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Opening Day Did You Know Fin

  1. 2. Did you know?
  2. 3. Size does matter . . . Half Hollow Hills is the 7 th largest suburban school district in New York State.
  3. 4. We cover over 34 square miles, own 6 million square feet of land, employ approximately 2,000 staff members and over 10,000 students.
  4. 5. Every day, our custodial staff cleans over 1 million square feet of school buildings.
  5. 6. Last school year, our busses used over 150,000 gallons of gasoline and our drivers drove over 2 million miles.
  6. 7. We spent over $3 million in utilities last year, and served over 767,734 lunches.
  7. 8. Consistent leadership provides continuity and stability.
  8. 9. Although the District is in existence for 55 years, Dr. Karnilow is only the 4 th Superintendent of Schools.
  9. 10. We believe that students should have a voice.
  10. 11. Dr. Karnilow meets with groups of middle and high school students to listen to their perceptions of our schools.
  11. 12. Our PTA Legislative Committee provides students with the opportunity to understand state and local government, meet with legislators, and lobby for our schools.
  12. 13. Half Hollow Hills has its very own house.
  13. 14. It has been renovated over 20 times in order to illustrate that our vision is dynamic.
  14. 15. Great teachers are essential.
  15. 16. Research shows that students who have a teacher rated at the 90th percentile in competency,
  16. 17. outperform students who have a teacher rated at the 50th percentile by 18 percentile points in reading and 18th percentile points in math.
  17. 18. Due to staff retirements in the past 5 years, close to 600 teachers have been hired.
  18. 19. They have been challenged by a comprehensive hiring process, coming to us with strong academic and experiential backgrounds.
  19. 20. In a professional learning community, there is a commitment to ongoing professional development.
  20. 21. $700,000 is invested annually in training our staff.
  21. 22. At least 30 HHH staff members regularly teach in our Professional Development Program.
  22. 23. Evaluation is important.
  23. 24. All staff members, including Administrators and Assistant Superintendents participate in a rigorous evaluation process.
  24. 25. The Superintendent is evaluated annually by the Board of Education.
  25. 26. Half Hollow Hills is committed to promoting our staff members of excellence.
  26. 27. In the past 6 years, 32 administrators have been hired. Of those, 15 have been promoted from within our District.
  27. 28. Approximately 30 HHH teachers have been accepted into the Touro College Administrative Certification Program.
  28. 29. Our elementary programs are comprehensive and multi-faceted.
  29. 30. 3rd graders are learning to type and to write feature articles;
  30. 31. 5th graders can dance the meringue.
  31. 32. We make connections between and among students at all levels.
  32. 33. High school students in the Youth Education Academy teach classes in our elementary schools.
  33. 34. Half Hollow Hills students are challenged to be the best that they can be.
  34. 35. In addition to a broad array of electives, our high schools offer 26 advanced placement courses.
  35. 36. Nearly 2,000 students from our District took AP exams last year. That is more than triple the number that took them in 2001.
  36. 37. We want our students to be able to successfully compete in the global marketplace.
  37. 38. Students have the opportunity to take American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.
  38. 39. We focus on preparing students for post secondary education.
  39. 40. Over 90% of our seniors go on to college. The percentage of students entering four-year colleges has increased by 8% during the past 5 years.
  40. 41. A feeling of connectedness is especially important for adolescents.
  41. 42. Our middle schools now have teaming in grades 6 through 8.
  42. 43. Daily attendance is a strong indicator of academic success.
  43. 44. In HHH, more than 95% of students are in attendance on any given day.
  44. 45. Our special needs students are very special to us.
  45. 46. Our nationally recognized Special Education Program successfully served 1,262 children with disabilities during the 2006-2007 school year.
  46. 47. Among those are 144 children with autism – a 115% increase since 2002.
  47. 48. Our students are high achieving.
  48. 49. In 2005-2006, our students outperformed NY State’s highest performing comparison group on every grade level on the 3-8 ELA and Math assessments.
  49. 50. 8th grade ELA scores increased by 8.7% in the past 3 years. 8th grade math scores have increased by 9.7% in the past 5 years.
  50. 51. In the past 5 years: Achievement levels on English Regents exams increased by 10%. Percentage of students earning Regents diplomas increased by 17%.
  51. 52. ALL students are important.
  52. 53. Standard and Poor’s recognized Half Hollow Hills for significantly closing the Achievement Gap.
  53. 54. Our community members are well-educated.
  54. 55. 23% of HHH adults over the age of 25 hold graduate or professional degrees . . . compared with 8.9% nationwide.
  55. 56. Sound fiscal practices are imperative.
  56. 57. According to Moody’s Investment Services, HHH is the highest rated school district in Suffolk County.
  57. 58. Communication connects us to our stakeholders.
  58. 59. The HHH website is recognized as outstanding. There are attempts to replicate it by other districts throughout Long Island.
  59. 60. Teachers talk about their e-Boards on our HHH media gallery site.
  60. 61. Parents can access information about their children in real time through our Parent Portal.
  61. 62. Over 7,000 families have signed onto our email notification system.
  62. 63. In less than 1 hour, we can call every parent and staff member in the district.
  63. 64. Our technology infrastructure runs at Gigabit speed – the fastest available in the nation.
  64. 65. Last year, our high school graduations were broadcast worldwide, via webcam.
  65. 66. Critical to the success of any school district is a consistently supportive Board of Education.
  66. 67. Present Board of Education members have served our community with great dedication for a total of 35 years to date.
  67. 68. The richness of a child’s school experience ultimately serves to make him or her a more interesting, well-rounded and successful adult.
  68. 69. All of our stakeholders are committed to what we call the three A’s.
  69. 70. HHH is a Triple A District, perfectly blending Academics, Athletics and the Arts.
  70. 71. Community partners support our children and their families.
  71. 72. HHH Parent Teacher Associations The Hills Foundation Helping Our Own School-to-Business Partnership S O A R Reach CYA Collins/Panatier 9/11 Memorial Foundation HHH Community Libraries
  72. 73. The HHH District-wide Professional Learning Community is strengthened by the dedication of ALL.
  73. 74. Thank YOU for your investment in our children.