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FRCC MAT050 Ratios and Rates (Section 1.1)


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FRCC MAT050 Ratios and Rates (Section 1.1)

  1. 1. Section 1.1 Ratios and Rates
  2. 2. Defining a Ratio – Notes Slide A ratio compares two quantities without their units. Notation: 7 to 3 7:3 3 7
  3. 3. Video Slide Watch a video and take notes. tLs9UM&list=PLLCJfOlKvYr0mEA-wv8a- cpsO6twfB-Eu
  4. 4. Group Work – Remember to use complete sentences At FRCC the ratio of instructors to students is 2 to 7  Write at least two interpretations of this ratio.  What fraction of the population is made up of instructors?  What fraction is made up of students?  If there are 117 people on the campus, how many students are attending FRCC?
  5. 5. Notes Slide Write a ratio in lowest terms: No units No fractions No decimals
  6. 6. Video Slide #2 Watch the video and take notes t=PLLCJfOlKvYr0mEA-wv8a-cpsO6twfB-Eu
  7. 7. Homework Slide Write a ratio in lowest terms: Hint: Make sure units are both in hours first 9 hours to 3 day
  8. 8. Notes Slide: Defining a Rate When writing a rate, always include the units because in a rate the units are different. Ex: 500 miles in 10 hours 10 dollars for 3 people
  9. 9. Homework Slide Watch video and take notes Simplify the rate teachers students 5 140
  10. 10. Homework Slide Write each rate as a fraction in lowest terms: a) 500 miles in 10 hours a) 1270 bushels from 30 acres
  11. 11. Homework Slide 40% of students at FRCC are parents,  Explain how the percent can be interpreted as a rate.  Write at least two interpretations of this rate.
  12. 12. Homework  Textbook Homework: Page 6 #1-9  My Math Lab: All problems for Section 1.1