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Brochure booklet

  1. 1. PRODUCING THE Patient Experience contrastcreative
  2. 2. Seeking Satisfaction Healthcare is undergoing a dramatic transformation. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act and Value Based Purchasing, hospital payments are determined by quality of care rather than the volume of patients treated. Clinical Process of Care, Outcome and Efficiency are rated alongside the Patient Experience. For healthcare public relations and marketing professionals, the goals of improving work culture and connecting employees to patients have never been more pivotal. Now that the Patient Experience represents 30 percent of the Value Based Purchasing score, how are you keeping your patients satisfied? The Patient Experience significantly impacts your hospital s bottom line. 90 % Almost 90 percent of top healthcare executives say the Patient Experience is one of their top priorities. – 2009 HealthLeaders Media Patient Experience Survey
  3. 3. Creating Connections Improving communication throughout your organization is the key to elevating the Patient Experience. We believe that all parties striving for optimal communication can change healthcare for the better. Connecting employees to the purpose of their mission not only improves work culture, but also the Patient Experience. Encouraging employee engagement will increase patient engagement and satisfaction. Employees are your greatest brand ambassadors. But in today’s current environment, employees are being asked to do more with less, which can disconnect them from the patient. An employee who understands an organization’s mission, vision and values will develop a sense of purpose and form a greater connection to the patient. “Worldwide, four out of 10 employees are still not engaged.” –Aon Hewitt’s 2013 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Delivering patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Today, an informed patient is sitting squarely in the driver’s seat of her care. Understanding not only how your patients feel about their experience but also why they feel the way they do is vital to developing a successful Patient Experience initiative. We believe satisfaction begins with a healthcare organization’s workforce; the better the work culture, the more satisfied the patient.
  4. 4. Customizing Solutions Contrast Creative’s quest to improve healthcare began in 1998. As a medical communications firm, we partner with hospitals and other healthcare organizations, including AHRQ and the American Hospital Association, where we assist in the development of national patient safety programs. Review Goals Improve Communication Develop Strategies Deliver Results We’ve partnered with Duke University Hospital for four years on a progressive employee engagement program. We develop all branding and produce team and patient videos to connect employees to the hospital’s mission, vision and values. This in turn promotes engagement and satisfaction for both employees and patients. Employee Engagement Brand Patient Engagement Contrast Creative works closely with our clients to understand the employee, patient and family experience. Our communications team joins forces with a diverse group of healthcare leaders who serve as an advisory council and significantly benefit our work. Together, through discovery and thoughtful evaluation, we will help you identify short and long-term goals and develop a strategic communications plan in a quest to clear a pathway to your success. Our expertise lies in creating customized content solutions that communicate a clear message designed to motivate and inspire a certain action, perception and behavior in an effort to measurably improve work culture, patient safety, clinical quality and patient engagement.
  5. 5. “Most hospitals want to integrate efforts to improve work culture, patient safety, clinical quality and patient engagement; they just don’t know how to do it. The Contrast Creative team keeps up to date on the changing healthcare landscape, and they know how to research, collaborate and put the pieces together to produce results. They are a ‘high-performing team,’ and I always look forward to working with them on any project!” – Dr. Karen Frush Chief Patient Safety Officer Duke University Health System “Contrast Creative takes our initial concepts, runs them through their creative team and then breathes life into a good idea. The process is truly exciting.” – Lisa McDonald Director of Marketing The George Washington University Hospital “In a time when we all have to do more with less, Contrast Creative is a real value. The team asks the questions that matter about measurement and key metrics and then delivers a product that reaches our audience where they are. Contrast Creative understands the business of healthcare and has been an essential partner in changing and elevating the perception of our customers in our community.” – Tracy Grayzer Executive Director at Impact Alamance Cone Health
  6. 6. Producing the Patient Experience CONNECTING EMPLOYEES TO Mission Vision Motivating Engagement Values Delivering Satisfaction contrastcreative 2598 Highstone Road Cary, NC 27519 (919) 469-9151