Gold Investing 60% Roi


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Now accepeting waiting list for future membership openings for Gold Investors Club 60% ROI

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Gold Investing 60% Roi

  1. 1. High yield-low risk Investment Opportunity in Pre- sold Gold commodities trading contracts. This is by far one of the best investment opportunities that you will ever see in your life. Where else can you earn over 50% annualized return with virtually zero risk to capital. Unfortunately, availability of these contracts is limited and total investment is Company presently capped at $1,000,000. LOGO
  2. 2. Pre-sold Gold commodities contracts involves Executive Summary: virtually no risk due to pre-negotiated sell price. This transaction is arranged by purchasing gold directly from directly through CVG-Minerven (the government agency in charge of gold exports in Venezuela). Our sister companies in that country have been registered with CVG-Minerven and have established a very close working relationship with high level officials at CVG. This presents us with the unique opportunity to obtain “Mining Direct Pricing”. Now in most parts of the world, buying directly from the mine would most typically generate a discount of approximately 3% to 5% and even at these discounts we could have a viable business model. However, due to the currency exchange controls that have been imposed by the Chavez government and the existence of a “Parallel Currency Market” , an economic anomaly exist in the Venezuelan gold market that has enabled us to negotiate prices that result in discounts as high as 7.5% to 10% below the London Fix pricing on any given day. Combined this with our ability to “lock in” pre-determined sell prices with our refinery partners (this works like a PUT in stocks) and it is easy to see how this can become so lucrative. The only other risk factors involved were the quality of the product and the logistics and security of transporting the gold to the refinery. Both these issues have been overcome by contracting Insured Armored Car Services to Company transport the gold. We have also adopted internationally established procedures for Fire Assay Testing and Tamper proof LOGO security for the gold which will be explained in greater detail in the remainder of this presentation. The bottom line to keep in mind is that you as an investor can make over 50% annualized return with virtually no risk.
  4. 4. PROCESS MAP PROCESS MAP BUY PRICE IS LOCKED Samples are SELL PRICE taken for IS LOCKED Testing & AU place in Tamperproof Bags INVESTOR Project Manager will JOINS CLUB be on-site throughout GOLD IS SOURCED the entire process. Wiretransfer payment made and Security Co. insures AU until The refinery delivery to the Advances 90% refinery. of the their price and settles the other 10% in 5 days.
  5. 5. QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCEDURES Step 1 Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3 If the Fire Assay results are Once the wire-transfer has been wire- Miners Gold bars are drilled satisfactory to the buyer then confirmed the gold then becomes in random spots to obtain a the seller is to produce the T. the responsibility of the insured cross section of samples for P.B.’s in which the gold bars P.B.’ armored car service until the point the entire batch and are then that were originally sampled that they deliver the gold safely to placed in tamper proof bags are stored. The buyer will then our refinery they are on the hook for which are then taken to the inspect all of the bags and the the entire “Full Market Value” of the Value” nearest metallurgic laboratory security tape used to determine entire shipment. This means that to undergo “Fire Assay Test” Test” if there is any possible evidence if there is any problem whatso- whatso- The gold bars are also put in of tampering. Note that the TPB.s ever they will cover, not only our tamper proof bags and then (Tamper Proof Bags) used where purchase price, but also our profit. put into a safe which remains especially designed for these types Additional QC procedure imposed of transactions and that it would be by armored service include placing in the sellers possession until impossible for any tampering to be their security seals on TPB’s and a TPB’ the results of the fire assay is able to go undetected. Also, this portable lockbox to secure the gold received and the results are inspection would be done in the during transport. Upon delivery to re satisfactory to the buyer. buyer. presence of the security company. -finery, our project manager will walk the gold through assaying process.
  6. 6. Step by Step Transaction Details 1 2 3 Samples are collected Investor Funds Escrow for Assay testing and the Account and we tap our Offers are quickly Gold is secured in TPB’s sources in the field to analyzed to determine if and placed in a vault. send us offers and an adequate spread is pricing for various available. We contact quantities of gold our refinery partners and negotiate a 5 day “Price Lock” for the amount we wish to sell the refinery. 6 5 4 ACS transports the Gold from POP to POS while Once the result of the fire fully insuring the value of assay test are verified Fire Assay testing is the our shipment. Also, they the escrow agent orders most accurate test will handle all import / final payment to the available for determining export procedures in both seller and AU the quality of a sample of countries. ACS has over possession is given to gold. This method is able $10M liability insurance. ACS (Armored Car Service). to measure purity to within 2/10,000 of 1%
  7. 7. Step by Step Transaction Details 7 8 9 Due to the remote nature of ACS delivers the gold to The refinery completes an some of these mines it is our refinery partner. The initial assay of the gold and sometimes necessary to elapsed time from the advances 90% of the transport the gold by price lock date is “Locked in Sell price”, at helicopter. However, the between 48 to 72 hours, additional cost is outweighed which time we can begin a This allow us a 40% by the much lower prices new purchase cycle thus margin for error on time. available in those locations. achieving a weekly rollover. 60% Annualized 12 ROI 11 10 Within 48 hours of the At any point prior to STEP 9 final payment the the investor may notify the investors receive their The refining process is company of their intent to portions of profits which completed within 5 withdraw their funds from the will be like having your business days at which program. If the investor has money giving you a time we receive our final participated for less than1 weekly paycheck. from the refinery. month that shall forfeit any profit for the current cycle.
  8. 8. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS PROJECTED PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS - 90 Days Phase 1 PARTICULARS Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 No. of Kilos of Au available 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 70 70 70 Price Per Kilo of AU $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 $21,275 Total Cost of Gold $638,250 $744,625 $851,000 $957,375 $1,063,750 $1,170,125 $1,276,500 $1,382,875 $1,489,250 $1,489,250 $1,489,250 $1,489,250 PROJECTED TOTAL INCOME Sale of Refined Gold $682,928 $796,749 $910,570 $1,024,391 $1,138,213 $1,252,034 $1,365,855 $1,479,676 $1,593,498 $1,593,498 $1,593,498 $1,593,498 TOTAL INCOME $682,928 $796,749 $910,570 $1,024,391 $1,138,213 $1,252,034 $1,365,855 $1,479,676 $1,593,498 $1,593,498 $1,593,498 $1,593,498 PROJECTED OPERATING EXPENSES Variable of Insurance (.5%) & Refining (1%) = 1.5% total $9,574 $11,169 $12,765 $14,361 $15,956 $17,552 $19,148 $20,743 $22,339 $22,339 $22,339 $22,339 Transportation and Security Cost $10,300 $10,350 $10,400 $10,450 $10,500 $10,550 $10,600 $10,650 $10,700 $10,700 $10,700 $10,700 Travel and Misc. Expenses. $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 $2,750 Government Duty Taxes / Export Permits 1.5% $9,574 $11,169 $12,765 $14,361 $15,956 $17,552 $19,148 $20,743 $22,339 $22,339 $22,339 $22,339 TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES $32,198 $35,439 $38,680 $41,921 $45,163 $48,404 $51,645 $54,886 $58,128 $58,128 $58,128 $58,128 NET INCOME $12,480 $16,685 $20,890 $25,095 $29,300 $33,505 $37,710 $41,915 $46,120 $46,120 $46,120 $46,120 MONTHLY ROI CALCULATIONS MONTH 1 MONTH 2 MONTH 3 TOTAL INCOME $75,150 $142,430 $180,275 INVESTOR SHARE @ 60% ROI $39,891 $61,166 $74,463 INVESTOR SHARE AT 25% OF PROFITS $18,788 $35,608 $45,069 BROKER COMMISSIONS 10% OF GROSS PROFITS $7,515 $14,243 $18,028 Company Gross before Venezuela Payouts $27,744 $67,021 $87,785
  9. 9. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Assumptions •Our suppliers will consistently be able to deliver gold to us with a margin of no less than 7% FOB Mining Operation. •Insurance for Shipments will be billed at .5% of Value. •Transport cost from POP (Point Of Purchase) to POS (Point Of Sale) will average $10,000 in worse case helicopter scenario + $10 per Kilo. •Available quantities will be limited to 30 Kilos per week for the first 30 days then rising to 50 Kilos for 30 days then topping off at 70 Kilos per week. •Margin account at the refinery must have at least 10% of the amount we wish to negotiate quot;Price Lockquot; for, (only valid for up to contract weight amount. ) •Refinery will pay 99% of SPOT PRICE based on the second London fixed for the 5 business day period following the lock-in. •The investor will receive no compensation for monies deposited into the escrow account unless a transaction is consummated. •Assay test can verify purity to 99.997% and pricing will be based on 99.9% to be safe. •Elapsed time from Price Lock to delivery should not exceed 72 hours. •In the event that unforeseen delays cause us to loose a lock price, the company would any profits to first cover expenses, then pay investors prior to receiving any retained earnings. •With the current logistical plan we should be able to turn the escrow account over a minimum over once per week. •Investors will be paid the greater of 25% of the profits according to their pro-rata share of the investment or a 60% Annualized ROI. •Company shall be responsible for all incidental expenses if a deal does not close. •ACHIEVING A 15 DAY ROLLOVER STILL GENERATES MORE THAN 30% ANNUALIZED ROI!