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A Tactical Approach to Delivering a Digital Strategy


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This presentation outlines the importance and impact of developing, delivering and sustaining a digital strategy within a cultural organisation. It uses recent experiences at the National Gallery, London, UK, and the Imperial War Museums, UK, to demonstrate why having a strategy is so fundamental to the long-term success of digital development, and how it can be used as a driver to shape direction for a strategic programme of work that is aligned with organisational needs and priorities.

Read more: Navigating The Bumpy Road: A Tactical Approach To Delivering A Digital Strategy |

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A Tactical Approach to Delivering a Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Navigating the Bumpy Road:A Tactical Approach to Delivering a Digital Strategy Charlotte Sexton, The National Gallery, London Carolyn Royston, Imperial War Museums, UK
  2. 2. Setting the context…
  3. 3. IWM Collection• Oldest film archive in the UK• Second largest sound archive after the BBC• Over 11 million photographs• Second largest contemporary art collection in the UK after Tate• Millions of documents, diaries, papers• 140,000 large objects
  4. 4. Yes we are different but…
  5. 5. Why should digital be central toorganisational planning?
  6. 6. Developing the strategy… AdultLearning Scientific Officer Head of Comms Collections Curator of And Dutch Marketing paintings Director Visitor Service s
  7. 7. Manage the management © IWM NAM 237
  8. 8. How to move from theory to practice?
  9. 9. It’s a long haul – how to keep thestrategy alive• Keep involving staff in digital activity – e.g. o Analytics group of stakeholders o Digital content editorial group developing content plan across all digital channels o Delivering in-house workshop for staff to improve digital literacyNG: o Communicating progress to the whole organisation o Starting to plan for an editorial group focusing initially on the Media channel
  10. 10. The work never ends© IWM Art.IWM ART LD 2850
  11. 11. The last word• Digital strategy can act as a catalyst for change• It provides a vision, a framework and a way of working• It provides an incentive to deliver on time and to budget• It has been a springboard for digital development within our organisations and a driver for positive change
  12. 12. Contact details Carolyn Royston @caro_ft Charlotte Sexton