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Cass City Chronicle Classifieds - 10-31-12

Published in: News & Politics
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  1. 1. CMYKPAGE EIGHTEEN CASS CITY CHRONICLE - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2012 CASS CITY, MICHIGAN Legal NoticesTHIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTORATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. WITH THE EAST LINE OF SAID SEC- TION 29; THENCE ALONG SAID EAST MILITARY DUTY. Transit (nonbusi- Real Estate For Rent ServicesANY INFORMATION WE OBTAINWILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. LINE, 119 FEET; THENCE EAST, 366.05 FEET TO THE EAST LINE OF SAID MORTGAGE SALE - Default has been made in the conditions of a mortgage made ness) rates, 10 words 1-BEDROOM upstairs apart- PAUL’S PUMP REPAIR -PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT SECTION 29; NORTH 00 DEGREES 19 by GERALD L. GREENIA and JANN K. or less, $4.00 each ment. One mile from town. Water pump and water tankTHE NUMBER BELOW IF YOU ARE IN MINUTES 10 SECONDS WEST, 119.00 GREENIA, HUSBAND AND WIFE, to All utilities, $475/month, sales. In-home service.ACTIVE MILITARY DUTY. FEET TO THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF SAID SECTION 29 AND POINT OF Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”), solely as nominee for insertion; additional $400 security deposit. 989- Credit cards accepted. Call 872-1837. 4-10-17-tf 673-4850 or 800-745-4851ATTN PURCHASERS: This sale may berescinded by the foreclosing mortgagee. In BEGINNING. lender and lender’s successors and assigns, Mortgagee, dated July 17, 2003 and record- words 10 cents each. anytime. 8-9-25-tfthat event, your damages, if any, shall belimited solely to the return of the bid The redemption period shall be 6 months from the date of such sale unless deter- ed July 25, 2003 in Liber 945, on Page 1218, Tuscola County Records, Michigan. Three weeks for theamount tendered at sale, plus interest. mined abandoned in accordance with 1948CL 600.3241a, in which case the Said mortgage is now held by GMAC Mortgage, LLC successor by merger to price of 2-cash rate. RENT TO OWN – 3-bedroom home in Cass City. 989-550- Ken Martin Save money by Electric, Inc.MORTGAGE SALE - Default has been redemption period shall be 30 days from GMAC Mortgage Corporation by assign- 2314. 4-10-17-3 FOR RENTmade in the conditions of a mortgage made the date of such sale. ment. There is claimed to be due at the dateby Michael Pudelko, a single man, andMelissa L. White, a single woman, original If the above referenced property is sold at a hereof the sum of Seventy-One Thousand Forty Dollars and Fifty-Three Cents enclosing cash with Homes - Farmsmortgagors, to Mortgage Electronic foreclosure sale under Chapter 600 of the ($71,040.53) including interest at 5.875% mail orders. Rates Hillside Apartments -Registration Systems, Inc., Mortgagee, Michigan Compiled Laws, under MCL per annum. Commercialdated August 14, 2006 and recorded on 600.3278, the borrower will be held for display want ads 1 bedroom apartment, NoAugust 22, 2006 in Liber 1092 on Page responsible to the person who buys the Under the power of sale contained in said Industrial753, and assigned by said Mortgagee to property at the mortgage foreclosure sale or mortgage and the statute in such case made on application. smokers, no pets. AllBank of America, N.A., successor by merg- to the mortgage holder for damaging the and provided, notice is hereby given that STATE LICENSED utilities paid except gas. Phone 872-4114er to BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P., property during the redemption period. said mortgage will be foreclosed by a salef/k/a Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, of the mortgaged premises, or some part of General Merchandise Ideal for a single person.L.P. as assignee as documented by an MICHIGAN STATE HOUSING DEVEL- them, at public venue at front entrance ofassignment, in Tuscola County Records, OPMENT AUTHORITY the Courthouse Building in the City of 4180 Hurds Corner Rd. orMichigan, on which mortgage there is Mortgagee/Assignee Caro, Michigan, Tuscola County in Tuscola PARTY TENTS, tables & 8-8-10-tf 2-bedroom apartment.claimed to be due at the date hereof the sum County, Michigan at 10:00 AM on chairs. Call Dave Rabideau,of One Hundred Twenty Thousand Two Schneiderman & Sherman, P.C. November 29, 2012. 989-670-4433. 2-4-25-tf All utilities paidHundred Thirty-Nine and 40/100 Dollars 23938 Research Drive, Suite 300($120,239.40). Farmington Hills, MI 48335 Said premises are located in the Village of ELECTRIC MOTOR and except electric. USBW.001804 CONV Reese, Tuscola County, Michigan, and are power tool repair, 8 a.m. to 5 10-24-4 CallUnder the power of sale contained in said described as: DEER HUNTERS’ sugar p.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. to noonmortgage and the statute in such case made beets loaded in your truck by 872-4587, 872-3315 orand provided, notice is hereby given that THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR Land situated in the Village of Reese, Saturday. John Blair, 1/8 milesaid mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale County of Tuscola, State of Michigan, is the scoop, 600 lbs., $30, or 4 west of M-53 on Sebewaing 872-2696 ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT.of the mortgaged premises, or some part of ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL described as follows: WEST 10 FEET OF scoops , $100. Call (989) 551- Road. Phone 269-7909. ask for Bud, Russ orthem, at public venue, at the place of hold- BE USED FOR THIS PURPOSE. IF YOU LOT 14 AND EAST 32 FEET OF LOT 15, 8803. 2-9-12-10ing the circuit court within Tuscola County, BLOCK 9, SECTION 7, TOWN 12 8-12-13-tf ARE IN THE MILITARY, PLEASE CON- 10:00 AM, on November 8, 2012. TACT OUR OFFICE AT THE NUMBER NORTH, RANGE 7 EAST, VILLAGE OF REESE, TUSCOLA COUNTY, MICHI- 4-9-12-tf LISTED BELOW. FOR SALE – Solid oak ChinaSaid premises are situated in City of Caro, GAN PART OF THE SOUTHWEST 1/4Tuscola County, Michigan, and are MORTGAGE SALE – Default has been OF SAID SECTION. cabinet, 48” x 80”, mirrordescribed as: made in the conditions of a certain mort- backing, glass shelves, 3 glass The redemption period shall be 6 monthsLot 5 and the Northwesterly half of the gage made by Benjamin Freitas and Shirlee from the date of such sale, unless deter- doors on top, $400. 989-872- Freitas, Husband and Wife, to Mortgage Facilities For Rent Carpet & Upholsteryalley adjoining the Southeasterly thereof of Electronic Registration Systems Inc. as mined abandoned in accordance with 4131. 2-10-24-2Bloack 3 of Gamble’s Addition to the MCLA §600.3241a, in which case the Cleaning nominee for Flagstar Bank, FSB, its suc-Village of Cargo, according to the Plat redemption period shall be 30 days from FOR SALE – Seasoned dry VFW HALL, renovated 2012, cessors and assigns , Mortgagee, datedthereof as recorded in Liber 21 of Deeds, the date of such sale. Don Dohn March 25, 2008 and recorded April 2, 2008Page 352, Tuscola County Records in Liber 1145, Page 421, Tuscola County hardwood by face cord. weddings, parties, funeral din- Cass City Delivery available. 872-3327. ners. 989-872-4933. 4-2-22-tfThe redemption period shall be 6 months Records, Michigan Said mortgage was TO ALL PURCHASERS: The foreclosingfrom the date of such sale, unless deter- assigned to: Flagstar Bank, FSB, by assign- mortgagee can rescind the sale. In that 2-10-24-6 Phone 872-3471mined abandoned in accordance with ment dated October 11, 2012 and recorded event, your damages, if any, are limitedMCLA 600.3241a, in which case the October 24,2012 in Liber 1263, Page 553 solely to the return of the bid amount ten- 8-3-28-tfredemption period shall be 30 days from in Tuscola County records on which mort- dered at sale, plus interest.the date of such sale. gage there is claimed to be due at the date COMPOUND BOWS – FOR RENT - K of C Hall, hereof the sum of Sixty-Nine Thousand If the property is sold at a foreclosure sale, Martin-Adventure series, 40- 6106 Beechwood Drive.If the property is sold at foreclosure sale Three Hundred Thirty-Two Dollars and the borrower will be held responsible to the 50 pound, 26”-31” draw Parties, dinners, meetings.under Chapter 32 of the Revised Judicature person who buys the property at the mort-Act of 1961, pursuant to MCL 600.3278 the Eighty-Four Cents ($69,332.84) including gage foreclosure sale or to the mortgage length, brand new; Hoyt Receive 20% discount on SALT FREE iron conditioners interest 6% per annum.borrower will be held responsible to the holder for damaging the property during Reflex, 50-60 pound, 27”-30” rentals made before Nov. 30,and water softeners, 24,000person who buys the property at the mort- Under the power of sale contained in said the redemption period. If you are a tenant in draw length. 989-551-1250. 2012. Rentals good for 1- grain, $750. In-home servicegage foreclosure sale or to the mortgage the property, you may have certain rights.holder for damaging the property during mortgage and the statute in such case made 2-10-24-3 year. Call Daryl Iwankovitsch, on all brands. Credit cards and provided, notice is hereby given thatthe redemption period. said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale Dated: October 31, 2012 872-4667. 4-1-2-tf accepted. Call Paul’s Pump of the mortgaged premises, or some part of REGISTERED BOXER pup- Repair, 673-4850 or 800-745-Dated: October 10, 2012 GMAC Mortgage, LLC successor by merg- them, at public venue, Circuit Court of er to GMAC Mortgage Corporation pies for sale – Ready Nov. 9. 2 Classifieds start as low as 4851 for free analysis. Tuscola County at 10:00AM on NovemberFor more information, please call: 29, 2012. Mortgagee/Assignee males, one female. Tails $4.00. Place your ad today! 8-9-25-tfFC X (248) 593-1302 docked, first shots. $550. Call Call 989-872-2010 for moreTrott & Trott, P.C. Said premises are situated in Township of SCHNEIDERMAN & SHERMAN, P.C. 989-872-1542, leave message. information. Dave NyeAttorneys For Servicer Akron, Tuscola County, Michigan, and are 23938 Research Drive, Suite 30031440 Northwestern Highway, Suite 200 described as: Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335 2-10-24-3Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334-2525 GMAC.012749 10-31-4 FOR SALE – Remington Wanted to RentFile #411503F01 Part of the Northwest one-quarter of Section 27, Town 14 North, Range 8 East, described as: Beginning distant West Model 760 30-06 pump rifle (like new). $350 firm. Also AREA DAIRY farmer looking Builder * New Construction 10-10-4 (assumed bearing) 358.00 feet along the for farm land to rent in Deford North section line from the North one-quar- H&R 12-gauge shot gun (nice * AdditionsSCHNEIDERMAN & SHERMAN, P.C., ter corner of said Section 27; thence, from shape). $85 firm. 872-3928. area. Willing to pay on a IF YOU ARE NOW ON ACTIVE MILI- monthly basis, no contract * RemodelingIS ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT, said place of beginning, South perpendicu- TARY DUTY OR HAVE BEEN IN THE 2-10-31-1 * Pole BuildingsANY INFORMATION WE OBTAIN lar to said section line, 224.00 feet; thence PRIOR NINE MONTHS, PLEASE CON- necessary. Please contact 989-WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE.PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT West 222.00 feet; thence North 224.00 feet TACT OUR OFFICE AT 248-502-1502. EHRLICH’S FLAGS 325-2122. 9-8-15-20 * Roofing AMERICAN MADE to said section line; thence East along said(248)539-7400 IF YOU ARE IN ACTIVE North section line to the place of beginning. * Siding MORTGAGE SALE - Default has beenMILITARY DUTY. Commonly known as 4289 Cass City Rd., made in the conditions of a mortgage made US -STATE - WORLD * State Licensed *MORTGAGE SALE – Default has been Akron, MI 48701. by Samuel S. Tester and Pamela S. Tester, husband and wife, to Mortgage Electronic MILITARY - POW Notices (989) 872-4670 8-8-10-tfmade in the conditions of a mortgage made The redemption period shall be 6 months Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for Aluminum Poles SATCHELLS ASSISTED YANCYby DENNIS BRANDLE, A SINGLE from the date of such sale, unless deter- lender and lender’s successors and/orMAN, to NATIONAL CITY MORTGAGE mined abandoned in accordance with MCL assigns, Mortgagee, dated October 16, Commercial/Residential Living has rooms available for PLAIN &A DIVISION ON NATIONAL CITY 600.3241 or MCL 600.3241a, in which 2003 and recorded October 27, 2003 in men & women. We provide 24BANK, Mortgagee, dated December 14, case the redemption period shall be 30 days Sectional or One Piece Instrument Number 200300839775, hour care. We pass medica- DECORATING2007 and recorded on January 2, 2008 in from the date of such sale, or upon the expi- Tuscola County Records, Michigan. SaidLiber 1138 on Page 134, and assigned by ration of the notice required by MCL 1-800-369-8882 tions, prepare home cooked Paint - Wallpaper - Window Treatments mortgage is now held by Everbank, succes-said mortgagee to MICHIGAN STATE 600.3241a(c), whichever is later; or unless meals, housekeeping & show- Flooring & Repair - Select AntiquesHOUSING DEVELOPMENT AUTHORI- MCL 600.3240(17) applies. sor by merger to Everhome Mortgage Bill Ehrlich, Sr. 665-2568 Custom Framing - Rug Binding Company by assignment. There is claimed ers for our residents. PleaseTY, as assigned, Tuscola County Records, to be due at the date hereof the sum of Bill Ehrlich, Jr. 665-2503Michigan, on which mortgage there is If the property is sold at foreclosure sale Fifty-One Thousand Eighty-Seven and 2-4-16-tf stop in to see our home or call us at 989-673-3329 or 989- HunterDouglasclaimed to be due at the date hereof the sum under Chapter 32 of the Revised Judicature 40/100 Dollars ($51,087.40) includingof Sixty-Four Thousand One Hundred Act of 1961, under MCL 600.3278, the bor- interest at 1.875% per annum. 670-1617. 5-7-25-tfThirty Dollars and Four Cents rower will be held responsible to the person Household Sales($64,130.04), including interest at 5.375% who buys the property at the mortgage Under the power of sale contained in saidper annum. foreclosure sale or to the mortgage holder mortgage and the statute in such case made ESTATE SALE – 5046 Knights of Columbus HOURS: Monday - Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. - noon for damaging the property during the and provided, notice is hereby given that Sheridan Rd., Unionville.Under the power of sale contained in said redemption period. 6455 Main St. ~ Cass City, Michigan said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale Thursday & Friday, Nov. 1 & (989) 872-4411mortgage and the statute in such case madeand provided, notice is hereby given that Dated: 10/31/2012 of the mortgaged premises, or some part of 2, 9-5 p.m.; Saturday, Nov. 3, CHICKEN & them, at public venue at the front entrance FISH DINNERSsaid mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the Tuscola Circuit Courthouse in the 9-2 p.m. Saturday all items ½of the mortgaged premises, or some part of Flagstar Bank, FSBthem, at public venue, front entrance of the Assignee of Mortgagee Village of Caro, MI in Tuscola County, off. Electric stove, refrigera-Courthouse Building in the City of Caro, Michigan at 10:00 a.m. on 11/29/2012. tor, washer, dryer, oak secre- ALL YOU CAN EATMichigan, Tuscola County at 10:00 AM Attorneys: Potestivo & Associates, P.C. Said premises are located in the Township tary, Duncan Phyfe table, Friday, Nov. 16o’clock, on November 29, 2012. 811 South Blvd., Suite 100 Rochester Hills, MI 48307 of Vassar, Tuscola County, Michigan, and recliner, antique corn sheller, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. are described as:Said premises are located in Tuscola (248) 844-5123 books, old quilts, old post-County, Michigan and are described as: Our File No: 12-69575 All that certain parcel of land situate in part cards & Valentines, costume K of C Hall 10-31-4 of the North 30 acres of the Southwest 1/4 jewelry, glassware, kitchen- 6106 Beechwood Dr, Cass CityPARCEL A: PART OF THE NORTHEAST of the Northwest 1/4 and part of the Adults $8.00 Students $4.001/4 OF SECTION 29, TOWNSHIP 10 Northwest 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4 lying ware, tools, garage items & 10 & under FreeNORTH, RANGE 7 EAST, DESCRIBED South of center line of Old State (Saginaw) lots of miscellaneous furniture 5-10-24-tfAS BEGINNING AT THE NORTHEAST SCHNEIDERMAN & SHERMAN, P.C., Road of Section 16, Township 11 North, and household items. Come & • Central A/CCORNER OF SAID SECTION 29; IS ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT, Range 8 East, in the Township of Vassar, • Gas & Oil FurnacesTHENCE ALONG THE NORTH LINE OF ANY INFORMATION WE OBTAIN County of Tuscola and State of Michigan, start your Christmas shop- FOUND NEUTERED femaleSAID SECTION 29, WEST 366.05 FEET; WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. being known and designated as follows: ping. Lots of Avon, Avon cat, no front claws, Calico. • Mobile Home FurnaceTHENCE SOUTH 00 DEGREES 19 MIN- PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE ATUTES 10 SECONDS EAST, PARALLEL (248)539-7400 IF YOU ARE IN ACTIVE Commencing at the West 1/4 post of gifts, and miscellaneous new Appears to be housebroken. •Sales & Service Section 16, Township 11 North, Range 8 items still in the box. Wonder 872-2931. 5-10-31-1 East; thence North 0 degrees 34 minutes 37 seconds West, 1635.24 fet to the center line of Saginaw Road; thence South 76 degrees Women Estate Sales. 14-10-31-1 HEATING and Turkey Dinner 02 minutes 57 seconds East, 949.56 feet to Please come to our the point of beginning; thence continue Real Estate For Rent AIR South 76 degrees 02 minutes 57 seconds East 250.00 feet along the center line of FOR RENT – Hillside North CONDITIONING Saturday, November 10 Saginaw Road; thence South 0 degrees 34 minutes 27 seconds East, 1016.24 feet; Apartments has a 2-bedroom for rent. Location is close to thence North 89 degrees 53 minutes 10 sec- Shabbona United Methodist Church Paul L. Brown (corner of Severance and Decker roads) onds West 242.03 feet; thence North 0 hospital, grocery store and 4:00-7:00 p.m. degrees 34 minutes 27 seconds West Owner 1076.04 feet parallel to the West section downtown. Security deposit State Licensed line to the point of beginning. of $400 with rent the same. Takeouts available 989-872-8094 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Included in rent: water and Menu CALL The redemption period shall be 6 months trash pickup. Call 989-550- Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed potatoes & gravy, Squash, Corn, Salads, Rolls, Homemade Pie from the date of such sale, unless deter- mined abandoned in accordance with 8608 or 989-872-4654 after 6 FREE WILL OFFERING 989-872-2734 MCLA §600.3241a, in which case the p.m. for further information. Proceeds to send children to Bay Shore Camp 5-10-24-2 redemption period shall be 30 days from 8-5-3-tf the date of such sale. 4-10-3-tf TO ALL PURCHASERS: The foreclosing mortgagee can rescind the sale. In that event, your damages, if any, are limited Card of Thanks solely to the return of the bid amount ten- dered at sale, plus interest. I WOULD LIKE TO thank all the people who helped save my life. Matt, Ben, Allison, the peo- ple at Cass City MMR, and all the doctors and nurses at St. Mary’s. The Huron Medical Center If the property is sold at foreclosure sale, pursuant to MCL 600.3278, the borrower Rehab from the office, doctor, OT, PT, nurses, and aides. All my family that was there for every- will be held responsible to the person who thing. Friends who called, texted, sent cards, gifts, food and visits. Especially all the prayers buys the property at the mortgage foreclo- from everywhere. The friends who put the boat away, mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs, got us sure sale or to the mortgage holder for dam- age to the property during the redemption ready for Halloween with pumpkins and corn stalks (we don’t know who this was). For the spe- period. cial neighbors who have helped Matt & Ben with the harvest. You’re a blessing. It makes me think how lucky I am. Thanks again, Jesse & Sally Zimba. 13-10-31-1 If you are a tenant in the property, please contact our office as you may have certain rights. Dated: October 31, 2012 $4.00 Orlans Associates, P.C. Attorneys for Servicer P.O. Box 5041 Troy, MI 48007-5041 File No. 396.0402 10-31-4
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Call Now, Aggregate: All types: Bedding Sand, Gravel, CASS CITY CHRONICLE FREE Info/DVD: 888-709-6391 Pea Stone, Driveway Fill, Sand, Asphalt PLACE YOUR STATEWIDE AD HERE! Concrete: Foundations, Basements, Slabs 989-872-2010 $299 buys a 25-word classified ad offering Ponds: Natural Wildllife Habitat ORGANIC TOPSOIL available now 8-3-28-tf over 1.6 million circulation and 3.6 million readers. Contact Real Estate For Sale Caro (989) 673-7777 JEAN BOARD (989) 872-8520 Kingston (989) 683-8888 S e r v i n g t h e c o m m u n i t y f o r 4 0 ye a r s (989) 233-5882 Cass City (989) 872-4377 “CUTE AND COZY” 6451 Main St., Cass City E-mail: • 2 BEDROOMS • 1.5 BATHS Connie Osentoski Tavis Osentoski 989-551-4695 RE DU CE D! ! REDUCED AGAIN!! REDUCED AGAIN!! 989-551-2010 • FIRST FLOOR LAUNDRY • REMODELED • BAD AXE SCHOOLS Secluded 3 bedroom home with •$55,000.00 Convenient family home. This lots of room inside and out. The home is close to the park and sq. ft. of the home is 1,836 Awesome 4 bedroom, 2 bath within walking distance to both with an additional 20’x22’ en- home! This home is loaded with schools. Fresh paint and in closed room that used to be a old woodwork and a lot of it has Martin Osentoski move in ready condition. There carport. Plus this home sets on been restored. There is a lot of is also a large finished room in David Osentoski 989-872-3252 or basement, a nice deck out back and storage shed. Seller is of- a 4.63 acre parcel that is mostly wooded. Appliances stay and storage, a full sized stairway to the 3rd floor that could be easily 989-551-7000 989-550-3400 fering up to $500 towards home warranty of buyer’s choice. there is also a hip roof garden shed. Don’t miss the opportunity made a functional part of the house and a second stairway to Buyer’s must be prequalified or to own this one! Call for your the 2nd floor. This is a Fannie show proof of funds to make showing today. Marlette schools. Mae HomePath property. Buyer’s offer. CCT486 MR-148 must be prequalified or show proof of funds. OW-185 NEW!! RE DU CE D! ! REDUCED!! Serving the community for 40 years NEW LISTING!! Roger Pohlod Barb Osentoski Barbara 989-550-7700 Bring your furniture and move on 989-551-0505 in. It’s clean and nicely painted. This home also has a full fin- Nice home setting on 28.34 acres Osentoski Multi-Million ished basement, a large rear just 3.2 miles from Cass City. 2581 & 2583 S. Van Dyke, Bad Axe deck overlooking the great back- Living room is open to the 2nd TWO HOMES for Dollar Producer yard plus there’s a detached floor with open stairway. Fireplace garage for dad. Come take a with built-in area above it. Tiled the price of ONE! look. Seller is offering up to 2 acre lot with pole building built floors in kitchen/dining area. 4 $500 towards a home warranty (989) 550-7700 in 2000. It has a newer well on bedrooms, 1 bath and an unfin- •9 bedrooms & 3 baths of the buyer’s choice for owner occupants. All offers must be the property. Unsure of the con- ished bath on the 2nd floor. Pond on property and more. Seller is 528 N. State St., Caro, MI 48723 dition of septic system. Nice •2.27 acres +/- accompanied by a financial building. It has mature trees. offering up to $500 towards home •Must see to appreciate! preapproval letter or proof of warranty of buyer’s choice for $119,900 funds. K-438 L-602 owner occupants. CC-681 We’ve been busy! Call us for all your Real Estate needs! Lola Osentoski Flores Evan Osentoski 989-551-3577 989-551-6600 PRICE REDUCED! 3 BEDROOM, 1 1/2 BATH, 1-story home in move in condi- tion, large kitchen with plenty of cabinets & built-in pantry, woodburning fireplace in the L/R, partial semi-finished base- MOVE IN AND ENJOY!! Neat and clean 2-3 bedroom 1-877-855-2248 FAMILY WANTED for this 4-5 bedroom home setting on ment, 1 1/2-car attached finished garage plus an 18’x22’ home with 2 full baths, central air and a covered back a double lot in Cass City within walking distance to down- • Cass City shed /heated workshop. Nicely landscaped yard with mature deck. Also, a 4-car detached garage, a 24’x40’ outbuild- town and the library. Full unfinished basement, central air 989-872-2248 hardwood trees & younger pines. CY2655 ing for storage and a 16’ deep pond. CY2651 and all appliances stay. TCC1629 • Caro 989-673-2555 NEW • Caseville ON THE 989-856-8999 MARKET! • Bad Axe 989-269-6977 WEBSITE: NEW PRICE ON THE REDUCED! MARKET! NICE HOBBY FARM or horse HANDY MAN SPECIAL to settle ranch. Home has over 2,000 sq. ft. CUTE 2 BEDROOM 2 bath Ranch home in town. Lots and RMLS Equal Housing estate. 1.6 acres with nice barn and shed. CY2657 and is set back off the road. Call for all the details. F778 lots of updates done. Double lot. TCC1643 Opportunity