From Stickmen and Cubicles to Whipping and a Princess Cake - Social Business


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In lack of a better title, "From Stickmen and Cubicles to Whipping and a Princess Cake" is my take on what Social Business is and what is required to become one. Presented at the event in Copenhagen May 24th 2012.

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From Stickmen and Cubicles to Whipping and a Princess Cake - Social Business

  1. 1. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson From Stickmen and Cubicles to Whipping and a Princess Cake Christian Carlsson | Digital Leader, IBM | Social Business PractitionerSource: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  2. 2. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Professional me. Started in IBM 1995, in the web team since 2001 Digital Leader for IBM Denmark Part of Marketing & Communications Overlooking how we should communicate to the market, customer, prospects, partners etc. using digital MBA from Henley (2008) I’m not a Social Business Expert, but perhaps an Expert-in-the-making!Source: IBM
  3. 3. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Private me. A Swede in Denmark Living in Aarhus with my wonderful wife and son Love cooking, since I can use various great ingredients, mix them all together, be creative, and feel/taste/smell the result directlySource:
  4. 4. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Key ingredients in a Social Business recipe Technology People Culture Change Behavior LeadershipSource:
  5. 5. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson If used the right way, you might get a Social Business. How do you know if you got it right? Some key characteristics of a Social Business: engaging transparent nimble deeply connecting removing boundaries to speeding up people, including information, experts business with customers, and assets, helping information employees, and people align every and insight to partners, to be action to drive business anticipate and involved in results. address productive, evolving efficient ways. opportunities.Source: IBM
  6. 6. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Does it matter if...? No! Interesting and possible for No! Interesting and possible for any size! any job role or function!Source: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  7. 7. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson E-mail is where knowledge goes to die... #becomesocial #socbizSource: Bill French (1999)
  8. 8. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Knowledge Transfer and the HR perspective When people leave an organization or a team they bring with them knowledge and experience that has accumulated during their time working. At the same time, as new people enter an organization or team, they spend a fair amount of time to get on-board, understanding their job role, who to speak to, previous experience, etc. Social Business can help bridging the gap of knowledge transfer.Source: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  9. 9. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Project status Or as easy as using a blog for projects status. Whenever someone in the organization needs an update, you know where to point them. When they have asked three times, they probably will not ask again…Source: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  10. 10. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Organizational Knowledge People in the organization know everything. By using the network, quickly get official as well as unofficial answers to your question. We spend so much time each week trying to figure out how to o our job. Let’s figure it out together! Even better would be if the FAQ for a specific process actually automatically was updated with the answers below.Source: IBM
  11. 11. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Ask and Answers Have your people collectively help one and other within the organization, and vote for the best answers to questions or business challenges.Source: IBM
  12. 12. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Sharing is caring, and caring is the most effective way for building ANY type of relationship #becomesocial #socbizSource: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  13. 13. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Experts and the Marketing perspective Several studies (and real life experience!) shows that we less and less tend to listen to marketing jibrish and un-authentic corporate messages. The recently updated Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 again shows that people put more trust in Academics, Company Experts, and/or People-like-me, than they do in any other sources. Social Business can play a key role in surfacing the experts within an organization, cultivate them, dress them up for external presence, and then link them together with customers/prospects at the right time and media.Source: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  14. 14. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Classic: Please update the spreadsheet… It’s a classic request. Someone sends out an e-mail asking people to fill in a spreadsheet and send back. Not only will the person have to spend tons of time collecting it all. The risk for quality mistakes are high. And it becomes even worse when someone replies to everyone… But there are smarter ways of doing this, right??! It’s really common sense…Source: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  15. 15. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Reuse what others have made, learn from them, and in return, share your own work internally as well as externallySource: Christian Carlsson (2012),
  16. 16. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Crowdsourcing and the Innovation perspective It has been said "Dont let 1 person do 100%, let 100 people do 1%". An organization is built up by people, and the collective "knowledge capital" in these people should be used for innovation and find better ways to work etc. And not only for the benefits of the organization, but also for the individual employee (employee satisfaction, personal branding, self development, experts-in-the-making, etc.). Social Business can help manage the process of crowdsourcing in the organization, which in turn can lead to new projects, products, services, or other innovative ways of doing business.Source: Christian Carlsson (2012)
  17. 17. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Come on people… it is 5 minutes past 2012! #becomesocial #socbizSource:
  18. 18. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson The challenge is that although CMO’s understand the potential, they are unprepared how to handle the data explosion, social media, and growth of channel and device choices 88%Source: IBM CMO Study (2011)
  19. 19. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson The challenge is that Danish companies have not moved much from 2011 to 2012 in regards to their usage of Social Media “Afdækning af dansk erhvervslivs brug af web 2.0 teknologier med fokus på Sociale medier, Mobile (og APPS) & Cloud. Vi belyser, hvor i organisationen (både internt og eksternt) de nye værktøjer og dynamikker skaber mest værdi, og hvilke ressourcer der investeres. De 6 forretningsområder afdækket er; PR & Kommunikation, Salg & Marketing (inkl. web), Service & Support, Innovation (R&D, Produkt- & Procesudvikling), HR & Personaleudvikling, Organisation & Ledelse.”Source: MetroXpress, 25 april, 2012 | 2012
  20. 20. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson The challenge is that also CEO’s are poor at using Social Media in how they communicate with employees, partners, and customers. And 57% in 3-5 is not good enough!Source: and IBM CEO Study (2012)
  21. 21. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Understanding the potential of Social Business, and what needs to be in place to drive change, can only be learned by doing it your self. And leaders must be doing this as well!Source: and IBM CEO Study (2012)
  22. 22. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Sharing is like having sex or good food, well, almost… #becomesocial #socbizSource:
  23. 23. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson Depending on how you mix things together… Technology People Culture Change Behavior LeadershipSource:
  24. 24. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson … the result can either be very dull, fluffy, and without much energy.Source:
  25. 25. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson #becomesocial … or it can become the best damn cake you ever had! World: meet the Swedish Princess Cake. Enjoy!Source:
  26. 26. #becomesocial @chris_carlsson #becomesocial  5 steps to Social Business success LINK  Social Business from a LEAN perspective LINK  Social Business: Where Its Been & Where Its Going LINK  Porter’s Five Forces and Social Business LINK  Become Social LINK +45-28 80 45 53Source: Christian Carlsson