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I walk through what I feel are the top 10 features in SharePoint 2013. I presented this to the Triad SharePoint User Group and was focused on features that I felt the audience would be most interested in and would be adopting immediately with the roll out of SharePoint 2013.

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  • CloudShare
  • Anytime you sync a SharePoint site for offline you use “SkyDrive Pro”Anytime you use your personal live account you use “SkyDrive”
  • If SkyDrive is the most confusing then Tasks is the most awesome
  • CloudShare
  • 1)What does “owner” mean?What can a owner do that a contributor can’t?2)Who can see these documents?How can I be sure?Can you run a report for me?3)As IT, we typically create groups and train the users where to put new users but they only do what they are told. They rarely understand why and almost never understand the underlying permission model.4)You can only request access if you have no access at allNot obvious way to ask for additional access
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  • Population, 2011 estimate311,591,917
  • Cloud Share
  • CloudShare
  • *Requires Office Web Apps which requires additional hardware now. Also must be using Claims Authentication, Windows Authentication not supported and deprecated in 2013.
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  • ImpactSerious potential storage saving impact, we’ll discuss laterRatingWow, that’s coolAudienceIT
  • What is shredded storage?Imagine running document through shredder.Split into 16 pieces (example)When a document is modified only store the shreds that changedWhy is it important?Reduce I/OReduce storageEnhance performanceSimilar to deduplicationBLOBs not shredded on upgrade
  • Top 10 in SharePoint 2013

    1. 1. Top 10 inSharePoint2013 Cory Peters Chief SharePoint Architect Eastridge Technology, Inc.
    2. 2. About Me
    3. 3. My Site
    4. 4. My Site Changes• No longer branded “My Site” for end users• Feels like multiple fragments rather than a single site but much more “mine” than 2010• Now called • About Me • Newsfeed • SkyDrive • Tasks • Sites• Very confusing navigation• We’ll probably still call it “My Site”
    5. 5. Translating 2010 to 2013• My Newsfeed • Newsfeed• My Content • SkyDrive• My Profile • About me • Overview • About me • Organization • Org Chart • Content • SkyDrive • Tags and Notes • Tags and Notes > SEE ALL • Colleagues • Followed People • Memberships • Followed Sites
    6. 6. About me
    7. 7. Newsfeed
    8. 8. SkyDrive• Easily the most confusing aspect of My Site• Link labeled “SkyDrive” welcomes you to SkyDrive Pro even though• Personal Documents and Shared Documents merged into SkyDrive
    9. 9. Tasks• Aggregates tasks across all sites using search• Integrates with Project Server as well• Sync to Outlook
    10. 10. Sites• Followed and Promoted Sites• Centrally manage promoted sites• User can follow any site
    11. 11. Social
    12. 12. Social in a Nutshell• Follow everything!• Communities• Improved Note Board• Activities and Email Notifications• Social Search• Ratings and Likes
    13. 13. Are you following?• Sites• Documents• People• Tag
    14. 14. Communities• Discussion boards... with flair • Questions and Answers • “Best Reply” • Likes • Badges • Reputation • Moderation (light)
    15. 15. Note Board Improvements• Replies• Follow ups• Likes• Locking• Links• Images• Mentions
    16. 16. Activities and Email Notifications• New Activities • Following tags, people, documents and sites • Community participation• New Email Notifications • Someone follows you • Mentions • Replies to my conversations and community posts
    17. 17. Social Search• Search communities, conversations and status changes
    18. 18. SharingBetter known as site permissions
    19. 19. What is Sharing?Redesign of site permissions to solve 5 mainproblems1. Users don’t understand “Contributor”, “Reader”, “Owner”2. Users don’t know who has access to the content they are uploading3. Users don’t know what will happen when they add another user to a SharePoint group4. Hard to ask for additional access5. Security is hard to manage
    20. 20. Mobile
    21. 21. Mobile Trends % OF USA ADULTS WITH TABLETS % of USA Adults with Tablets 29% 16% 17% 14% 4% 5% 6% 2% 3%Gartner Says Two-Thirds of Enterprises Will Adopt a Mobile Device ManagementSolution for Corporate Liable Users Through 2017
    22. 22. Mobile vs. Desktop (India)
    23. 23. SharePoint 2010 vs. 2013
    24. 24. And finally…
    25. 25. Supported Devices Mobile device Operating system Browser Smartphone device Slate or tablet device operating system version Windows Phone 7.5 or Windows Phone Internet Explorer Mobile Supported Not applicable later versions Windows 7 or later Windows Internet Explorer Not applicable Supported versions iOS 5.0 or later versions Safari Supported Supported* Android 4.0 or later versions Android Browser Supported Unsupported*Office Web Apps full functionality is supported on iPad versions 2 and 3 using iOS 6.0 or laterversions. Limited viewing and editing functionality is also supported on iPad versions 1, 2, 3 usingiOS version 5.1.
    26. 26. Managed NavigationGeolocation
    27. 27. What is Geolocation?• New column type “Geolocation” • Wasn’t available in UI in the beta• Uses Bing location services
    28. 28. Demo
    29. 29. Content Search Web PartCross site collection queries
    30. 30. Content Query on Steroids• Build a Query• Preview Results• Sorting• Display Templates• Better Property Mappings
    31. 31. Demo
    32. 32. Apps for Office andSharePoint
    33. 33. Types of Apps• Autohosted• Provider-hosted• SharePoint-hostedDeveloper Hosted App SharePoint Your Hosted- Bring your own infrastructure Web SiteAzure Auto-Provisioned App SharePoint- Windows Azure + SQL Azure Azure WebSharePoint-hosted App SharePoint- No server code allowed Web- Reuse existing web elements App Web (WSP)
    34. 34. App Experiences• Immersive App • Takes over the entire browser experience (not embedded into the SharePoint site) • Required for all apps• Part App • Web Part-like • Embedded into existing pages• Extension App • Extend Office clients
    35. 35. SharePoint Solutions vs. Apps Full Trust Sandboxed AppsClient Side API Yes Yes YesServer Side API Yes Limited NoRemote Services Yes Limited YesApp Permissions No No YesOn Premise Yes Yes YesDeploymentHosted Deployment No Yes YesMarketplace No No YesSchematics for No No YesInstall / Upgrade /Uninstall
    36. 36. Offline
    37. 37. Problems with Offline• SharePoint can do that?• Limited Integration• Too confusing! • Separate application • Some things sync offline some don’t • Rebranded every version
    38. 38. The Offline EvolutionFolder Share Windows Live Windows Live Windows Live Purchased by Folder Share SkyDrive Sync Mesh w/Microsoft in 2005 SkyDrive Groove Office Groove SharePoint Networks 2007 Workspace SkyDrive Purchased by 2010 SkyDrive ProMicrosoft in 2005
    39. 39. New Features• Sync takes center stage• Explorer integration• Simplified• Documents only
    40. 40. Search
    41. 41. What’s new in Search?• Document Previews*• Social Search• Personalized Query Suggestions• Continuous Crawl• Remote SharePoint Index• Improved Refiners• Scopes are now Result Sources • Can be managed on the site collection level • Exchange added • Support query transformations
    42. 42. Search Demo
    43. 43. Shredded Storage
    44. 44. Shredded Storage – What andWhy• Reduce I/O• Reduce storage• Enhance performance• Similar to deduplication• BLOBs not shredded on upgrade
    45. 45. Document With Three Versions 165KB Word Document 3.5MB Excel Document 10500 495 333 6100SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
    46. 46. Document With Three Versions(Cont.)Versions 1 and 2 – 167KB Word DocumentVersion 3 – Only 67KB added
    47. 47. 102 West Third Street ? Suite 1250 Questions Winston-Salem, NC 27101 (336) 831-9800 Eastridge Technology, Inc.EastridgeTechnology @EastridgeTech