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Connecting with Influencers


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I gave this speech to a room full of PR Professionals. The goal was to talk about how just sending over a press release is NOT the way to pitch an online influencer. I also talked about how influencers are more then just numbers or the obvious an that to do it right you have to do your research.

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Connecting with Influencers

  1. 1. connecting With influencers C.C. Chapman The Advance Guard
  2. 2. c.c. chapman partner, the advance guard managing the accident
  3. 3. always tastes better when earned
  4. 4. drink = instant success?
  5. 5. do you know what an influencer looks like?
  6. 6. can be dangerous
  7. 7. you only get one shot
  8. 8. MEET PAIGE
  9. 9. MEET PAIGE again
  10. 10. tips for success
  11. 11. give them something to talk about
  12. 12. it takes time
  13. 13. LISTEN
  14. 14. be human Come in all shapes and sizes
  15. 15.