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  1. 1. ABETINTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY 23 correspondence MBA programs, in Information Technology Business Administration Engineering
  2. 2. What are our cost?Four and Half Months MBA , US$ 490.00 total One Year MBA, US$ 980.00 total And no extra expenses! And in 35 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish,
  3. 3. Why Our Low Cost?Do not believe that a MBA should be obligatorily of long duration! We arenot a "cheap" University, the main reasons that explain our low cost are:1. Our high Academic automation  (Unique in the World!), that include ourrevolutionary Semantic Content Analysis by computer, the result of our 17 years work in his research and creation. We are the first University ofthis kind in the entire world,2. Our high Education automation. The paper handling of all lessons arehighly automated,3. Our teachers by Telecommuter, our virtual team,  defined as a teamwhere members work together from remote geographical locations of theentire World,4. The readiness of the Web,5. We are a non profit organization,6. We include small advertises in our lessons, in order to offer very lowcosts to our students, but by ethic reasons we do not include anyadvertise texts in our lesson texts.
  4. 4. Information Technology With Nine MBA MBA of Chief Information Officer CIO MBA of Customer Relationship Management CRM MBA of Enterprise Resources Planning ERP MBA of Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI MBA of Virtualization & Cloud Computing Management MBA of Voip Telephony System Management MBA of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management SCM MBA of Business Automation & Workflow Management MBA of Information Technology Security Management
  5. 5. Business Administration With Ten MBA MBA of Business Administration & e-Company MBA of International Trade Management MBA of Public Administration & e-Government MBA of Project Management PM EMBA Executive Business Administration MBA of Human Resources Management HR MBA of Finance Management MBA of Hospital & Health Management MBA of Hotel & Tourism Management MBA of Internet Marketing & Sales
  6. 6. Engineering With Four MBAMBA of Software EngineeringMBA of Civil EngineeringMBA of Electrical EngineeringMBA of Mechanical Engineering
  7. 7. Benefits for EmployeesCareer advancement, personal improvement,higher earnings, and increased on-the-jobproductivity.Job-role Diploma enhances an individuals careerby demonstrating to employers ones readiness toperform the tasks required for real jobs today .Obtaining an industry-recognized professionalDiploma validates an individuals competence in aset of job-role skills.Add industry-recognized credentials to yourresume.
  8. 8. Benefits for EmployersEmployers get peace of mind that at a minimum, theiremployee have a solid grasp of the technology inquestion.Provide employers with standardized criteria forscreening, hiring and/or advancing employees within anorganization.Validate to employers an individuals job skills at variouslevels of advancement.Provide a baseline measurement of these job skills.
  9. 9. MBA in the near future New MBA that will be launchedMBA of Systems & Computer EngineeringMBA of Petroleum & Oil EngineeringMBA of Architecture ManagementMBA of Chemical EngineeringMBA of Urban EngineeringMBA of Political Sciences
  10. 10. Our 9,000 lessons The excellent level of our lessonsIn 44% of our lessons we use the lectures notes from theCourseWare Department of the elite university MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology, as used byseveral elite World Universities, complemented by 56% ofour lessons.In some of our Business Administration courses, we usealso lectures from the world famous MIT Sloan School ofManagement.
  11. 11. We are the Worldleader in MBA Online Programs As we are pioneers inNext-Generation MBACorrespondence MBALow Cost (almost free) MBAAcademic Automation (Unique in the World!)Education AutomationOur Teachers are of the World (By Telecommuter)