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  1. 1. ESTEEM Program Engineering, Science andBusiness Basics: Tip of the Iceberg Steve Hayes and Barb “Pete” Pietraszewski, Business Librarians & Carol Brach, Engineering Librarian August 17, 2012
  2. 2. Business Librarians Stephen Hayes Pete PietraszewskiEntrepreneurial Spirit Endowed Business Librarian Business Librarian & Director,Thomas Mahaffey, Jr. Business Information Center The BIC is here and we CAN help 2
  3. 3. Engineering and Science LibrariansCarol Brach Parker Ladwig Thurston MillerEngineering Librarian Life Sciences Librarian Chemistry-Physics Librarian The Engineering and Science Libraries are here and we CAN 3 help
  4. 4. Hesburgh Library Fitzpatrick HallCollege of Business Nieuwland Hall 4
  5. 5. Set up Interlibrary Loan account, “My Account”, “RefWorks” account 5
  6. 6. Basic basic basic……………Use secondary literature sources for increasing yourvocabulary.Examples: Google, Google Scholar, Wikipedia, handbooks(Knovel), for more info ask the experts.Search Google Scholar with proxy for: “extracellular matrix adjuvant”Search Google for “portable PCR” 6
  7. 7. Introducing the Research Strategy Worksheet Introducing Citation Management Refworks“Explanation of the science and/orengineering that is the basis of this thesis” The Literature Review 7
  8. 8. Web of Science --all subjectsSciFinder --Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc.PubMed --all things Medical*Compendex –Engineering*use proxy We CAN help 8
  9. 9.• Key BIC Webpage content areas you should know about: • Business Resources A-Z • E-journal Locator (“e-Journals” tab) • ESTEEM Research Guide The BIC is here and we CAN help 9
  10. 10. • ESTEEM• Computer Science and Engineering• Civil Engineering• Datasets and Statistics• Nanotechnology• Global Health• Patents 10
  11. 11. • Biochemistry• Biology and Life Sciences• Biomedical Engineering• Civil Engineering• Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering• Computer Engineering• Electrical Engineering• Engineering• Global Health• Science & Technology 11
  12. 12. • BIC Home Page• Engineering Library Homepage• Chemistry/Physics Library Homepage• Mathematics Library Homepage 12
  13. 13. 13