Teaching Careers


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Teaching Careers

  1. 1. Teaching: What is it? Answer: A chance to change lives. “ What is often lost in this profession is the opportunity for a student to give something to the teacher…but for those who have, and on those days, it’s been a true gem to me and to those who see the sparkle. ” - -- J. Innes
  2. 2. Teaching may be frustrating when one is dealing with unmotivated or disrespectful students. Occasionally, teachers must cope with unruly behavior and violence in the schools. Teachers often work with students from varied ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds . With growing minority populations in most parts of the country, it is important for teachers to work effectively with a diverse student population.
  3. 3. In some smaller schools, it’s common for teachers to also be coaches. They can coach any variety of sports with no qualification needed. Teachers that are coaches earn more than just regular teachers.
  4. 4. Teachers sometimes motivate their students by using visual and hands-on examples. In this picture, a history teacher is demonstrating the truth of the civil war to his Civil War history class. Secondary school teachers help students delve more deeply into subjects introduced in elementary school and expose them to more information about the world.
  5. 5. Teaching, to me, is an attractive position because of the connections you make, not only with co-workers, but with students. Some of those connections will last for a very long time. Teachers I have had have inspired to make a difference in someone else’s life.
  6. 6. Public school teachers must be licensed, which typically requires a bachelor’s degree and completion of an approved teacher education program. In today’s world, however, many school districts require a master’s degree. Aspiring secondary school teachers most often major in the subject they plan to teach while also taking a program of study in teacher preparation. Many 4-year colleges require students to wait until their sophomore year before applying for admission to teacher education programs. Most colleges also provide a chance for student teaching to prepare you for the classroom.
  7. 7. Teachers must have the ability to communicate, inspire trust and confidence, and motivate students, as well as understand the students’ educational and emotional needs. Teachers must be able to recognize and respond to individual and cultural differences in students.
  8. 8. Employment of school teachers is expected to grow by 12 percent between 2006 and 2016, in all occupations. Salaries for secondary school teachers in America ranged from $43,580 to $48,690 in May 2006. But pay has been lowered for many teachers around the world, resulting in strikes.
  9. 9. The supply of teachers is expected to increase in response to reports of improved job prospects, better pay, more teacher involvement in school policy, and greater public interest in education.
  10. 10. Teachers don’t just teach. They get involved with their school and the spirit that resides within it. By demonstrating their love for the mini-community, they encourage students to support their school.
  11. 11. Teachers that have been at a district for more than three years are often given “tenure” or job longevity. And the longer a teacher stays at a school, the more the legend surrounding them grows. This teacher has been Santa many times. He students love him for his great teaching skills and personality. And his beard.
  12. 12. Teachers also head clubs and interest groups, such as language clubs, sports clubs, and study groups.
  13. 13. Teachers everywhere make a difference in children’s lives. Most of our days from age 6-18 are spent with teachers. They shape us and make us ready for the world that’s waiting for us. Teachers and coaches everywhere inspire people to do their best in everything they do.
  14. 14. Teachers shape worlds. I will help.