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2018 ceramic workshop english


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Report on ceramic workshop conducted at the María Parado de Bellido school in Nivin, Casma, Peru in 2018.

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2018 ceramic workshop english

  1. 1. 2018 Ceramic Workshop at María Parado de Bellido School Nivín, Perú
  2. 2. The students helped sift silt to make into solid clay… …they also smashed shells from Tortugus Beach to add to the clay as temper
  3. 3. My first experimental piece of clay turned figurine (right). based on examples in the Nivín museum and artifact photos.
  4. 4. Showing the youngest students examples of Peruvian ceramics in to stimulate their imagination.
  5. 5. The students were eager to learn and ask questions about the clay and their work.
  6. 6. The students were great listeners, ready to work, and not afraid to expand on my examples to make creations of their own imagination.
  7. 7. Some made dogs, and others made the sun and stars.
  8. 8. The 6-8 year-old students were more precise and focused than the younger group in trying to imitate the examples provided.
  9. 9. I showed the students how to roll out the clay and manipulate its shape.
  10. 10. The students were very attentive to detail.
  11. 11. Amazing finished Products!
  12. 12. Incredible work by the 6-8 year-olds.
  13. 13. The middle schoolers were intent on making vessels and eager to learn how to create the basic form.
  14. 14. These students were also detail obsessed, skilled, and creative.
  15. 15. Finished Products!
  16. 16. The high school students didn’t waste any time. They made stunning vessels.
  17. 17. They were careful and intuitive with their materials.
  18. 18. Adding necks and curvature for style.
  19. 19. This student took the liberty of adding appliques and handles to his creation by recalling the decoration of vessels in the museum.
  20. 20. One student even made a lid for their vessel!
  21. 21. The older student final products are proof of their talent!