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100625 cc jocelyn cunningham


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100625 cc jocelyn cunningham

  1. 1. 21st century enlightenment Citizen Power Peterborough Everyday Citizenship Sam McLean Director of Public Participation Head of Citizen Power
  2. 2. 21st century enlightenment Getting started
  3. 3. Getting started 21st century enlightenment 3 month scoping study of local needs: Extensive literature review Local strategies and public opinion data Academic and public policy research on place-shaping Creative public participation approaches Deliberative research 5 x workshops Local people, community groups and third sector organisations In-depth interviews 35 x discussions Senior decision-makers across public and third sectors
  4. 4. 21st century enlightenment Peterborough What we found
  5. 5. Place of potential… 21st century enlightenment cultural fast growing diversity city reputation for environmental sustainability dynamic committed to leadership change
  6. 6. … but with challenges 21st century enlightenment attachment to where participation in people live community life trust + networks public service innovation between people
  7. 7. 21st century enlightenment The Citizen Power Peterborough Our approach
  8. 8. What are we doing? 21st century enlightenment Cultivating the conditions for citizen activism and community power to flourish in order to: Build on the potential of the city and its people Overcome some of the challenges they face Main funders: Peterborough City Council and Arts Council England
  9. 9. 21st century enlightenment The practice Our approach
  10. 10. Citizen Power in action 21st century enlightenment Sustainable Citizenship Local people developing their own solutions to environmental behaviour change and innovation Building Recovery Capital Establishing a recovery community that will help to initiate, support and sustain recovery from substance misuse Peterborough Curriculum Peterborough designing their own curriculum, connecting what young people learn in school with where they live and making education a community issue Civic Commons New forum bringing together citizens, leading local figures and high profile speakers to inspire local civic action
  11. 11. Citizen Power in action 21st century enlightenment Arts and Social Change Exploring how creativity and arts can be used to build attachment, participation and innovation at the community level Making Social Media Social Transparent, open-source policy-making, and building new social networks Civic Health Audit A fresh approach and tool helping communities and places assess and improve civic health in their area
  12. 12. Success factors / Project 21st century challenges enlightenment Mass collaboration Shifting culture Maximising local assets + Making sure innovation is progress made locally embedded Long-term funding/ Local buy-in Commitment Citizens, community groups and front-line workers Strong local leadership People focus Cross-organisational Drivers not passengers Partnerships Aligning priorities