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Approyo SAP Hana solution deck will allow you to view solutions mad just for the SAP Hana eco-system and for the ability to use Hana immediately.

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  • Notes: SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW):By comHananing Layered and Scalable Architecture (LSA), a rich set of predefined business content based on established best practices, and key enterprise information management topologies, SAP NetWeaver BW can help to achieve:Reliable Data Acquisition – Tightly integration data across all applications and business processes in SAP Business SuiteBusiness-oriented modeling - Enable quickly and sustainable implementations established best practice and predefined business content to enable a single version of truth across complete data warehouse.Robust analytical capaHanalities – Provides a roust foundation for computing multidimensional business data across dimensions and hierarchies.Enterprise- ready life-cycle management: Benefit from sophisticated life-cycle management at three level – system life-cycle management, metadata life-cycle management, and information life-cycle management.SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (Hana):Hana can empower your organization to achieve remarkable results by allowing anyone in your organization to discover in-sight of business operations.Hana can provide comprehensive functionality for the following:Reporting & Analysis: SAP Crystal Reports – Connect to virtually any data source, design and format interactive reports and share them internally or externallySAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence – perform ad hoc queries and intuitive analysis across heterogeneous data sources online and offline.SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition for OLAP – Performance analysis of multi-dimensional data sets using this OLAP tools designed for financial and business analysts.SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analysis – Data mining to predict future trends.Dashboards:Create interactive dashboards to visualize complex data quicklyData Exploration:SAP BusinessObjects Explorer – Search and explore data for instant insightSAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version – Accelerate your data exploration using in-memory analytics.MoHanale:Access reports, metrics, and data from your moHanale deviceSAP HANNA – In-Memory ComputingUsing SAP HANNA invent new possiHanalities with game-changing in-memory software.Implement a HANNA a powerful foundation to help you to create solutions that take your business performance to the next level.Application Modernization:Custom Application Solutions.Service for custom application development based on organization specific needs and tailored analytics that is flexible and stable to satisfy organization unique business needs.MoHanality Solutions:Enable the application infrastructure, develop your moHanale applications and ensure end-to-end support.
  • Approyo SAP Hana solution deck

    1. 1.  About Approyo Industry Challenges How Approyo Can help? Why Approyo? Approyo Service OfferingsAgenda
    2. 2. Aggressively become the “Go-To” choice for Hanasolutions. Offer a reliable, high quality rapid Hanaimplementation by providing leadership, expertise inindustry, business solution, technology, and supportto drive Clients’ success.Mission
    3. 3. Certified SAP Service PartnerWho Are We? Hana Assessment Hana Implementation Hana Upgrade 3.x to7.x SAP HANA Application & Analytics Dashboard and Reporting Historical Data Migration
    4. 4.  Extensive experience providing Hana solutions to the largest and mostcomplex organizations 100+ years of collective SAP experience Professionals averaging 10+ years experience across the firm Rich Business and Technology knowledge Various Industries subject matter expertise Provide business solutions across the full lifecycle of services –strategy,architecture, solution delivery Results-based implementation approach Onshore and Offshore delivery capabilityIntroduction
    5. 5. Consulting Services Support Services• Information Management• Application ModernizationFocus:Expertise:• Support Optimization• Governance• SAP NetWeaver BW• SAP HANA• SAP BusinessObjects• Industry-specific solutions• OBIEE• Program/Project Management• Change Management• Application Support Services• SAPTechnology:Expertise and Technology
    6. 6. Strength and Breadth Technology leadership Breadth of offerings Complement partner Services Commitment and StabalityOur Know-How Rich business and technology knowledge Industry vertical experience and frameworks:consumer &retail, energy, pharmaceuticals, financialservices, etc. Proprietary business-based methods andframeworks Core CompetenciesThe Way We do ThingsOur “collaborative” style Seeing through the client’s eyes Focus on our client’s business challenges Fully action-oriented Hands-on, with sleeves rolled up Delivery ethic… never, never quit Partnering well With passion to solve client problemsThe Business Solutions We CreateOur “focus on results” Results-based approach Producing high value business solutions Applied to industry needs Delivering clear return on IT investmentsStrengths and Focus
    7. 7. DrivecostsdownImprovequality ofserviceContinuous businesstransformationCorporateobjectivesMarketfactorsExtended enterprise playersEver-changing market conditions requireGrowth, profit,and valueLeadershipCustomersatisfactionInnovationTechnologyRegulation/DeregulationMergers &acquisitionsEconomyCompetitionCustomerSupplier PartnerBusiness agilityApproyo Market PropositionsSupportOptimizationApplicationModernizationInformationManagementIndustry Challenges today
    8. 8. • Application Support Service6/18/2013 9MissionAggressively become the “Go – To” choice for Hana Solutions. Offera reliable, high quality rapid Hana implementation by providingleadership, expertise in industry, business processes, technology,and support to drive Clients’ success.Value Proposition Partnership with other vendors to offer best of breed solutions. Act as a single service provider for SAP andnon-SAP applications. Transparent and accountable. 3 ON’s: Delivery on-time , on-budget and on-scope. Build Lean and Agile applications. Reduced maintenance and operation costs. HANA Application s Industry Specific Solution Hana and HANA Analytics Custom Solutions Enterprise Mobility Solution Mobile Apps Rapid Deployment of HANA SolutionsBusiness Application SolutionsBusiness Intelligence Implementation SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (Hana) SAP HANA – In-Memory Computing (HANA)• Program/Project Management• Change ManagementApplication ModernizationBusiness AnalyticsMobile ApplicationCustom ApplicationIn-Memory ComputingGovernanceBusiness Information ManagementIT ServicesEnterprise Support OptimizationHow We Can Help?SAP HANABusiness Intelligence
    9. 9. 10Key Competitive Differentiators Adapting proven Flexible Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) Proven Rapid Agile Methodology supported by accelerators and re-usable templates Focused 3 ON’s (on-time delivery, on-budget and on-scope) Sharing industry best practices Repeatable SAP Hana solutions Industry focused end-to-end solutions Partnership which yields leveraged cost advantagescopyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingWhy Approyo? – Key Differentiator
    10. 10. 11copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingWhy Approyo? – Key DifferentiatorKey Benefits for Customers Faster implementation with reduced cost Implementation on-time, on-budget and on-scope (3 ONs) Methodology focused on speed Extensive implementation experience Tools and accelerator to speed up implementation Ensured integration of IT and application project teams Maximized solution quality by leveraging experiences
    11. 11. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingBusinessInformationManagementApplicationModernizationEnterprise SupportOptimizationApproyo Services Overview• SAP BW 7.x Implementation• SAP BW 7.x Upgrade (Technical)• SAP BW 7.x Migration (Functional)• SAP Hana 4.0 Implementation• SAP HANA Implementation with ERP• SAP HANA Implementation with BW• SAP HANA Implementation with non-SAP• Historical Data Migration• 10K SAP HANA Assessment• SAP HANA Agile Assessment• SAP HANA Rapid Deployment• R2R Analytics on SAP HANA• Mobile Apps• Hana Application Support Service• Program / Project Management• Change Management
    12. 12. SAP HANAAgileAssessmentComprehensive Solution OfferingsSAP BW7.xImplementationSAP BW7.xUpgradeSAP HANARapidDeploymentR2RAnalyticson SAP HANASAP Hana4.0ImplementationSAP Hana7.xMigrationMobileAppsSAP HANAImplementationwith BWSAP HANAImplementationwith non-SAP10KSAP HANAAssessmentSAP HANAImplementationwith ERPcopyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingHistoricalDataMigrationApproyo Service OfferingsHana ApplicationSupportServiceProgram /ProjectManagementChangeManagement
    13. 13. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - Details10K SAP HANA Assessment:Identify specific business functional areas and its dependency to help the organization toprepare for SAP HANA implementation.Project duration is a weekAssessment of the existing information landscapeReviewing the existing applicationIdentifying functional area and data sets for use in the SAP HANA solutionsDetermine use cases for your business and prioritize solution implementationRecommend SAP HANA implementation Road Map.SAP HANA Agile Assessment:Focused on assessing the current environment and identifies subject area, dependencyand priority of HANA implementation.Identifying business pain pointsDeveloping a plan for HANA installationPreparing a high-level resource plan to implement SAP HANADeveloping an Agile implementation planIdentifying any Gaps in the current EnvironmentDeveloping a Road Map for SAP HANA implementationCreating a solution blueprint to meet the business and infrastructure requirements
    14. 14. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsSAP HANA Rapid Deployment:The HANA Rapid Deployment is focused on deploying SAP HANA by upgrading SAPBW. This service includes quick assessment of current environment and planning forSAP HANA migration.SAP HANA EXPRESS SERVICES FOR RAPID DEPLOYMENT:Accelerate your SAP HANA ImplementationFor business in need of quick and simple business analytic solutions, Approyo offers SAPHANA upgrade, Standalone SAP HANA installation and POC Express services on fixed scope,time and fee.1. SAP HANA UPGRADE SERVICES:Upgrade service includes:Upgrade from SAP BW 3.x or BW7.0 to SAP BW 7.3Conversion from SAP BW 7.3 to SAP HANAMigrate and Transform BW objects to HANAAccelerate existing report execution in HANA
    15. 15. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - Details2. STANDALONE SAP HANA INSTALLATION:Standalone software installation services are to set-up SAP HANA environment for fastimplementation. This is a two-phase implementation.Planning phase is to define scope, and determine hardware and software requirements.In Realization phase, Develop technical architecture, install SAP HANA, Data services and Hanatools. Provide Knowledge transfer.3. SAP HANA Proof of Concept (POC)POC is designed for a quick start to accelerate SAP HANA implementation. This will providea foundation for subsequent HANA release. This service includes:Installation of SAP HANA, Hana tools and Data servicesData services to SAP to load data from SAP and non-SAP environmentDesign and develop SAP HANA information model ( for on business use case and up to 5information models)SAP HANA Reporting – up to 5 reports or dashboardsKnowledge transfer
    16. 16. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsHANA Implementation with ERP:Implementation with ERP includes:• Installation of standalone HANA system which will replicate data from your SAP ECCsystem using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) to speed up business and ITtransformation.• Approyo will help determine the size of HANA system and implement key reports onHANA. Implementation includes defining scope, installing HANA and integrating withSLT. Setting up data replication and validation.HANA Implementation with BW:Upgrade your existing SAP BW (7.x to 7.3) and SAP HANA Conversion using Approyo’sunique methodology and save cost & time. Irrespective of your BW version Approyo canhelp migrate to HANA and deploy Hana reports on HANA. The implementation consistsof:Preparation – Define scope and project planBlueprinting – Define Technical architecture for SAP HANA and install hardware/softwareRealization – Upgrade software from BW 7.x to 7.3, and database conversion from 7.3 toSAP HANA, and testing & validationGo Live & Support – Production validation (system and data) and Knowledge transfer
    17. 17. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsHANA Implementation with non-SAP:Implementation with non-SAP includes setting up your HANA platform and DataServices environment quickly. The SAP BusinessObject Data Service 4.0 will be used tomove data from variety of non-SAP sources into SAP HANA. Benefits of this services:Improve the efficiency of loading large volume of data in real timeAccessing unstructured from HadoopText data processing capability to analyze test in unstructured data sourcesImproved data qualityLower TCO to handle multiple data management processes.R2R (Ready-To-Report) canned report on SAP HANA:The Ready-To-Report service is focused on accelerating SAP HANA implementation byusing Approyo’s accelerator and Rapid deployment tools to install and quickly enablereports in SAP Hana platform.Predefined industry specific canned reportsReal-time Order-To-Cash AnalyticsReal-time Global Spend AnalyticsReal-time Record-To-Report Analytics (includes FI, COPA, etc.)
    18. 18. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsBW 7.3 Implementation:Implement SAP BW using best practices and proven unique methodology that savescost & time. LSA Architecture and proven Iterative Methodology enable on-timedelivery with a flexible and scalable architecture to support the future demands ofbusiness growth.This service includes the following:Implement using Iterative methodology that guarantees to deploy new functionalityfaster and quicker with on-budget and on-time deliveryFocus is on high performance solution that improves speed of delivery, reduces the timeto deliver data and new functionalityApproyo provides an end to implementation plan with hardware sizingrecommendations.Implement SAP BW 7.3 on a new instance.Migrating historical data from legacy systems during go-live.Provide post go-live support.
    19. 19. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsBW 7.x Upgrade (Technical):Approyo helps customers to technically upgrade their BW system from 3x to 7xsystem.This is a traditional upgrade where existing BW 3x production system would beupgraded to BW 7x by doing a copy of production and then upgrade.Approyo provides 2 to 3 weeks of post go-live support after the upgrade.SAP Hana 4.0 Implementation:Approyo can help upgrade your BOBJ XI3.x or XIR2SP2 to Hana 4.0. It can be doneeither side by side install or on a separate environment.After Hana 4.0 install using “Upgrade Management Tool” migrate and upgrade all Hanacontent from your XI3.x or XIR2SP2 to Hana 4.0.Regression testing of post upgrade will be part of this implementation services.
    20. 20. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsBW 7.x Migration (Functional):Approyo helps customers to functionally upgrade their BW system from 3x to 7xsystem. This is achieved via Approyo’s Meta Data Migration approach where a newBW 7x system is installed on a new hardware and migrate all BW 3xapplications/objects to a new BW 7x system.• Unique concept that enables the BW3.x upgrade to BW7 in a record breaking time• Upgraded system is coming with a full BW7 functionality like a new implementation withoutlosing any existing features in a short time frame.• Hybrid implementation approach to achieve best of both the worlds of a technical andfunctional upgrade at once, which is scalable and flexible to meet the future growingbusiness needs.• All historical data will be migrated from old BW system to new BW system during cutover.• All existing reports will be migrated into new system without disrupting business users.
    21. 21. copyright © 2013, Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsHistorical Data Migration:This service is focused on migrating historical data from legacy Hana or ERP systems.Migrating historical data from legacy Hana or ERP systemBuild corporate memory to stage historical dataMerge with active current data for trend report or YOY comparisonMobile Services:MoHanale service focus is to transform your organization to stay ahead of thecompetitor. Approyo’s moHanale solution includes deployment of analytics using SAPunwired platform that will give your employees the tools to access to the informationthey need most to take informed decision in real time virtually anywhere. The keybenefits are:Higher productivityFaster and informed decision makingBetter customer serviceImprove win rates and shorten sales cycles with real-time customer dataMore flexible and accurate forecasting
    22. 22. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsHana Application Support Services:Approyo provides off-shore Hana application support services to align IT with yourbusiness objectives, reduce cost, improve operational efficiencies, secure data, providerisk reduction and peace of mind.24x7 Quick Support – on-site and Remote Supporting Hana applications including reports24x7 Monitoring: Manage and Monitor daily Hana data loads24x7 Maintenance – Data warehouse house keeping and cleansing Persistent Data storage ondaily basisProgram/Project Management:A single point of Contact for All Your Implementation Needs:Approyo provides both program as well as project management services for a small to bigproject with experienced professionals whose focus is your successPlan milestones with clear deliverablesProvide high level and detailed resource & time line based on the scopeManage project plan and provide status update to stakeholders of the project/programProvide Program/project dashboards that provide quick, clear visibility of program / projectstatus
    23. 23. copyright © 2013 , Approyo ConsultingService Offerings - DetailsChange Management:Approyo provides agile change management service to execute strategy faster, withflexibility and adaptability, to ensure that IT systems continue to operate withoutunexpected and avoidable disruption or degradation of performance.Service includes Establishing a Agile Change Management process to achieve thefollowing:Ensure the utilization of standardized methods, processes and proceduresGoverning and streamlining the changes that are introduced in an IT landscape tominimize the business impactConduct change control meeting with governed processesGuide project team to have minimum impact to IT Landscape.Act proactively to introduce efficiencies and effectivenessEnable and facilitate business initiativesManage new programs, projects or service improvement initiativesEnsure that all parties affected are informed of planned changes and all necessarydocumentation and training is in place prior to the implementationReduce the risk of production system service disruption, performance degradation, andsecurity vulnerabilities