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Transforming Your Business Into a Content Powerhouse


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An updated presentation I used for a SalesForce MarketingCloud webinar on how any small business can use content marketing. I focused on the values and strategies that they need to put in place in order to be successful. Lots of points taken from my book Content Rules.

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Transforming Your Business Into a Content Powerhouse

  1. Transforming YourSmall Business Into aContent Powerhouse C.C. Chapman Founder, The Cleon Foundation Author, Amazing Things Will Happen
  2. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman
  3. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman THIS DOESN’T EXIST
  4. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman
  5. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman
  6. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman cc-chapman.comGET YOUR HOUSEIN ORDER
  7. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman WHAT IS YOUR STORY?
  8. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman NO ONE HAS ENOUGH
  9. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman“Give me six hours to chopdown a tree and I will spend thefirst four sharpening the axe.” - Abraham Lincoln
  10. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman
  11. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman BE HELPFUL
  12. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT YOU?
  13. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman cc-chapman.comPeoplePlacesPassions
  14. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman THINK VISUALLY
  15. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman cc-chapman.comDEVELOP AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR
  16. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman cc-chapman.comCREATE SOCIAL OBJECTS
  17. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman cc-chapman.comKEEP AN EYE ON WHATOTHERS ARE DOING
  18. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman DON’T FORGET MOBILE
  19. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman THINK LONG TERM
  20. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman ALWAYS BE CONSUMING
  21. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman NEVER STOPLISTENING
  22. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman
  23. C.C. Chapman @cc_chapman