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Lenten Meditation


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Begin Lenten season with a personal meditation

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Lenten Meditation

  1. 1. Lenten Meditation
  2. 2. Where is God in your life?
  3. 3. God calls us all to understand our purpose in life … what is yours?
  4. 4. What is it that you desire … in becoming the person God created you to be?
  5. 5. Put yourself in God’s presence – open the door of your heart.
  6. 6. What arises from your heart as you begin this Lenten journey?
  7. 7. Refreshing your soul with God time?
  8. 8. Smoothing the rough edges of who you are?
  9. 9. Treating people as sacred each day?
  10. 10. Ask God for grace to be this person…
  11. 11. … practice patience with self, learn, let go, do not judge
  12. 12. In moments of awareness of God what does this teach you of living mindfully?
  13. 13. We are not alone, give praise in all things.