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1st year technical graphics


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1st year technical graphics

  1. 1. 1 st Year Technical Graphics
  2. 2. Introduction• Every drawing must have a border and title block• The border frames your drawings and improves the overall appearance.• It should be drawn using your HB pencil• Your title block should contain – The school name – Your name – The title of the drawing – The date and the drawing number
  3. 3. Page Border & Title Block
  4. 4. Construction lines• We use lines called construction lines to build up any drawing• Your finished drawing should be the darkest thing on the page• Your construction lines will be light lines which are draw first to give you a base for a drawing• Guide lines which we use for lettering are also light
  5. 5. Lettering/printing• All lettering will be done freehand using guidelines 4mm apart• It should be neat, clear and easy to read
  6. 6. Page Border & Title Block
  7. 7. CAO Logo
  8. 8. CAO Logo
  9. 9. Facebook logo
  10. 10. Facebook logo
  11. 11. Ski resort logo
  12. 12. Ski resort logo
  13. 13. Ski resort logo
  14. 14. Ski resort logo
  15. 15. Inclined lines• Your set squares can be used to draw lines at 45,60,30 and 90 degrees• Shown below are examples of how you draw inclined line
  16. 16. • Question 1:The Mitsubishi logo shown below has become one of the most widely used logos in the world. The basic shape is an equilateral triangle of side 150mm. Draw the logo
  17. 17. • Question 2: make a full size drawing of the Renault logo shown below. The inclined lines are at 60⁰
  18. 18. Question 3• Make a full-size drawing of the road direction sign shown in the figure below. Use a 45° set square to draw the inclined lines.
  19. 19. • Question 4: The figure below shows a drawing of the logo used by EA Games. Make a drawing of this design, showing all construction lines.
  20. 20. Question 1• Shown is the logo for the BMW car company. Draw the given logo
  21. 21. Circles: BMW logo
  22. 22. Question 1• Show is the logo for the mini cooper car company. Draw the given logo.
  23. 23. Circles: Mini Cooper logo