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Evolution of the television!!!!!


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This is a powerpoint made

Published in: Education
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Evolution of the television!!!!!

  1. 1. By: Tony Sorrentino and Claire Brady g
  2. 2.  The television is an invention that over 98.5% of American families have in their house today.  The TV is mostly used for entertainment. It also shows news that informs people what is happening locally and around the world.  The TV is also one of the biggest advertisers using commercials in between shows.
  3. 3.  In 1862 Abbe Giovanna Caselli invents his Pantelegraph and becomes the first person to transmit a still image over wires.  Then in 1906 Lee de Forest built a vacuum tube that worked in the first mechanical working television.  In 1940 Peter Goldmark invents the first color television with 343 lines of revolution. mdbBE/SnbaAXS5BiI/AAAAAAAAA Ms/LlB9mBleYVc/s400/tv.jpg http://www.antique s/lee1950.jpg
  4. 4.  In 1948 cable television was introduced in Pennsylvania.  In 1981 NHK demonstrates the HDTV which had 1,125 lines of revolution.  In 1992 the first 21-inch full color plasma TV was introduced  In 2010 the first 3-D televisions were put on the market.
  5. 5.  From when the first television was made by Lee de Forest, there has been many changes and improvements to it.  After the TV was first invented, in 1936, coaxial cable was invented to transmit television signals.  The first TV started out with black and white pictures until 1940 when the first color TV was built.  Later on in 1948 cable became available to people that owned televisions. This provided them with more channels to view.
  6. 6.  Then finally in 1956 the first remote control was made for the TV that was made with wires. The only problem was that the wires would not work in sunlight.  Later the first HDTV was made for viewers to get a better and higher quality image.  And in 2010 the first 3D TVs were sold letting viewers watch their programs in 3D.
  7. 7.  Contains a lot of lead  Many LCD TVs use lamps that contain mercury so they are harder to dispose of.  People don’t know how to dispose of televisions properly. Now there is a big concern about electronic waste.  The newer TVs are requiring more electrical power to run. 2/11/if-youre-looking-for-your-first- hdtv/ jpg
  8. 8.  More people are becoming less active and obese because of TVs. Instead of exercising more people are staying home and watching television.  TV can influence the way people think, and manipulate their decisions.  Children are becoming more obese and lazy. In 1963, 4.5% of children ages 6 to 11 were seriously overweight; by 2009, this percentage had more than tripled.  TV influences a lot of violence to viewers in shows and movies. 80% of Hollywood executives think there is a link between TV violence and real-life violence. e-video-should-you-care/
  9. 9. jpg 00px.jpg http://www.220-
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