Desso Interiors (volume II)


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Desso Interiors Volume II

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Desso Interiors (volume II)

  1. 1. The Floor is YoursTHE INTERIORSVolume II
  2. 2. DESSO, THE INTERIORS - CaSES pER SEgmENT CaSE NR.BANKSBNp paribas, Paris, France 1Barclays, Milan, Italy 21EDUCATIONBasisschool ‘t Twalûk, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands 2Dr. aletta Jacobscollege, Hoogezand, The Netherlands 13Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom 26HEALTHCArEHarborough Field Surgery, Harborough, United Kingdom 14HOSPITALITYDolce la Hulpe, Brussels, Belgium 5marriott Renaissance Hotel, Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A. 6Hotel Vincci, Barcelona, Spain 18OFFICEUCB Hypotheek, rotterdam, The Netherlands 3mma HQ, Le Mans, France 8Sanoma, Budapest, Hungary 9Kinderbijslag, Brussels, Belgium 10Townhall du mans, Le Mans, France 11Nestlé, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 12West Lindsey District Council, Lincoln, United Kingdom 15mosae Forum, Maastricht, The Netherlands 19philips Eclairage, Lyon, France 20Cofidis Hispania, Corneliá de Llobregat, Spain 23al Reyami Headquarters, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 25Stadgenoot, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 27PUBLIC SPACEOpenbare Bibliotheek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 4Deutsche National Bibliothek, Frankfurt, Germany 16National Space Center UK, Leicester, United Kingdom 17moody’s, Moscow, russia 22Steelcase, Paris, France 23rETAILThe Fashion Store, Aarschot, Belgium 7
  3. 3. bNp 1 pa R I b a S
  4. 4. BNP ParibasSegment: BanksLocation: Paris, FranceProduct Details: Libra Lines (2924), 5000m2Architect/ Designer: Claude Vasconi, Vasconi Associés ArchitectesFlooring Contractor: Europasol, Saint Maur
  5. 5. 2baSISScHOOl ‘T T walûk
  6. 6. B a s i s s c h o o l ‘ t Tw a l û kSegment: EducationLocation: Leeuwarden, The NetherlandsProduct Details: Sienna (various colours), 1000m2Architect/ Designer: Dick de JongFlooring Contractor: NVB Vermeulen
  7. 7. ucb 3 HypOTHEEk
  8. 8. UCB HypotheekSegment: OfficeLocation: rotterdam, The NetherlandsProduct Details: Scape (9091, 9095, 9512), 900m2Architect/ Designer: Ideal ProjectsFlooring Contractor: Technospace, Wilrijk
  9. 9. 4OpENbaRE bIblIOTHEEkamSTE R dam
  10. 10. Openbare BibliotheekAmsterdamSegment: EducationLocation: Amsterdam, The NetherlandsProduct Details: Lita (9990), 10000m2Architect/ Designer: Jo Coenen & Co ArchitectenFlooring Contractor: Seco, Breda
  11. 11. 5dOlcE la HulpE
  12. 12. Dolce la HulpeSegment: HospitalityLocation: Brussels, BelgiumProduct Details: Manhattan (9112), 1000m2Architect/ Designer: Christophe Erkens, Exode ArchitectureFlooring Contractor: CVB, Denée
  13. 13. 6maRRIOTT RENaISSaNcE HOTEl
  14. 14. Marriott Renaissance HotelSegment: HospitalityLocation: Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A.Product Details: Axminster (various colours), 15180m2Architect/ Designer: Design Directions InternationalFlooring Contractor: Doster Construction
  15. 15. 7T H E faS H I O N STORE
  16. 16. The Fashion StoreSegment: retailLocation: Aarschot, BelgiumProduct Details: Scape (9095), 1200m2Flooring Contractor: Bourgeois Deco Contractors, Lebbeke
  17. 17. mma 8H E adq ua R TE R S
  18. 18. MMA HeadquartersSegment: OfficeLocation: Le Mans, FranceProduct Details: Sienna 4000m², Libra Lines 1000 m², Artform 700 m²Architect/ Designer: ArchitourFlooring Contractor: Ouest Peinture/ Vallée
  19. 19. 9SaNOma
  20. 20. SanomaSegment: OfficeLocation: Budapest, HungaryProduct Details: Libra Grooves (2924), 14000m2Architect/ Designer: Mrs. Krisztina Mádi, Mádi StúdióFlooring Contractor: Cera
  21. 21. 10k I NdE R b IjSl ag
  22. 22. KinderbijslagSegment: OfficeLocation: Brussels, BelgiumProduct Details: Libra Lines (9022), 6000m2Architect/ Designer: PartenaFlooring Contractor: Erde Sol
  23. 23. 11TOwN Hall du m a N S
  24. 24. To w n H a l l D u M a n sSegment: OfficeLocation: Le Mans, FranceProduct Details: Precious Metals Stream (2072), 700m2Architect/ Designer: Henry BernardFlooring Contractor: SPMM
  25. 25. 12NESTlé
  26. 26. NestléSegment: OfficeLocation: Amsterdam, The NetherlandsProduct Details: Libra Lines (8801), 3500m2Architect/ Designer: Alternative, Loenen a/d VechtFlooring Contractor: Inza Vlaardingen
  27. 27. 13d R . a l E T TajacO bScOllEgE
  28. 28. D r. A l e t t a J a c o b s c o l l e g eSegment: EducationLocation: Hoogezand, The NetherlandsProduct Details: Cassini (special), 8000m2Architect/ Designer: Kraaijvanger UrbisFlooring Contractor: Abeln Groep, Almelo
  29. 29. 14HaRbOROugHfIEld SuRgERy
  30. 30. Harborough Field SurgerySegment: HealthcareLocation: Harborough, United KingdomProduct Details: Libra Planks, Pallas
  31. 31. 15wEST lINdSEydISTRIcT cOuNcIl
  32. 32. West Li nd seyDistrict CouncilSegment: OfficeLocation: Lincoln, United KingdomProduct Details: Manhattan (8851, 9980, 3901), 3500m2Architect/ Designer: Dalby DevelopmentsFlooring Contractor: Wood-Mitchell Building Group
  33. 33. 16dEuTScHE N aT I O N a l bIblIOTHEk
  34. 34. Deutsche National BibliothekSegment: Public SpaceLocation: Frankfurt, GermanyProduct Details: Wilton Profile (9501), 4000m2Architect/ Designer: Hessisches BaumanagementFlooring Contractor: reiner Mönke, Usingen
  35. 35. 17N aT I O N a lSpacE cENTRE uk
  36. 36. National Space Centre UKSegment: Public SpaceLocation: Leicester, United KingdomProduct Details: Torso, PalatinoFlooring Contractor: Bradbury Flooring
  37. 37. 18HOTEl VINccI
  38. 38. Hotel VincciSegment: HospitalityLocation: Barcelona, SpainProduct Details: Precious Metals Sparkle (2026), 115m2Architect/ Designer: Judith LópezFlooring Contractor: Alterra
  39. 39. 19mOSaE fORum
  40. 40. Mosae ForumSegment: OfficeLocation: Maastricht, The NetherlandsProduct: Wilton Metallic (9900-173), 1100m2Architect/ Designer: Jo Coenen & Co ArchitectenFlooring Contractor: Willems Project & Woningstoffering
  41. 41. 20pHIlIpS Ecl a I R agE
  42. 42. Philips EclairageSegment: OfficeLocation: Lyon, FranceProduct Details: Wilton Metallic (9900-175, 9900-171)Flooring Contractor: LMS
  43. 43. 21b a R c l ay S
  44. 44. BarclaysSegment: BanksLocation: Milan, ItalyProduct Details: Freestyle (9095), 4650m2Architect/ Designer: Corrado Caruso, MilanFlooring Contractor: Biesse, Milan
  45. 45. 22m O O dy ´ S
  46. 46. Mood y´sSegment: Public SpaceLocation: Moscow, russiaProduct Details: Libra Grooves (9501), 800m2Architect/ Designer: Swanke Hayden ConnellFlooring Contractor: Smart Company
  47. 47. 23cOfIdIS H I S pa N I a
  48. 48. Cofidis HispaniaSegment: OfficeLocation: Corneliá de Llobregat, SpainProduct: Tempra (8101, 2111), 7120m2Flooring Contractor: Alterra
  49. 49. 24STEElcaSE
  50. 50. SteelcaseSegment: Public SpaceLocation: Paris, FranceProduct Details: Precious Metals Stream (9980), 1500m2Architect/ Designer: Omen, Mrs. Florence SautierFlooring Contractor: LM Decor
  51. 51. 25 a l R E ya m IH E adq ua R TE R S
  52. 52. Al Reyami HeadquartersSegment: OfficeLocation: Dubai, United Arab EmiratesProduct Details: Libra Lines, Wilton Metallic, total 6500m2Architect/ Designer: Interior Designer Shameer PA
  53. 53. 26Ox f O R d uNIVERSITy
  54. 54. Oxford UniversitySegment: EducationLocation: Oxford, United KingdomProduct Details: Scape (9980,) 200m2, Scape (9023), 500m2Architect/ Designer: Nightingale Associates, HarwellPhotographer: Nikhilesh Haval © (
  55. 55. 27S Ta d g E N O O T
  56. 56. StadgenootSegment: OfficeLocation: Amsterdam, The NetherlandsProduct Details: Axminster (11-row, special design and colours), 800m2Designer: Barbara BroekmanPhotographer: Gert Jan van rooij
  57. 57. CaSE STUDIES pER pRODUCT CaSE NR.aRTFORm mma HQ, Le Mans, France 8axmINSTER marriott Renaissance Hotel, Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A. 6 Stadgenoot, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 27CaSSINI Dr. aletta Jacobscollege, Hoogezand, The Netherlands 13FREESTyLE Barclays, Milan, Italy 21LIBRa gROOVES Sanoma, Budapest, Hungary 9 moody’s, Moscow, russia 22LIBRa LINES BNp paribas, Paris, France 1 mma HQ, Le Mans, France 8 Kinderbijslag, Brussels, Belgium 10 Nestlé, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 12 al Reyami Headquarters, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 25LIBRa pLaNKS Harborough Field Surgery, Harborough, United Kingdom 14LITa Openbare Bibliotheek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 4maNHaTTaN Dolce la Hulpe, Brussels, Belgium 5 West Lindsey District Council, Lincoln, United Kingdom 15paLaTINO UK National Space Center, Leicester, United Kingdom 17paLLaS Harborough Field Surgery, Harborough, United Kingdom 14pRECIOUS mETaLS SpaRKLE Hotel Vincci, Barcelona, Spain 18pRECIOUS mETaLS STREam Townhall du mans, Le Mans, France 11 Steelcase, Paris, France 23SCapE The Fashion Store, Aarschot, Belgium 7 UCB Hypotheek, rotterdam, The Netherlands 3 Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom 26SIENNa Basisschool ‘t Twalûk, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands 2 mma HQ, Le Mans, France 8TEmpRa Cofidis Hispania, Corneliá de Llobregat, Spain 23TORSO National Space Center UK, Leicester, United Kingdom 17WILTON mETaLLIC mosae Forum, Maastricht, The Netherlands 19 philips Eclairage, Lyon, France 20 al Reyami Headquarters, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 25WILTON pROFILE Deutsche National Bibliothek, Frankfurt, Germany 16 THE INTErIOrS® - Copyright DESSO © 2009 - Concept and Design by
  58. 58. About DESSODESSO has been manufacturing and marketing carpet for almost 80 years, and during that time it has earned a fine reputation as a reliable partnerand creative designer. Today, it has two factories in Europe and specialist customer service centres throughout Europe, as well as in America, Asia,South Africa, the Middle East and Australia. CArPETECTUrE® is a powerful example of the DESSO commitment to creative carpet design and itsdedication to answer the needs of architects, interior designers, building owners, and end users. DESSO products can be found in offices, publicbuildings, banks, schools, universities, retail shops, and hospitals. Among its many highly valued customers are distinguished companies such asFortis, ABN AMrO, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Allianz, Starwood Hotels, Marriott Hotels, regus, KLM, Virgin Atlantic and many more.Corporate Responsibility/ Cradle to CradleDESSO has been taking measures to safeguard the environment for many years – long before it became popular to do so. With an ISO 14001environmental quality accreditation, regular on-site checks by independent institutes ensure the best possible environmental production methods.In addition, every DESSO carpet and carpet tile carries a unique GUT test number that proves it passes GUT tests for contamination and emission.We also have several initiatives for re-using carpet tiles to ease the burden on landfill, and our ongoing research programme for environmentalawareness and recycling covers both product and packaging. DESSO continuously seeks to improve the environmental attributes of our productsthrough product design development programmes whilst our manufacturing plants evaluate energy use and a continuous reduction in waste andpollution as well as process improvement.For more information visit: The Floor is Yours