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Emergency Flood Relief for Nivín, Peru


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In March of 2017, floods devastated the village of Nivín in the Ancash Region on the North Coast of Peru. We are raising funds for the immediate relief effort for the village residents. All funds will be sent directly to the people of Peru. Our budget contains no administrative expenses

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Emergency Flood Relief for Nivín, Peru

  1. 1. The Village of Nivín, Peru and the 2017 Floods ~ Elizabeth Cruzado Carranza & Robert Connolly
  2. 2. Our past newsletters featured resources that report the co-creative projects launched in Nivín through the collaboration led by Gustavo Valencia, Elizabeth Cruzado Carranza, and Robert Connolly. These include photographic reports of the work , report on International Archaeology Day celebration in Nivín, and an Annual Report for the 2016 co-creative projects. Nivín is one of the most affected communities in the Casma Valley from the recent flooding. At least one-third of the houses in the community are washed away. Mudslides have buried other houses and agricultural fields. The 25 km road from Casma to Nivín is currently impassable. Elderly and ill members of the community were airlifted to Casma by the Peruvian government. The community is committed to rebuilding. We asked Professor Valencia if we should cancel our plans for archaeological research this summer and focus solely on flood relief. He suggested that we continue with both sets of tasks. Elizabeth and Robert will lead a small team of Peruvian archaeologists and U.S. interns who will assist with both the flood rebuilding efforts and co-creative cultural heritage projects for 10 - weeks beginning in late May of this year.
  3. 3. Agricultural Fields in Nivín in 2016 and after the March 2017 floods.
  4. 4. Nivín school basketball court in 2016 and current condition.
  5. 5. The homes of Nivín’s people were devastated by the March 2017 floods.
  6. 6. School classroom in 2016 and during the the March 2017 flood.
  7. 7. The village museum filled with about 20 cm of water (photo on right). Because of work carried out in the summer of 2016, very few artifacts were affected.
  8. 8. More images of the flooded school.
  9. 9. Above is how the Nivín school grounds usually appear. To the left is their condition after the March flooding.
  10. 10. Because of the flooded conditions in much of the village (upper right of this photo), the residents have created makeshift shelters on an upper terrace of a prehistoric archaeological site.
  11. 11. We are committed to continuing our work with the people of Nivín as they take on a greater role in the stewardship of their cultural heritage.
  12. 12. We are also committed to working with the community in their efforts to develop sustainable agricultural practices and improved living conditions.
  13. 13. We invite you to join with us in support of the needed recovery work desperately needed by the people of Nivín.
  14. 14. Your help is needed now to rebuild the lives of the people of Nivín. Your donation, large or small is greatly appreciated. Go to: Thank you in advance for your support!