed at several JazzFest and French Quarter Festivals over the years.
  3. 3. “The Master of the Telecaster”, Coco’s right hand man on guitar and has been a core member of the Band for 20 years. He was the original guitarist for the New Orleans Blues Dept back in the 70's and 80's.
  4. 4. Michael is also the leader of Mike Sklar and the HipShakers. He plays in clubs all around the city and still carries the torch, playing the late night apple barrel gigs.
  5. 5. The "Wizard“ on pedal steel, and also a core member of Coco's Band, Dave toured with Coco for over 20 years. He is also an incredible writer and composer and one of the most mesmerizing musicians you will ever hear.
  6. 6. Tom was Coco's regular drummer for the most part of the last decade. These days he can be found playing with a wide variety of bands around New Orleans.
  7. 7. Mike was the Hammond player for Spiritland Band. And when you’re in New Orleans, you can catch him playing live at the historic Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop.
  8. 8. The percussionist for the Spiritland Band for15 years, Hubie also played with the Creatures of Habit and the all night power band Irene and The Mikes.
  9. 9. Hubie is a veteran camera man for a New Orleans news station as well as a film maker.
  10. 10. An accomplished singer and actress, Dorian leads the Running with Scissors production company. She sang back up in the Spiritland Band for 10 years as well.
  11. 11. Irene, leader of the Irene Sage Band, and former leader of the band Irene and The Mikes, has been sharing the stage with Coco Robicheaux for over 25 years. In fact, they first met back in 1988 when Coco became one of the Mike's in her band!
  12. 12. Leader of the New Orleans band Walter Wolfman and the Road Masters, “Wolfman” is a New Orleans Blues icon. His incredibly smooth guitar playing always lights up the stage.
  13. 13. Known as “Dr. Scott”, is the guitarist for the Irene Sage Band. He was also Coco's close friend and physician. Dr. Scott will be playing Robicheaux's rhythms at the fest, strumming out chords on a gut string classical guitar in true Coco form.
  14. 14. Jack has been one of the Roadmasters for 20 years, laying down some of the funkiest bass ever. He also plays bass with the Irene Sage Band and he leads Jack Cruz and the Cruz Missiles.