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Strategic Planning Group Project Wiggs

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Strategic Planning Group Project Wiggs

  1. 1. Welcome! Clinic Coordinators and Surgeons April Meeting A Company You Can Trust
  2. 2. Refractive error
  3. 3. Our Mission • Specializing in medical and surgical eye treatment. • High Caliber Medical care in the areas of – Lasik Surgery – Cataract Surgery – Glaucoma Care – Corneal Care – Eyelid surgery – Retinal Care
  4. 4. History • Founded in 1985 in Chehalis, Washington – Dr. Robert O. Ford – Owner and CEO – “ I would like my organization to cast a positive light on the Creator of this marvelous machine—the human eye” • Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute is the story of a group of physicians who bring a human touch to the sophistication of eye surgery
  5. 5. Core Values Patient’s Family & Friends Patients and Families Support Honest and Forthright Involved In Care Medical Information PCLI Our Actions Environment Integrity Calm, Honesty Caring Courage Cheerful
  6. 6. Core Values True Success Efficient, Quality eye Doing the Right Thing care by professionals at For Right reason highest level PCLI Communicating Measure of Success Openly Complete Satisfaction Sharing Knowledge of Doctors
  7. 7. Vision Quality Care Skilled Co- Mutual Doctors management Trust Respect
  8. 8. Locations
  9. 9. Our Strengths • Good working relationship with ODs – Network of 150 referring physicians • Entrenched value system aligned with goals • View eye health as something more than material goods • Surgeons are versed in multiple techniques • Better results and higher quality than Canadian clinics • Dr. Ford is a leader in developing improved processes for eye surgery
  10. 10. Potential Growth • Large market for services • Large staff to provide services
  11. 11. Potential Improvements • Cost • Advertising • Number of clinics
  12. 12. External Assessment
  13. 13. Legislative/Political • Excimer lasers approved by the FDA October 1995 • FDA, AAO, and National Eye Institute release position statements and marketing guidelines for LASIK • FDA regulations restrict use of new medical devices in U.S. until appropriate clinical trials performed
  14. 14. Economic • Consumer driven health care service • Royalties due to manufacturer for use of LASIK devices • Favorable Canadian exchange rate • Typical PCLI customer pays between $1700 and $2000 per eye
  15. 15. Social/Demographic • PCLI network of 150 family optometric physicians • 150 million Americans wear corrective eyewear • Service region population of nearly 6.5 million people
  16. 16. Technological • Advancing laser technology • Eye tracking system developed by Dr. Ford • “Mobile” technology allowing centers to expand market share • Custom LASIK technologies
  17. 17. Competitor Analysis
  18. 18. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Eye Consultants •Wide Range of Services •No LASIK Focus Spokane, WA •Continuity •Limited LASIK Procedures •Convenience •Below Cost Pricing Empire Eye •Specialty Surgery Center •No basic eye care services Spokane, WA •Local Surgeon •Rely on Referrals TLC Laser Eye Centers, Inc •Largest LASIK provider in US •No Basic Eye Care Ontario and Seattle, WA •Partnership with VSP’s •Weaker Regional Presence •Employee Discounts Laser Vision Centers •Mobile Lasers •No Basic Eye Care St Louis, MS •Presence in Rural Areas •Weak Regional Presence LASIK Vision Corporation •Canadian and US Presence •“Price War” Vancouver, BC •Rapid Expansion •High Volume, Lacks PCLI “Patient- •Lower Cost Centered” Focus •Avoid Royalties Lexington Laser Vision •Aggressive Advertising •Long waits Vancouver, BC •Fast Access to Developing •Far traveling distance Technology •Poor patient follow-up
  19. 19. TOWS: Main Points • Internal Weaknesses • External Threats – Cost – Canada – Advertising – Local competitors – Number of clinics – FDA
  20. 20. Our Weaknesses • ODs serve as gatekeepers to surgery • Cost of procedures is higher than competitors • Limited operating days for surgery • Practice area is diverse – Equipment needs for diverse practice area • PCLI currently only conducts minimal advertising
  21. 21. Fix-Its • Alliances • Emphasis on quality • Managed care packages • Marketing • Pricing • Expand days
  22. 22. Objectives and Strategies
  23. 23. Increase PCLI’s Referring Physician Base By 20% By Fy20xxq2 • Establish relationships with Vision Service Plans (VSP) • Raise awareness of PCLI amongst local ODs
  24. 24. Increase LASIK Patients By 10% By Fy20xxq4 • Market and promote services, location, brand attributes (quality, expertise, etc.) to potential patients • Align with managed care plans to offer patient discounts • Leverage current relationships with ODs to offer incentives for referrals • Integrate mobile services into PCLI’s offerings • Leverage satisfied patients for marketing efforts
  25. 25. Reduce Operating Costs By 5% Fy20xxq3 • Leverage increased patient base to negotiate lower prices from suppliers • Evaluate role of internal OD as surgery gatekeeper • Maximize use of equipment at each clinic • Re-evaluate the use of company jets/centralize procedures
  26. 26. Achieve 55% Market Share By Fy20xxq4 • Develop new package-based pricing structure • Educate Washington state residents on quality and safety issues surrounding LASIK surgery • Maintain integrity of PLCI’s core values
  27. 27. Tactics
  28. 28. Q2 20XX
  29. 29. Q3 20XX
  30. 30. Q4 20XX
  31. 31. Website Enhancements
  32. 32. Implementation Plan Solicit Plan Feedback at Clinic Coordinator & Surgeon Monthly Meeting Measure & Communicate Communicate Plan at Progress & Successes “All Staff” Meeting Establish & Communicate Goals, Roles & Obtain Final Plan Responsibilities of Each Approval Implementation Member
  33. 33. Contingency Plan • Consolidate LASIK services • Increase local marketing • Stress quality by focusing on outcomes

Editor's Notes

  • Left Click to open hyperlink. Various videos to select from other than refractive error.
  • PCLI has offices are primarily located in Washington State- with offices in Believue, Bellingham, Chehalis, Kennewick, Olympia, Sliverdale, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Yakima. PCLI also had offices surrounding states with offices in Anchorage Alaska, Boise and Lewiston, Idaho, Great Falls, Montana, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Portland and Tualatin, Oregon.
  • Todd, Brian, Eliana, KellyI lost Lindas Intro slides
  • KP – GET ACTUAL PRICES OUT OF CASE Internal Strengths - PCLI has one of the countries leading experts in LASIK in Dr. Ford. Surgeons have higher success rates and lower complication rates than Canadian peers. PCLI has strong values and believes in caring for the patients – not just making money. Internal Weaknesses – cost is higher than competitors, we do not advertise and our competitors advertise heavily, especially the Canadian clinics. We have a large number of clinics and perhaps LASIK services are not provided in enough of them. Internal Opportunities – there is a large market in which to draw patients. Many doctors who specialize in various services. External Threats – Hard to compete with price in Canada, many local competitors, FDA is slow to approve new technology
  • Align with ODs to market to their clients. Stress quality outcomes of our surgeons and this differentiates us from our competitors. Align with managed care vision plan providers to market packages to their members. Increase marketing in local market aimed at convincing patients to stay in local area for surgery. Evaluate whether or not we can reduce our prices without sacrificing quality. If we cannot, consider package pricing for services. Consider expanding locations/days of LASIK services available.
  • If it is not possible to partner with vision care plans or to reduce our prices in order to continue to provide quality, then we can consolidate LASIK services in a few locations to reduce costs. If we cannot compete with the prices in Canada, we can advertise locally to stress quality and convenience of locations. Stress the positive outcomes and the lower complications rates of our surgeons.