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Claire carlton resume long version

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire CarltonPersonal DetailsName: Claire Carlton AustraliaWeb site: RecordTertiary Education: Undertaking Masters in Digital Media Newcastle University Bachelor of Applied Science Parks, Recreation and Heritage (Major - Ecology) Charles Sturt University, AlburyOther qualifications National Carbon Accounting Toolbox Advanced Training – 2006 and 2007 Advanced Facilitation and Negotiation Skills Training - 2006 Community Engagement and Capacity Building Course - 2005 Team member professional development and assessment training - 2005 Media Training Course – 2004 Expanding your Leadership Capability Course – IPAA 2003 Indigenous Cross Cultural Training – 2003 GIS Arcview users course – NPWS 1998 Drivers licence C Class – current Four Wheel Drive Course Certificate – TAFE 2001 Chain Saw Operation Course – TAFE 2001 Tractor, Motor Bike and Quad Bike Driving Course – TAFE 2001 Basic Fire Fighting Course – TAFE 2001 Pathway and Outdoor Furniture Construction Course – TAFE 2001 Train the Trainer Certificate – WEA College Sydney 1996Publications and ReportsCurriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 1
  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire CarltonCarlton, C. (2001). Community Biodiversity Survey Manual. First and 2edn. National ParksAssociation of NSW and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service: SydneyCarlton, C. (1999). Recovery Planning. Green Print for Sydney. An environmental strategyfor the 21 st century. Total Environment Centre Inc: Sydney, AustraliaCarlton, C. (1998). Biodiversity Surveys. National Parks Journal, August 1998.Carlton, C. (1997). Community Biodiversity Surveys. Why are they important?. NationalParks Journal, December 1997.RefereesChristian TerieteDirector of CommunicationsGlobal Campaign for Climate ActionE: christian.teriete@tcktcktck.orgM: +44 7714 233965Martin HillerHead Communications and CampaignsGlobal Climate InitiativeWorld Wide Fund for Nature InternationalE: Mhiller@wwfint.orgT: +41 (79) 347 2256 mobileAlexander QuarlesSenior Partnership ManagerClimate Savers ProgrammeWWF IntelE: aquarles@wwfepo.orgT: +31 (0) 6 520 700 03 mobileProfessional HistoryDirector of Digital Media for Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) http://tcktcktck.orgSeptember 2010 to June 2011Major Achievements:  Managed all aspects of the developing, designing and implementing a new web site content management system using the Wordpress platform.  Managed all aspects of social media and improved the content and level of engagement.  Developed a 12 month strategy covering all our digital media work.  Assessed and improved all cloud based computing requirements which increased our internal efficiency and external stakeholder engagement.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 2
  3. 3. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire Carlton  Supported and directed partner organisations in all our digital media web site and social media advocacy and awareness activities.  Managed the editorial direction of all digital media content and ensured timely and efficient uploading.  Developed and implemented Digital Media Guidelines and Social Media policy.  Developed and maintained relationships with digital teams in the partner organisations.Manager Climate Witness Programme and Climate Online and Social Media communicationsSeptember 2007 to August 2010World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF)Major Achievements:Climate and Energy Programme Online and Social MediaManaged all aspects of our social media presence which included:  Establishment, strategic direction and content  responsible for establishment in December 2008 and sole tweeter on this account. Over 18 months following grew to 26,000 and has consistently been a high ranking green/climate account to follow.  Responsible for establishment of the WWF Climate blog in early 2009. Managed all aspects of building capacity of climate communications team to understand potential for medium, backend management and and providing guidance on style, generating content and utilisation in all aspects of our climate change communication work.  Managed our YouTube and Flickr social media platforms.  Managed how social media was utilised to drive visitor traffic to critical campaign advocacy assets on climate pages.  Provided regular training to climate communications team on how to use all social media sites and what each platform should be used for to meet our communications and campaign objectives.  Provided support and advice to broader WWF network on how best to use social media especially to those country offices just starting out.Managed all aspects of the climate change web pages on panda.org  decisions on language style and layout of content within the content management system (CMS) template  decisions on how campaigns actions, publications and resources would be featured to ensure increased visitor traffic at critical momentsCurriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 3
  4. 4. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire Carlton  constantly reviewing all web pages to ensure that messaging was consistent with current political advocacy and campaign work.  Gave technical advice on what was technically feasible in terms on new and innovate ways to show case content.  Managed how content was integrated with social media activities.Climate Witness in Action Programme  Reviewed and implemented the CW Global Strategy and all aspects of the work plan resulting in a stronger integration in global Climate Change Initiative Strategy and Global Climate Communications Strategy.  Successfully managed the Global CW Programme with a budget over $2million US dollars working closely with around 20 WWF country offices on a weekly basis including WWF India, China, Japan, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and many others in all continents.  Managed relationships with corporate partners Hewlett Packard Global and Sony Corporation.  Managed all aspects of preparing funding proposals targeted at corporations.  After taking over management of the CW Programme extensive networking underpinned by the development of sound systems and processes resulted in the number of CW stories and national offices engaged being doubled. There are now over 114 published CW stories and many with great media assets.  Developed all the systems and processes for this programme to a high standard ensuring that any WWF staff member could access templates, resources and guidelines to know how to recruit a CW or coordinate a community based CW Adaptation project. This resulted is high caliber of CW stories and media assets that were in high demand within WWF, by media and other organisations wanting to create more awareness of climate change impacts.  Successfully promoted the CW Programme to internal and external stakeholders resulting it in being recognised as one of the premier global climate change programmes with a focus on telling the human story of climate change impacts and what people are doing to participate in the solutions of both mitigation and adaptation.  I managed on a daily basis a remote team of 4 covering all aspects of our digital and social media as well as offline activities.  Managed multiple requests from a large range of organisations including media on a at times daily basis. CW is now well recognised as the leading programme giving people a voice on the here and now impacts of climate change.  Managed all aspects of the premier CW Science Advisory Panel (SAP) with over 130 mostly IPCC climate scientists members who volunteered their time to peer review all the CW stories to ensure they were consistent with current science and were in fact linked to human induced climate change.Founder and Director of Eco ChangeJuly 2006Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 4
  5. 5. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire CarltonWWF International – major project achievementsOn a weekly basis liaising with climate teams across the WWF Global Network including keyClimate staff. Provided strategic comments and input into the development of the Climate Witness (CW) Strategy. Facilitated, supported and coordinated the fledging WWF CW network to ensure they were kept abreast of all relevant resources to update current CW and to recruit new Witnesses. Supported the development and actively maintained the CW online data base and map. Created a publications archive, containing all communications assets and further developed those materials for use by media and external organisations. Developed all the systems and processes to ensure that all new witnesses recruitments are carried out to a certain standard.Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) – major project achievementsPrepare application for Australian Greenhouse Office, Greenhouse Friendly program toprovide native vegetation carbon offsets via a carbon pooling mechanism. Applicationprocess included site assessment, carbon modelling using the National Carbon AccountingToolbox, preparation of risk management plan, plan of management and all associateddocumentation.WWF Australia – major project achievementsFacilitated and coordinated identifying possible Climate Witnesses for the Canberra Region.Once best possible witness was identified face to face interview was conducted to recorddetails for 500 word climate witness testimonial and take photos. Liaised with WWF USA andclimate experts at the Bureau of Meteorology National Climate Centre in Melbourne to provideevidence that witness observation are linked to climate change. Final version of CanberraRegion Climate Witness approved by witness and then facilitated testimonial loaded ontoWWF Panda web site.Fleetcare and Conservation Volunteers AustraliaFacilitated and coordinated the development of a new carbon offset program. This newpartnership and resulting product ecofleet will provide opportunities for organisations to offsetcarbon emissions through the implementation of on ground conservation projects.Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (BMWHI)Coordinating the development of a Farm Forestry project along the western edge of BlueMountains. The two main products of this Farm Forestry will be carbon credits and biomassproduction for biofuels and building materials. It will also have a range of environmentalbenefits including biodiversity conservation.Eco CentralEditing of environmental impact assessment for mining operations in the Hunter Region NSW.Australian Government Natural Resource Management Biodiversity Facilitator NSWOctober 2003 to June 2006Dept of Environment and HeritageCurriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 5
  6. 6. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire CarltonMajor Achievements: Facilitated the development and subsequent contract for Dept of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Native Vegetation Pilot Project in NSW. Facilitated the development of a Market Based Instrument Pilot submitted by UNSW Future of Threatened Ecosystems (FATE) program which was targeted towards biodiversity conservation at a landscape scale. Facilitated the development of National Reserve System Pilot Project being developed between Dept of Environment and Heritage (DEH) and NSW Dept of Environment and Conservation (DEC). Strategically coordinated the planning, development, negotiation and implementation of the NSW Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) Ramsar state funded project. This project is extremely important to help understand the ecological character of important wetlands and raise the profile of Ramsar via the implementation of a communications project. This has resulted in Catchment Management Authority (CMA) and State Government gaining a stronger understanding of their role in conserving Ramsar wetlands and ensuring that funds are allocated to improve and maintain their ecological character. Facilitated and coordinated the development of a new carbon offset program involving a Corporate Fleet Company and a volunteer coordinator organisation. This new partnership and resulting product will provide opportunities for organisations to offset the carbon emissions from the fleet of cars through the implementation of on ground conservation projects. Negotiated and coordinated the holding of the NSW Biodiversity in Regional Planning Workshop with the support of DEC. Over 80 people attended the Workshop with representatives from DEC, Local Government, Dept of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR), Dept of Primary Industries (DPI), non-government (NGO), CMA, Industry, Consultants and members of the community. It provided the first opportunity for a number of years for all relevant stakeholders to come together to share knowledge and make decisions about what are the most appropriate methods for implementing biodiversity conservation measures at a catchment and local level. Developed the material for 16 Web Based Biodiversity Resources Training and conducted training sessions for a range of stakeholders in each CMA. Covering all the state and national web based resources that are available on topics including weeds, flora, fauna, water, salinity and threatened species. Provided extensive support to DEC on most appropriate ways to engage stakeholders in the role out of NHT and National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) funding through the CMA. Functioned as an effective and highly motivated team member of the AG NRM Facilitator Biodiversity Network. Prepared joint briefing for Senior Executive and Biological Diversity Advisory Committee. Coordinated the establishment of the NSW NRM Facilitators Network while working as an effective and highly motivated team member of the NSW NRM State Facilitator Team. This required high levels of negotiation, communication and facilitating skills to ensure that the network was well informed and supported. Facilitated the development a range of biodiversity projects at a state and cross regional level and involving a range of stakeholders. This required extensive knowledge of biodiversity conservation priorities, best practice and how to engage the relevant stakeholders. Facilitated and assisted all key stakeholders achieve a stronger understanding of the NRM process including regional delivery, NHT, NAP and Envirofund. Provided high level of biodiversity expertise via comments, feedback and direction in the development of CMA Investment Strategies, CMA Blue Prints, Strategic Reserve Proposals, Regional Competitive Bids, Greencorp Projects, Envirofund Projects,Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 6
  7. 7. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire Carlton National Landcare Awards, NSW Local Government Environment Awards, NSW Landcare Environment Awards, Case Studies and stakeholder engagement activities. Consistently provide the most up to date information on all AG biodiversity policies and programs to a range of stakeholders in the most appropriate formats for each target audience. Regular attendance relevant biodiversity conferences, forums, workshops and key stakeholder meetings to broker information about AG policies and programs, liaise, network and facilitate improved stakeholder engagement in NRM. Managed all aspects of AG Credit Card that is in my name, operational budget and expenditure and running all administrative aspects of running a remote office.State Bushcare CoordinatorMarch 2002 to 30 June 2003NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)Major Achievements: Maintained expenditure within budget, provided financial statements and acquitted $1million budget for the Natural Heritage Trust Bushcare Project “NSW Bushcare Coordination and Regional Facilitation”. Managed all aspects of work plan delivery for ten regional Bushcare Facilitators (BCF) based in as many different regional centres and hosted by a range of organisations. Managed all aspects of host organisation contracts including payment of invoices, overseeing support services they provided to BCF and recruitment of new staff. Host organisations included NPWS, Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR), Greening Australia (GA), Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), Coonabarabran Rural Lands Protection Board (RLPB) and Eurobodalla Shire Council. Coordinated and managed the Bushcare Network in meeting the commitment to monitor and evaluate over 140 Bushcare projects funded between 1997 and 2001. Established the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Non Government Organisation (NGO) Working Group to facilitate information dissemination and improve linkages with Catchment Management Boards (CMB) and the NSW natural resource regional planning process. NGOs represented on working group were senior state staff from GA, CVA, World Wide Fund for Nature and Threatened Species Network (TSN). Coordinated four Bushcare Network conferences in Broken Hill, Dubbo, Canberra and Byron Bay. These conferences were for the purpose of bringing together BCF, Environment Australia (EA) staff, NPWS staff, GA Bushcare Support staff and the two NSW Indigenous Land Management Facilitators. Regularly coordinated state wide feedback and input from Bushcare Network on a range of issues including development of Australian Government Envirofund, CMB regional planning process and the future of facilitation and coordination in NSW. Assessed of over 50 Green Corp projects and 20 Care for Country projects. Provided biodiversity conservation advice and information on a regular basis via meetings, email and phone on Bushcare Program to a range of stakeholders including NPWS and DIPNR staff, NGOs, local government, other Care network staff and members and RLPB. Developed and implemented a more rigorous reporting system for the Bushcare Network to provide comprehensive updates on activities to all stakeholders. This ensured that work plan obligations were being met through two way monitoring of monthly reports between BCC and BCF.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 7
  8. 8. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire Carlton Initiated a process of improved integration of the Bushcare Network with NPWS Conservation Programs and Planning Divisions within each Directorate. Managed and developed resources to be used by Catchment Management Authorities, local government and community groups to assist them in biodiversity conservation and improved land management practices.Senior Project OfficerDecember 2001 to March 2002National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)Major Achievements: Managed the finalisation of Voluntary Conservation Agreements (VCA). Edited draft VCA and associated Plans of Management. Developed internal processes for the effective delivery of the VCA program. Assisted in the development and completed data entry into a database holding information on community members participating in NPWS conservation programs. Interpreted and reviewed legislation including the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, NSW Conservation Trust Act 2001, Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, Native Vegetation Conservation Act 1997 and related legislation. Provided support to NPWS regional staff and landholders requesting information on community conservation programs. Participated and attended workshops, seminars, conferences relating to conservation planning and natural resource management.Community Biodiversity Survey CoordinatorMay 1995 to November 2001National Parks Association of NSW Inc (NPA)Major Achievements: Developed strategies, protocols and guidelines to establish and implement highest scientific standard possible for voluntary community based flora and fauna surveys. Managed and coordinated all logistical arrangements for ten large scale scientific surveys with between 60 to 90 volunteers participating which included managing between 8 and 16 scientific team leaders. Established and maintained a network across NSW of scientific contacts. Negotiated and liaised with key government representatives to gain support for the flora and fauna surveys which resulted in lending of scientific equipment, funding of consumables and hire of equipment. Strong communication abilities and personal traits enabled to enthuse and motivate large groups of people within a region to build stronger networks and alliances with the aim of improved natural resource management. Promoted community based scientific surveys through media (print, radio and television), public presentations, conferences, forums and workshops. Provided support and advice to government and community groups on all aspects of coordinating local and regional community based scientific surveys. Produced scientific report on outcomes of NPA Pilliga Survey for submission to RACAC Western Regional Assessment process.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 8
  9. 9. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire CarltonAuthor and editor of First (1998) and Second Edition (2001) and Third Edition (2005) of the Community Biodiversity Survey Manual (CBSM)A joint publication between National Parks Association of NSW and NSW National Parks andWildlife Service.June 1996 to May 2001Major Achievements: Instigated, developed, trialled, implemented and managed the CBSM project. Managed direction and scope of the project which has resulted in the project meeting one of the key objectives in the NSW Biodiversity Strategy. Major author and editor of the Manual, which was the first comprehensive document to outline standard scientific methodology for terrestrial flora and fauna surveys in Australia written in a plain English. Negotiated and liaised with key government and scientific representatives to agree on scientific methodology for community based surveys. Conducted extensive consultation and negotiation with target audience of CBSM to ensure that it met their needs. Promoted the CBSM through media, public presentations, conferences, forums and workshops in NSW and Nationally. Coordinated and facilitated workshops relevant to community biodiversity conservation issues and use of the CBSM. Required sound working knowledge and understanding of the relevant natural resource management legislation in NSW in particular Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, Native Vegetation Conservation Act 1997 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Prepared numerous funding applications and received funds from Catchment Management Committees and NPWS for both editions of the CBSM to be written and printed.NSW Threatened Species Network (TSN) Coordinator.September 1998 to January 2000World Wide Fund for Nature AustraliaMajor Achievements: Generated and administered approximately 45 field based devolved grants projects operating through the TSN Community Grants Scheme. Developed and implemented annual communications strategy for the TSN in NSW, including implementation of National Threatened Species Day on 7 September. Provided technical advice about threatened species and relevant legislation to a wide range of stakeholders at all levels of government with a view to enhancing the reach and efficacy of threatened species conservation efforts. Produced and disseminated up to date and accurate information on threatened species, threatened communities, recovery process and threatening processes in NSW. Monitored and promoted community involvement in threatened species recovery plans and recovery teams through workshops, forums and public presentations.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 9
  10. 10. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire Carlton Facilitated and supported community based projects to deliver on ground actions for nationally listed species. Created and maintained membership database of TSN in NSW to over 1500 listing in the database including all natural resource management extension programs, local government, landcare and community groups. Developed and maintained NSW content of the TSN Website. Recruited, trained and supervised paid and volunteer staff. Prepared quarterly TSN NSW newsletter and articles for publication in other journals. Prepared annual work plan and budget and reported on progress in achieving objectives.Scientific Committee Project Officer, Threatened Species Unit, Conservation, Assessment and Protection DivisionJuly 1998 to September 1998.NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)Major Achievements: Coordinated and wrote submissions in response to species, populations and ecological communities given preliminary determination under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 on behalf of NPWS. Prepared and wrote advise for the Environment Minister regarding any issues that may arise from species being listed. Coordinated and prepared scientific advice to Scientific Committee on behalf of NPWS. Liaised with Scientific Committee to provide technical expertise on threatened species listed. Handled all enquires within NPWS regarding the listing and determination of species, populations and ecological communities.Technical Assistant, Threatened Fauna Ecology Unit, Biodiversity Survey and Research DivisionOctober 1993 to December 1997NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)Major Achievements: Assisted in collection of nesting and demographic data on Gould’s Petrel. Trap, band and handle endangered bird fauna. Implemented experimental procedures, unsupervised. Assisted in the daily running of research facilities, which included coordinating volunteers. Surveyed mammals by establishment of hair tube experiments, spot lighting and cage trapping. Handling of larger mammals.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 1
  11. 11. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire Carlton Propagated plant species for experimental purposes. Worked in remote locations under difficult conditions.Social and Education Coordinator1994 to 1998National Parks Association of NSW Sydney BranchMajor Achievements: Developed and implemented natural resource management and biodiversity education and awareness lecture series. Developed and disseminated a questionnaire for members to complete so that we could analyse needs and desires in relevant to lecture series. Produced bi-monthly newsletter.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 11
  12. 12. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire Carlton Professional History prior to environmental industryShiatsu Therapist (self employed part time) 1994 to 1997Responsibilities/Accountabilities: Consult with clients on a one-to-one basis to solve health related issues. Promote business. Maintain accounts. Give group presentations to create awareness about Shiatsu and related health issues.Newtown Job Club (government funded employment program) 1994 to 1995Position: Job Club TrainerResponsibilities/Accountabilities: Interview up to 40 people over 2 days and cull this down to 12 participants for Job Club Training based on certain requirements and criteria. Train a new group of 12 unemployed people every four in all aspects of job seeking, resume writing, telephone technique, interview presentation, confidently answer question. Supervise staff to ensure their deadlines were met and participants’ needs were catered for. Produce monthly progress reports with statistics on the success of each group in obtaining a job or equivalent. Liaise with relevant government agencies in relation to participants. Arrange interviews and meetings with clients and other staff.Network Solutions/Computer Additions - GEC Alsthom 1990 to 1993Position: Staff Trainer - Sales Representative - Purchasing OfficerResponsibilities/Accountabilities: Train sales staff in aspects of purchasing - on the job training. Train new employees - administration and purchasing. Write procedures manuals used for Quality & Assurance training. Negotiate and liaise with government agencies, large corporations and small business on a daily basis. Sales demonstration. Telephones sales. Purchase equipment from local and international suppliers for Wide Area Networks. Work to extremely strict deadlines. Produce monthly sales and purchasing reports. Provide administrative support to sales team. Arrange group and individual meetings, presentations and outings. Handle enquires from the public either in person or on the phone. Provide support to end users for both software and hardware, whenever necessary.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 1
  13. 13. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire CarltonCapita Financial Group 1989 to 1990Position: Personal Assistant and Staff TrainerResponsibilities/Accountabilities: Install, set up and maintain client data base. Use data base for marketing and prospecting purposes. Ensure information on data base is up to date.Computer Resources Company 1998Position: Sales RepresentativeResponsibilities/Accountabilities: Design and sell personalised business forms and stationary for computers. Speed, accuracy, a lot of imagination and a clear understanding of clients needs. Liaise and negotiate at all levels of management within private and public organisations. Give presentations/demonstrations. Manage time efficiently. Produce progress reports on weekly and monthly basis.Tower Business Equipment 1986 to 1987Position: Telephone Service Clerk and Spare Parts CoordinatorResponsibilities/Accountabilities: Purchase parts and equipment for photocopier maintenance. Warehouse stock control and purchasing. Stock control reporting and associated activities. Handle incoming customer calls regarding photocopiers. Allocate service calls to field technicians. Update customer service files. Cost and invoice of over the counter sales. Produce progress and financial reports on a weekly and monthly basis.Industries Assistance Commission Federal Government 1984 to 1996Position: Clerical Assistant Grade 5 Inquiry team assistant and coordinatorResponsibilities/Accountabilities: Provide assistance to staff involved in conducting Commission Inquiries. Assist in preparation of reports and statistical data. Assist in data manipulation and various forms of statistical presentation. Undertake file maintenance. Receive, index and distribute all relevant incoming information to Inquiry staff and Commissioners. Prepare evidence for public exhibition and sale. Organise all the arrangements required for local and interstate public hearings. Liaise and consult with the public and handle enquires. Examine microfilmed documents. Research and extract data relevant to inquiries. Translate codes and currency for use in statistical data.Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 1
  14. 14. CURRICULUM VITAE – Claire CarltonList of other Animal Scientific Survey conducted: Platypus survey work with Tom Grant Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby survey work with NPWS Little Tern survey work with NPWS Microbat and small mammal survey work with Nick Klomp Charles Sturt Uni Lord Howe Island Wood Hen Survey work with NPWS Plant survey work with Ian Lunt and Brian Lord Charles Sturt UniPositions held on Committees Deputy Chair of Climate Leaders Inc non profit organisation 2006 to 2008. National Landcare Awards 2006 Assessment Panel for Bushcare Awards. Biodiversity/Environment expert on the Greencorp Project Assessment judging panel for NSW 2002 to 2006. Australian Government representative on the NSW Envirofund State Assessment Panel 2005. Technical expert on RAMSAR Natural Heritage Trust NSW State Ecological Character and Communications Project 2004 to 2005. Australian Government representative on the Ramsar Managers Network committee 2004 to 2005. Biodiversity/Environment expert on the NSW Native Vegetation Management Fund allocation panel 2003. National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) representative on the NPWS South West Slopes Advisory Committee (2000 to 2002). Nature Conservation Council (NCC) representative on the NSW Farming for the Future Advisory Committee (1998 to 2001). NPA representative on the Australian Committee of IUCN (1999 to 2001). Community Biodiversity Network Earth Alive Home Guide consultative group (1999). National Regent Honeyeater Recovery Team while working as the Threatened Species Network Coordinator 1998 to 2000. NSW Koala Recovery Team while working as the Threatened Species Network Coordinator 1998 to 2000. NPA Biodiversity Committee (1995 - present) convenor of committee 1999 to 2001. NPA representative on the NSW Biodiversity Survey Program Steering Committee (1996 to 1998). NPA State Council Member (1994 to 2000). NPA State Executive Member (1995 to 1998). NPA Park Management Committee (1994 to 1995).Curriculum Vitae – Claire Carlton 4/07/2011 1