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Announcements 3 18-12


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Announcements 3 18-12

  1. 1. Go To twitter.comSearch: @CambridgeCityCC
  2. 2. UPDATE CCCC’s Elders are currently working on Phase 1, which involved upgrading our storage and land preparation for Phase 2. Please pray for our church, its leaders, and our community as we prepare to making a bigger impact for Christ!
  3. 3. Let’s Make Room For More!!!Please move toward the middle of your pew. Thank You!
  4. 4. Information UpdateIn order to update our records, we needyour most recent information! Please pickup an “Update Information” sheet found atthe information center and fill it out withyour latest information and turn it in to theoffice. Thank you!
  5. 5. These items need donated to theFood Pantry!!April: Canned/pre-packaged meat (tuna,chicken, SPAM)Any and Every Month: Paper products (toilet paper,paper towel, Kleenex, etc.)
  6. 6. Child DedicationCCCC will have a springchild dedication on April22nd. If you would liketo dedicate your child tothe Lord, please contactScott Moistner.
  7. 7. Followin gMorningWorshipon Easter Sunday!
  8. 8. There will be noGirls CellGroup meetingon March 25 or thApril 1.