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I Can't Play With Everything


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"I don't have time to play with everything" is heard over and over by brands big and small when asked what they are doing in social media. This session will focus on the quick, easy and safe things you can do today on a lunch break to get started in social media. Come on in, the water is fine.

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I Can't Play With Everything

  1. 1. I Can’t Play With Everything! 10 Things in 10 minutes C.C. Chapman, The Advance Guard New Marketing Summit – October 13, 2008
  2. 2. Google Alert
  3. 3. Twitter
  4. 4. Join a Social Network
  5. 5. Newsletters
  6. 6. Shh… you don’t have to share photos
  7. 7. Read, Read, Read
  8. 8. Events Rock
  9. 9. Evernote Everything
  10. 10. Share Where You Love
  11. 11. Don’t Be Afraid to Dive In!
  12. 12. @CC_Chapman