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  • This is my life through Education. I chose this combination of photos to point out layers that I’ve taken on over the years and applied them to life. The open book have pages flying out like birds to be set free because ultimately that is the goal.\n
  • A big dreamer in high school, but reality hit hard when it came to finances. All through High school is where I had my first quarters in college; I worked and worked more jobs as I was able to and once I turned 18 there was no turning back.\n
  • Life and school taught me some similar and some things differently. My doings are more from school, but my beliefs and actions are based on my life experiences. At this stage starting off in life, I started to know myself.\n\n
  • Everyone said there was no promising future in the I kept my Full Sail books to look at for one day.\n\n
  • Alabama A&M University in Normal,AL is where I ended up.\n\n
  • Electrical Engineering helped a lot in school with problem solving abilities and all around thinking skills.\n\n
  • Engineering didn’t keep my interest, it made want to do something I actually liked on a daily basis.\n
  • During school I stayed up late to create mixes and mixtapes for people/dance teams on campus. I loved it a little too much...\n
  • I dropped out of school to work and follow my dream with music. I wanted to really figure out what I wanted out of the industry.\n
  • At this point I have accomplished more than I thought I would. I realized my potential and knew I had to fulfill it. I knew that learning was the gateway to freedom.\n\n
  • In order for myself to move forward in life, I had to move home. One for the area and atmosphere, but most of all to get my hustle back because it was lost in Alabama. I needed direction and home was where to find it.\n\n
  • It was a dream to attend this school and when I was ready and able to I enrolled and started life on a great track again.\n\n
  • I created my own website that promotes underground artists and gives them tips as well to move forward in the industry.\n
  • Besides my regular job I am a promoter for Rhyme Tyme Entertainment and currently have a contest going on as you see on the flyers.\n
  • After all of my life trials and tribulations in and out of school. I knew where I wanted and needed to be in order for me to succeed in life.\n\n
  • Ciara Caldwell Visual Resume

    1. 1. By: Ciara Caldwell
    2. 2. Real World Taste of High Reality School Dreams
    3. 3. Advance Research Patience CPU Social Skills SkillsPhysical Labor Determin ation TakeChance K-12 Skills MoneyListen to Manageme myself nt Real World
    4. 4. No...You Can’t Go!
    5. 5. Alabama A&MUniversity
    6. 6. My Thoughts Exactly
    7. 7. • http:// I Have watch?v=np- NmBj8LKg&feature=play Done er_detailpage• Mixes • http://• Mixtapes watch? Some Dance Team mixes v=esWzChE0qbw&featur e=relmfu• Parties • http://• Dance Competitions watch? v=7iNHJRjs2VE&feature =related • http:// watch?
    8. 8. ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    9. 9. Be a Basics of Breakdow Leader Mixing n of aUse My Mind NetworkProblem Solve Promote Make Get MediaMoney
    10. 10. Back to Life...Back to Reality...Home SweeT Home
    11. 11. What I dreamed of...
    12. 12. Click Here
    13. 13. PT JOB
    14. 14. Music Use of a Organizati Business MAC Business onal Aspect Skills TimeManageme nt Trust Myself Quality Work Open MindCustomer Negotiatio Service ns Contracts