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Pennsbury Manor

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Pennsbury Manor

  1. 1. Pennsbury Manor A Virtual Field Trip A Project By: Courtney Burford Aly McBryar Kate Buehler Aubrey Ferraro Dan Andrejeski4/24/2008
  2. 2. Visitors Center A good starting place, the visitors center is a modern building with restrooms, information and a gift shop.4/24/2008
  3. 3. 4/24/2008
  4. 4. The Barge House Penn and family often traveled to Philadelphia in his barge. It was approximately a 5 hour trip. The barge house also features several informative diagrams like the example above.4/24/2008
  5. 5. 4/24/2008
  6. 6. Joyner Shop Carpenters worked in the Joyners shop to make and repair wooden goods. The joyner made tables, shelves, and window frames.4/24/2008
  7. 7. Ice House This building next to the Joyner shop stored river ice from the winter far into the summertime.4/24/2008
  8. 8. Another small outbuilding,next to the ice house. This was Smoke House where the servants smoked meats. Smoking the meat preserved it and gave it flavor. 4/24/2008
  9. 9. Servant House This small building housed the outdoor servants and their families. Beds in Penns time were suspended byropes, tightened by a crank.4/24/2008
  10. 10. 4/24/2008
  11. 11. Wood Shed Wood was chopped and stored here. Firewood played an important role because it was used for winter warmth and for year round cooking and household duties.4/24/2008
  12. 12. 4/24/2008
  13. 13. Kitchen Garden This garden provided herbs, vegetables, and fruit for the whole manor. Some examples are lavender, corn, apples, etc. 4/24/2008
  14. 14. 4/24/2008
  15. 15. Bake and Brew House In this important outbuilding, servants prepared food and goods. Here we see soap preparation. In Penns time it was customary to wash most things about once in six months. That includes washing clothes and taking baths.4/24/2008
  16. 16. Bake and Brew HouseChocolate, beer, pies, roasts, breads, and stews were also made here. 4/24/2008
  17. 17. 4/24/2008
  18. 18. Delaware RiverFlooding from the river fertilized the fields. The river also provided fish for food. The river providedtransport for both cargo vessels and passenger transportation.4/24/2008
  19. 19. 4/24/2008
  20. 20. Formal Gardens This garden served as an outdoor room for the Penn family. A highly ornate and decorative garden was also a sign of wealth.4/24/2008
  21. 21. Manor House The manor house was built in 1682. It was home to Penn, his family, and half a dozen servants. Penn would only live here for two years before he was forced to return to England.4/24/2008
  22. 22. Manor House – First Floor Below: A parlor where guests could wait. The green tiles in the fireplace are original. Above: Penns withdrawing room. He would go here to conduct private business, or escape the noise of the house. 4/24/2008
  23. 23. Manor House – First Floor Left: Best parlor, where Hannah Penn served tea and entertained.Right: The Dining Hall or Great Hall. Where Penn and visitors ate. When Penn was away, the servants would eat here.4/24/2008
  24. 24. 4/24/2008
  25. 25. Manor House – Second Floor Below: The guestbedroom. Bright colors were used to showwealth to Penn’s guests. Above: The nursery where the baby - ‘John the American’ would have slept.4/24/2008
  26. 26. Manor House – Second Floor Above: Lettia Penn’s bedroom.4/24/2008
  27. 27. Manor House – Second Floor Here is the master bedroom. Complete with curling scissors, wig stand and chamber pot.4/24/2008
  28. 28. AnimalsPenn had oxen, sheep, peacocks, horses, chickens, and other various farm animals. Some were for labor, some for food. 4/24/2008
  29. 29. The Barn The barn housed all the animals, and thesurrounding fences were designed to keep the animals away from thehouse. Outside the fence they wandered free.4/24/2008
  30. 30. Blacksmith Shop The blacksmiths were skilled metalworkers who fixed and made things on the manor includinghooks, tools, wheels, etc. The blacksmiths shop was next to the barn 4/24/2008 and they worked outside year round.
  31. 31. THE END4/24/2008