Announcements 2 19-12


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Announcements 2 19-12

  1. 2. Go To Search: @CambridgeCityCC
  2. 4. Guests and members , Please complete the “My Response Card” found in your bulletin today and place it in the offering plate. Thank you. My Response Card □ New address or phone no. Name ____________________________ Phone ____________ □ 9 a.m. □ 10:30 a.m. □ Member □ 1 st Time Visitor □ Visitor □ I desire a call Address _____________________________________________ City__________________________________ Zip ___________ I desire more information about : (Please check all that apply) □ Membership □ Small Groups □ Children’s Ministries □ Youth Ministries □ Adult Ministries □ Senior Adult Ministry I desire to: □ Attend the Women’s Fellowship meeting on Aug. 4 # ______ □ Attend the Back-to-School Breakfast # ______ □ Volunteer to help in the ministry(ies) of ____________________________________
  3. 5. Let’s Make Room For More!!! Please move toward the middle of your pew. Thank You!
  4. 6. Snow Removal For those who need help with snow removal, call the Church Office at 478-5123. CCCC has recently purchased a snow blower and is eager to put it to use!
  5. 7. In order to update our records, we need your most recent information! Please fill out the pink sheet found inside your bulletin with your latest information and turn it in with the offering. Thank you! Information Update
  6. 8. These items need donated to the Food Pantry!! February: Canned Soup March: Money for Eggs April: Canned/pre-packaged meat (tuna, chicken, SPAM) Any and Every Month: Paper products (toilet paper, paper towel, Kleenex, etc.)  
  7. 10. Who: Students grade 6-8 Where: Anderson, IN When: April 20-21 Why: To grow closer to god The cost is $49 and must be turned in by March 18th
  8. 11. Child Dedication CCCC will have a spring child dedication on March 11. If you would like to dedicate your child to the Lord, please check the box on “My Response Card”