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Open Access in Europe. On the Road to 2020


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Presentation at the OpenAIRE conference, 22 November 2012, Göttingen (

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Open Access in Europe. On the Road to 2020

  1. Open Access in EuropeOn the Road to 2020
  3. EuropeParliament Member States Council
  4. (...but I am speaking in a personal capacity.)
  5. Carl-Christian Buhr @ccbuhr
  8. @NeelieKroesEU
  10. Main Actions:More ICT R&D&IMore pooling of resources
  11. Waiting for the Budget...November 2012: European Council to decide onMulti-Annual Financial Framework (2014-2020)Proposal: EUR 1033 bn, 1.08% GNI
  12. EUR 80bn, 3 pillars:1. Excellence (ICT 4bn)2. Competitiveness (ICT 8bn)3. Societal Challenges (ICT ca. 4bn) Health, Transport, Energy, Food, Climate, Security & Innovation & Inclusion
  13. July 2012Commission Communication & Recommendation to MSon Scientific Information
  14. Goals2014: OA policies in all MS 2016: 60% OA in Europe 2014-2020: H2020 100% OA
  15. Whats planned Accepted Embargo 6/12 months Green & Gold & Data Pilot(everywhere where it makes sense) Image Credits Green:
  16. Now itsthe infrastructure, stupid
  17. plus
  18. ”the data themselves become the infrastructure”.
  19. e a A r h rc a s e Re infrastructure”. n ”the data themselves become the a p e u ro l E i ta D ig
  20. Pointers The EC and open access Communication & Recommendation on Scientific Information Relevant Speeches by Neelie Kroes Expert Group Report: “Riding the wave”ÉANT Expert Group: “Knowledge without Borders” Horizon 2020 proposal Budapest Open Access Initiative Detailed Presentation of the Commissions position Contacts <web>{NeelieKroesEU, cc_buhr}</web> <twitter>@NeelieKroesEU, @ccbuhr</twitter> <facebook></facebook>