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Cass City Chronicle Classifieds - 02-22-12

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  1. 1. CMYKPAGE FOURTEEN CASS CITY CHRONICLE - WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2012 CASS CITY, MICHIGAN Legal NoticesIF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN BANK- responsible to the person who buys the FORECLOSURE NOTICE (TuscolaRUPTCY OR HAVE RECEIVED A DIS- property at the mortgage foreclosure sale or County) Transit (nonbusiness) Real Estate For Sale Real Estate For RentCHARGE IN BANKRUPTCY AS TO to the mortgage holder for damaging the rates, 10 words or less,THIS OBLIGATION, THIS COMMUNI- property during the redemption period. SHAHEEN, JACOBS & ROSS, P.C. IS A FOR SALE – 72’x14’ 2-bed- RENT TO OWN – 3-bedroom $4.00 each insertion; house in Cass City. 989-550-CATION IS INTENDED FOR INFORMA- DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO room, 2 bathroom ParkwoodTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND IS GMAC Mortgage, LLC, successor by COLLECT THIS DEBT AND ANY additional words 10 trailer located in Huntsville 2314. 4-2-8-3NOT AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A merger to GMAC Mortgage Corporation INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BEDEBT IN VIOLATION OF THE AUTO- Mortgagee/Assignee USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. IF YOU cents each. Three weeks Trailer Park. IncludesMATIC STAY OR THE DISCHARGE ARE CURRENTLY OR HAVE BEEN for the price of 2-cash screened-in-porch, large deck, VFW HALL, renovated 2012,INJUNCTION. IN SUCH CASE, PLEASE Schneiderman & Sherman, P.C. WITHIN 6 MONTHS IN ACTIVE MILI-DISREGARD ANY PART OF THIS COM- 23938 Research Drive, Suite 300 TARY DUTY PLEASE CONTACT OUR rate. Save money by carport, 3-year-old furnace & weddings, parties, funeral din-MUNICATION, WHICH IS Farmington Hills, MI 48335 OFFICE AT THE NUMBER BELOW. enclosing cash with mail air conditioner, all appliances, ners. 989-872-4933. 4-2-22-tfINCONSISTENT WITH THE FOREGO- GMAC.005228 orders. Rates for display and a 10’x10’ shed on a spa-ING. 2-8-4 Attention Purchasers: This sale may be cious lot. Call 989-545-9992. VACATION RENTAL rescinded by the foreclosing mortgagee. In want ads on application.OTHERWISE, FEDERAL LAW that event, your damages, if any, shall be 3-2-15-3 CASEVILLE BEACH HOUSEREQUIRES US TO ADVISE YOU THAT limited solely to the return of the bid General Merchandise Real Estate For Rent Family rental only for sum-COMMUNICATION FROM OUR amount tendered at sale, plus interest. mer of 2012. LocatedOFFICE COULD BE INTERPRETED AS FOR SALE – Dry firewood. OFFICE SPACE for rent - MORTGAGE SALE - Default having been between Sleeper State ParkAN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT Delivery available. 872-3327. There is 680 sq. feet of officeAND THAT ANY INFORMATION made in the terms and conditions of a cer- and Caseville village limits 2-2-15-3 space available for rent in theOBTAINED MAY BE USED FOR THAT FORECLOSURE NOTICE (ALL COUN- tain mortgage made by Mary Jo Ogden and on lake side of M-25. 100PURPOSE. TIES) AS A DEBT COLLECTOR, WE Molleen Zanger, both single, of Tuscola SEASONED HARDWOOD – Thumb Property Group, LLC feet of private sugar sand ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A County, Michigan, original mortgagors, toIF YOU ARE NOW ON ACTIVE MILI- DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION TCF National Bank, a national banking Split/delivered, $45/cord. professional building located beach to water’s edge. 3-TARY DUTY OR HAVE BEEN IN THE OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT association, mortgagee, dated the 25th day 989-912-5169. 2-2-22-3 at 6240 W. Main St., Cass bedrooms, 3 baths, hot tub,PRIOR NINE MONTHS, PLEASE CON- PURPOSE. NOTIFY (248) 362-6100 IF of November, A.D. 2002, and recorded in City. Please call Pat Stecker at air conditioning. $1,500 perTACT OUR OFFICE AS YOU MAY BE YOU ARE IN ACTIVE MILITARY the office of the Register of Deeds, for the FOR SALE – Large oak table 872-4351 or 989-551-8173 orENTITLED TO THE BENEFITS OF THE DUTY. County of Tuscola and State of Michigan, week. For details, call 989-SERVICEMEMBERS’ CIVIL RELIEF on the 6th day of December, A.D. 2002, in with 6 padded chairs, $50 stop in our location for more 325-1270. 4-2-22-tfACT. MORTGAGE SALE – Default having been Liber 906, Tuscola County Records, on O.B.O. 5-man hot tub with lid, information. 4-12-21-tf made in the terms and conditions of a cer- page 76, on which mortgage there is been inside, good shape, NoticesMORTGAGE SALE - Default has been tain mortgage made by Brian P. Timko, an claimed to be due, at the date of this notice,made in the conditions of a mortgage made unmarried man, of Tuscola County, for principal, interest and late charges, the $400. Call 989-912-2091. FOR RENT - Cass City Miniby Nancy Berg, a single woman, to Michigan, Mortgagor to Independent sum of Seventy-One Thousand Two 2-2-22-2 Storage. Call 872-3917. FUNDRAISER, Feb. 24 –Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Mortgage Co. East MI dated the 21st day of Hundred Sixty-Eight and 82/100 Dollars ($71,268.82). And no suit or proceedings at EHRLICH’S FLAGS 4-12-10-tf Senior Outreach Ministry,Inc., as nominee for lender and lender’s October, 2003, and recorded in the office of 6536 Houghton St., Cass City.successors and/or assigns., Mortgagee, the Register of Deeds, for the County of law or in equity having been instituted to recover the debt secured by said mortgage AMERICAN MADE FOR RENT - K of C Hall, Dinner with Valentine’sdated August 31, 2009 and recorded Tuscola and State of Michigan, on the 5thSeptember 2, 2009 in Liber 1183, Page 92, day of December, 2003, in Liber 967, Page or any part thereof. US -STATE - WORLD 6106 Beechwood Drive. theme, fellowship with snackTuscola County Records, Michigan. Said 1121 of Tuscola Records, which said mort- Now, therefore, by virtue of the power of MILITARY - POW Parties, dinners, meetings. & punch at 5 p.m. Roast pork,mortgage is now held by EverBank by gage was assigned to Independent Bank, sale contained in said mortgage, and pur- Call Daryl Iwankovitsch, 872- mashed potatoes & gravy,assignment. There is claimed to be due at thru mesne assignments, on which mort- suant to the statute of the State of Michigan Aluminum Poles 4667. 4-1-2-tf vegetable, salad, dessert at 6the date hereof the sum of Forty-One gage there is claimed to be due, at the date in such case made and provided, notice isThousand Seven Hundred Thirteen and of this notice, for principal of $66,475.94 hereby given that on Thursday, the 22nd Commercial/Residential p.m. Entertainment & games31/100 Dollars ($41,713.31) including (sixty-six thousand four hundred seventy- day of March, A.D. 2012, at 10:00 o’clock Sectional or One Piece 2-BEDROOM duplex, garage, at 7:30 p.m. $10/person.interest at 6% per annum. five and 94/100) plus accrued interest at A.M. in the forenoon said mortgage will be 6.50% (six point five zero) percent per foreclosed by a sale at public auction, to the laundry, deck, water/sewer RSVP by Feb. 23, call CarolUnder the power of sale contained in said annum. And no suit proceedings at law or highest bidder, at the front entrance of the 1-800-369-8882 included. $500/month, pets Gaffney at and the statute in such case made in equity having been instituted to recover Courthouse in the Village of Caro, Tuscola Bill Ehrlich, Sr. 665-2568 extra. 3 miles east of Cass 5-2-22-1and provided, notice is hereby given that the debt secured by said mortgage or any County, Michigan (that being the building Bill Ehrlich, Jr. 665-2503 City. Leave a message, 989-said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale part thereof. where the Circuit Court for the County of Knights of Columbusof the mortgaged premises, or some part of Tuscola is held), of the premises described 872-5628. 2-4-16-tf 4-2-22-tfthem, at public venue at the front entrance Now, therefore, by virtue of the power of in said mortgage, or so much thereof as CHICKEN &of the Tuscola Circuit Courthouse in the sale contained in said mortgage, and pur- may be necessary to pay the amount due, asVillage of Caro, MI in Tuscola County, suant to the statue of the State of Michigan aforesaid, on said mortgage, with the inter- FISHMichigan at 10:00 a.m. on MARCH 8,2012. in such case made and provided, notice is hereby given that on, the 15th day of est thereon at Six and Forty-Five Thousandths percent (6.45%) per annum DINNERS March, 2012, at 10:00:00 AM said mort- and all legal costs, charges and expenses, ALL YOU CAN EATSaid premises are located in the Township gage will be foreclosed by a sale at public including the attorney fees allowed by law,of Vassar, Tuscola County, Michigan, and auction, to the highest bidder, front and also any sum or sums which may be Friday, Mar. 16are described as: entrance of the Courthouse in the Village of paid by the undersigned, necessary to pro- Caro, Tuscola County, MI, Tuscola County, tect its interest in the premises. 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.Land situated in the Township of Vassar, Michigan, of the premises described in said K of C HallCounty of Tuscola, State of Michigan, is mortgage. Which said premises are described as fol- lows: All that certain piece or parcel of land 6106 Beechwood Dr, Cass Citydescribed as follows:Commencing 1166.10 feet West of the Which said premises are described as fol- situate in the City of Caro, in the County of Adults $8.00 Students $4.00South 1/4 corner of Section 11, Township lows: All that certain piece or parcel of land Tuscola and State of Michigan as described 10 & under Free 5-1-31-tf11 North, Range 8 East, of Vassar situate in the Township of Juaniata, in the as follows, to-wit:Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, County of Tuscola and State of Michiganthence North 00 degrees 51 minutes 54 sec- and described as follows to wit: Lot 7, Block 14, Plat of Centerville, accord-onds East, 330 feet; thence South 89 ing to the recorded plat thereof, as recordeddegrees 14 minutes 34 seconds West, 120 Situated in the Township of Juaniata, in Liber 1, Page 59A, of Plats, Tuscolafeet, thence North 00 degrees 51 minutes County of Tuscola and State of Michigan: County Records.54 seconds East, 320 feet, thence North 89 A parcel of land in the Northeast quarter ofdegrees 14 minutes 34 seconds East, 320 the Northeast quarter of Section 15, Town Tax ID Number: 050-500-114-0700-00feet; thence South 00 degrees 51 minutes 12 North, Range 8 East, Juaniata Township,54 seconds West 650 feet; thence South 89 Tuscola County, Michigan, described as The redemption period shall be Six (6)degrees 14 minutes 34 seconds West, 200 beginning at a point on the North line of months from the date of such sale, unlessfeet to the point of beginning. said section 15 which is West 646.41 feet determined abandoned in accordance with from the Northeast corner of said Section MCLA 600.3241a, in which case theThe redemption period shall be 6 months 15; thence continuing along said North line redemption period shall be 30 days fromfrom the date of such sale, unless deter- West 152 feet, said point being East the date of such sale or when the time tomined abandoned in accordance with 1825.02 feet from the North quarter corner provide the notice required by MCLAMCLA §600.3241a, in which case the of said Section 15; thence South 00 degrees 600.3241a(c) expires, whichever is later.redemption period shall be 30 days from 03 minutes 03 seconds East parallel withthe date of such sale. the West line of the East 60 acres of the If the property is sold at a foreclosure sale, Northeast quarter of said Section 15, under MCLA 600.3278, the borrower andTO ALL PURCHASERS: The foreclosing 268.00 feet; thence East parallel with said mortgagor will be held responsible to themortgagee can rescind the sale. In that North line 152.00 feet; thence North 00 person who buys the property at the mort-event, your damages, if any, are limited degrees 03 minutes 03 seconds West gage foreclosure sale or to the mortgagesolely to the return of the bid amount ten- 268.00 feet to the point of beginning. holder for damaging the property duringdered at sale, plus interest. Commonly known as: 4067 W Caro Rd. the redemption period.If the property is sold at foreclosure sale, Tax Parcel No.: 014-015-000-0240-00 If you are a tenant in the property, pleasepursuant to MCL 600.3278, the borrower contact our office as you may have certainwill be held responsible to the person who The redemption period shall be six months rights.buys the property at the mortgage foreclo- from the date of such sale, unless deter-sure sale or to the mortgage holder for dam- mined abandoned in accordance with Dated: February 9, 2012age to the property during the redemption 1948CL 600.3241a, in which case theperiod. redemption period shall be 30 days from TCF National Bank, a national banking the date of such sale. associationIf you are a tenant in the property, please Mortgageecontact our office as you may have certain Dated: February 15, 2012rights. SHAHEEN, JACOBS & ROSS, P.C. By: Foreclosing Attorneys By: Michael J. Thomas, Esq.Dated: February 8, 2012 Attorney for Plaintiff Attorneys for Mortgagee Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A. 1425 Ford BuildingOrlans Associates, P.C. 2155 Butterfield Drive, Suite 200-S 615 GriswoldAttorneys for Servicer Troy, MI 48084 Detroit, Michigan 48226-3993P.O. Box 5041 WWR# 10090507 (313) 963-1301Troy, MI 48007-5041 2-15-4 2-15-5File No. 396.0193 2-8-4SCHNEIDERMAN & SHERMAN, P.C.,IS ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT,ANY INFORMATION WE OBTAINWILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE.PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT(248)539-7400 IF YOU ARE IN ACTIVEMILITARY DUTY.MORTGAGE SALE – Default has beenmade in the conditions of a mortgage madeby WILLIAM GRAHAM, A MARRIEDMAN, and RACHEL GRAHAM, HISWIFE, to Mortgage Electronic RegistrationSystems, Inc. (“MERS”), solely as nomi-nee for lender and lender’s successors andassigns,, Mortgagee, dated July 1, 2005,and recorded on July 22, 2005, inDocument No. 200500868943, Liber 1046,on Page 1023, and assigned by said mort-gagee to GMAC Mortgage, LLC successorby merger to GMAC MortgageCorporation, as assigned, Tuscola CountyRecords, Michigan, on which mortgagethere is claimed to be due at the date here-of the sum of Ninety-One Thousand ThreeHundred Eighty-Eight Dollars and Ninety-Nine Cents ($91,388.99), including interestat 6.375% per annum.Under the power of sale contained in saidmortgage and the statute in such case madeand provided, notice is hereby given thatsaid mortgage will be foreclosed by a saleof the mortgaged premises, or some part ofthem, at public venue, front entrance of theCourthouse Building in the City of Caro,Michigan, Tuscola County at 10:00 AMo’clock, on March 8, 2012.Said premises are located in TuscolaCounty, Michigan and are described as:THE EAST 100 FEET OF THE WEST 597FEET OF THE SOUTH 300 FEET OFTHE SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF THE SOUTH-EAST 1/4 OF SECTION 20, TOWNSHIP10 NORTH, RANGE 7 EAST.The redemption period shall be 6 monthsfrom the date of such sale unless deter-mined abandoned in accordance with1948CL 600.3241a, in which case theredemption period shall be 30 days fromthe date of such sale.If the above referenced property is sold at aforeclosure sale under Chapter 600 of theMichigan Compiled Laws, under MCL600.3278, the borrower will be held
  2. 2. CASS CITY, MICHIGAN CASS CITY CHRONICLE - WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2012 PAGE FIFTEEN CALL 872-2010 TO PLACE AN ACTION AD Services Services Services Services Services ServicesPAUL’S PUMP REPAIR - SALT FREE iron conditioners SATCHELL’S CHRISTIANWater pump and water tank and water softeners, 24,000 Retirement Home has open- Ken Martinsales. In-home service. grain, $750. In-home service ing. We have a large privateCredit cards accepted. Call 6426 E. Cass City Rd., Cass City on all brands. Credit cards room available for a man or Electric, Inc.673-4850 or 800-745-4851 accepted. Call Paul’s Pump woman. Christian home is Homes - Farmsanytime. 8-9-25-tf Camp Firewood Repair, 673-4850 or 800-745- east of Caro on M-81. We Commercial at a FAIR PRICE 4851 for free analysis. have a loving, caring staff and 8-9-25-tf home. Please call Peg and Bill Industrial All Makes & Models REASONABLE RATES! Satchell at (989) 673-3329 or 30 Years of Experience Lawnmowers • Riders ELECTRIC MOTOR and (989) 670-6857. 8-1-25-tf STATE LICENSED Trimmers • Rototillers All Work Guaranteed Chainsaws • Snowthrowers power tool repair, 8 a.m. to 5 Phone 872-4114 Pick-up and delivery available (989) 872-3866 Mon.-Fri. 8-5 p.m. Sat. 9-4 p.m. p.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. to noon Saturday. John Blair, 1/8 mile PLAIN & DECORATING ANCY Y 4180 Hurds Corner Rd. 8-8-10-tf west of M-53 on Sebewaing Paint - Wallpaper - Window Treatments • Central A/C Road. Phone 269-7909. Flooring & Repair - Select Antiques • Gas & Oil Furnaces 8-12-13-tf Custom Framing - Rug Binding • Mobile Home Furnace Kappen •Sales & Service Mike deBeaubien Tree Service, LLC HunterDouglas Cass City Tech Support • Tree Trimming or Removals HEATING • Computer Troubleshooting • Stump Grinding and & Repair • Brush Mowing / Chipping HOURS: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. • Lot Clearing • Tree Moving • Computer Security AIR • Virus & Spyware Removal 6455 Main St. ~ Cass City, Michigan (989) 872-4411 • Experienced Arborists CONDITIONING • Wireless Network • Fully Insured • Equipped Bucket Trucks Installation Call (989) 673-5313 Paul L. Brown • Competitive Rates Owner State Licensed Pick up/Drop off Service Call: 989-670-5606 or Dave Nye or (800) 322-5684 for a FREE ESTIMATE 8-6-25-tf 989-872-5606 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE CALL 8-1-16-tf Builder * New Construction Help Wanted 989-872-2734 EASY AS PIE * Additions * Remodeling SALES HELP wanted – Part- 8-5-3-tf * Pole Buildings time, holiday pay & bonus. It’s easy to place your Experience preferred/training classified ad in the * RoofingKIRBY VACUUMS - * Siding available. Call 2-4 p.m., 872-Repairing Kirby vacuums Cass City Chronicle. 5584. 11-2-15-4 Call 989-872-2010 and * State Licensed *since 1977. Many used Kirbyvacuums on sale now. Sold we’ll do the rest. (989) 872-4670 8-8-10-tf LOOKING FOR part-time seamstress for Alley Catswith a one-year warranty. 8-2-15-tf Clothing. Call 872-1185.Kirby Co. of Bad Axe, located Automotive 11-2-15-4across from the Franklin Innon the east end of Bad Axe.Carry genuine Kirby factory de Beaubien PART-TIMEparts. Want to make money?Become a Kirby sales person. Lawn Service BAD AXE SALESYou can do it. Want to see ademonstration of the new & Don& Ouvry New Used Cars POSITIONKirby vacuum? Just call 989- The Cass City Chronicle is269-7562, 989-551-7562 or looking for a person to sell989-479-6543. Quality, relia- print advertising for ourbility and performance. Get “I can find you exactly what you’re looking for!” locally-owned publication.that dog hair and cat hair now.Don’t wait. 8-12-8-tf (989) 670-6700 8-10-26-tf Call Don for lease specials on NEW vehicles & more details on USED vehicles at (989) 269-6401. Must be self-motivated Joe’s Heating & Air Conditioning and customer oriented. Smith JEFF SWEAT Media sales experience a (Joe Howard, Inc.) plus, but will train the right Refrigeration Call an Experienced (888) 850-4768 (989) 673-6126 person. and Serviceman for all Cell: (989) 928-4932 your heating & air Fax: (989) 673-2004 Appliance Repair conditioning needs If interested, send a Ask about our “sugar of a sweet” deals! resume & cover to: All makes and models Cass City Chronicle Fast, Friendly, Honest & Dependable Service! Bell-Wasik Attn.: Publisher P.O. Box 115Call 872-3092 Call Joe for details at M-24 & Frank Street • Caro, MI 48723 Cass City, MI 48726 989-635-3251 or 989-550-7328 8-3-15-tf Joe Howard Licensed & Insured with 35 Years of Experience 8-1-18-tf 11-2-22-tf Real Estate For Sale JEAN BOARD Caro (989) 673-7777 (989) 872-8520 (989) 233-5882 Kingston (989) 683-8888 6451 Main St., Cass City E-mail: Cass City (989) 872-4377 “WOODED 3+ ACRES!!!” Serving the community for 40 years • BACKS UP TO STATE LAND Martin Osentoski Tavis Osentoski • GRAVEL ROAD ON PROPERTY 989-872-3252 or REDUCED!! SOLD!! NEW!! 989-551-2010 • CASS CITY SCHOOLS 989-550-3400 • LAND CONTRACT TERMS • MORE LAND AVAILABLE •$19,500!!!!! Gorgeous lake front home with basi- Serving the community for 40 years cally everything you could dream of. Large open rooms with a spectacular Manufactured 2 bedroom home Attention Hunters this 14’x70’ mobile home with addition, 24’x32’ garage view on both floors. 2 fireplaces, 3- located between Marlette and with newer roof sets on 2 acres. Evan Osentoski car attached garage, a functional Sandusky. This would make for a Located just a few miles from thou- Barb Osentoski crawl space under the home and a great starter home or rental home. sands of acres of state land. Newer 989-551-6600 fantastic patio off the back of the Sets on a private 90’x242’ coun- water softner and sliding glass door 989-550-7700 Barbara house. Seller offers a 2 year war- ranty. All offers must be accompanied try lot. There is a deck on the to deck. Just bring your furniture front and back of the house. and you are ready to go. Keys at Osentoski by a pre-qualification letter or proof of funds. PH-107 16’x20’ storage barn with a loft. Marlette Schools. MR-143 close. Call Marty for details and showing. Multi-Million CC-670 NEW LISTING! NEW!! NEW!! NEW!! Cass City Dollar Producer (rural)  3 bedrooms 528 N. State St., Caro, MI 48723  2 baths  1-story Roger Pohlod Lola Osentoski Flores  1,848 sq. ft. (989) 550-7700 989-551-0505 989-551-3577 $184,900 Newer built home setting on 35 RMLS Listing 038-12-0008 acres. Home built in 1997, with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and par- Great investment opportunity. Home tially finished walk out base- Great location, 3 miles from has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath on main ment. There is also a huge Marlette. 4 bedroom home, 1.5 floor and 1 bath in the basement. pole building to store all your bath. Has a large 48’x84’ pole Has 2 lots on corner and an toys. Call today to see this new building for good storage. Needs attached garage. Prequalification listing. Seller offering Home some work. Call for a personal required to submit an offer; contact Protect 2 year home warranty. showing. MR-146 agent for details. CCT-481 David Osentoski K-433 Connie Osentoski 989-551-7000 We’ve been busy! Call us for all your Real Estate needs! 989-551-4695 PRICE REDUCED! 3 BEDROOMS , 1.5 baths, beautifully landscaped and sets THIS IS A 4 BEDROOM, 2 bath home surrounded by 32 +/- 1-877-855-2248 on a hill with a great view! Central air, hardwood floors, acres with frontage on Bay City Forestville Rd. The home SET IN A QUIET AREA of town. This is a 3 bedroom remodeled kitchen, 2.5-attached garage are only a few fea- • Cass City tures of this home. Call for more details on this one! needs some work, but the location and surrounding land make Ranch home with a full finished basement. House fea- 989-872-2248 TCC1544 up for it. CY2640 tures a 2-car attached garage and a nice yard. TCC1570 • Caro 989-673-2555 • Caseville PRICE 989-856-8999 REDUCED! • Bad Axe 989-269-6977 WEBSITE: JUST A FEW MINUTES WALK to schools and shopping. This 2- story, 4 bedroom home has 2.5 baths, extra large kitchen and dining HOME WITH CHARACTER!!! 3 bedrooms, living room, family room area. Formal living room, family room with fireplace. Nice high base- 2-3 BEDROOM BRICK home with open kitchen, dining and living and a kitchen with a pantry. Home sets on a corner lot and is a short ment, 2-car garage, on extra large lot! Call today for your personal room. All appliances stay, basement with outside access door, storage RMLS Equal Housing walk to downtown Cass City and the park! TCC1615 viewing.CC Opportunity barn in back. Newer shingles. TCC1616