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Burst Media, a premier online advertising network, partnered with Anchor Intelligence in early 2009 to proactively detect click fraud on behalf of its customers while focusing its efforts on its core business. After integrating with ClearMark for Traffic, Burst Media improved the efficiency of its publisher management team, achieved a 22% reduction in attempted click fraud rates, and fostered greater brand equity and trust among its advertisers and partners.

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Burst Media Case Study

  1. 1. “When we tell advertisers that we use Anchor Intelligence to monitor all traffic across our network, it raises our stature as an ad network they can trust.” - Harry Klein, COO, Burst Media CASE STUDY: BURST MEDIA SPRING 2010 The Customer THE LONG-TAIL NETWORK Burst Media was established in October 1995 around the belief that the primary value of the internet lay within the diversity of specialty content available on long-tail web sites. For www.burstmedia.com the past fifteen years, Burst has stayed true to this belief, working with a vast network of Burlington, MA web publishers, providing advertising representation, services, and technology to help Online advertising network them attract and meet the needs of major national advertisers. During that time, Burst Billions of ads served on 6,000 websites Media developed adConductor™, an end-to-end ad management technology and services reaching ~64% of the internet audience platform, which powers its two media units, Burst Network and Burst Direct, and is used by many large media companies to manage their owned and operated ad networks. Today, Burst Media represents more than 3,000 web publishers, which publish more than 6,000 web sites. Burst serves billions of ad impressions each month and is one of the largest online media properties in the US, reaching more that 136 million unique visitors. WHAT THEY NEEDED The Goal At the beginning of 2009, Burst Media used an internally developed system to monitor To proactively identify and filter invalid traffic for click and impression fraud. This system included both automated detection traffic To improve its pricing model programs as well as manual auditing procedures. Additionally, Burst employed a strict site-auditing system, to ensure that sites experiencing unusual traffic patterns were closely The Solution reviewed. However, Burst recognized that click fraud is an arms race; fraudsters evolve Partnered with Anchor Intelligence in rapidly and the company needed additional visibility into fraudulent activity across the web. early 2009 The company sought a third-party solution to enhance its own efforts and provide Funneled its data through ClearMark for proactive click fraud detection on behalf of its customers while keeping its focus on its Traffic, Anchor’s real-time traffic scoring core business. system Used ClearMark Reports, Anchor’s reporting interface, to monitor clicks After evaluating several solutions, Burst Media decided to license Anchor Intelligence’s and trends ClearMark for Traffic. Anchor’s self-learning models train against new instances of fraud Used ClearMark Alerts, Anchor’s detected across ad and search network customers’ traffic. This technology provided Burst automated email alert platform, to with Anchor’s proprietary conversion information and best-of-breed network security immediately respond to spikes in intelligence, as well as the means to benefit and learn from the collective intelligence of the fraudulent activity Anchor network. By licensing ClearMark, Burst aims to improve click fraud filtering and The Results boost advertiser ROI. Improved efficiency of publisher management team resulting in a 22% reduction in attempted click fraud rates A stronger sense of security, enabling a 45% increase in traffic volume Greater brand equity and trust among advertisers and partners
  2. 2. CASE STUDY: BURST MEDIA CONTINUED SPRING 2010 WHAT THEY DID in just 6 months and the average attempted click fraud rate Burst Media integrated the ClearMark for Traffic system declined by 22%, making Burst Media one of the cleanest smoothly and quickly. By integrating ClearMark with the networks among Anchor Intelligence’s customer base. company’s adConductor ad management system, Burst was able to identify and filter invalid traffic and protect advertisers from ClearMark has also offered Burst Media an enhanced level of unnecessary charges. Using ClearMark Reports, Anchor’s security. Armed with the tools to identify and eliminate click dynamic, online reporting interface, Burst gained unprecedented fraud from publishers in real-time, Burst has confidently grown access to traffic and reputation data for each of its publishers, its total traffic volume by 45% in just 6 months. enabling investigations into sources of invalid and valid traffic. After turning on ClearMark Alerts, Burst Media was able to Finally, ClearMark for Traffic has enhanced Burst Media’s efforts immediately address instances of click fraud when they arose on a to offer advertisers the most brand-safe ad network available. By site within its network. licensing ClearMark, Burst Media has demonstrated to advertis- ers that the company takes traffic quality issues seriously. “When WHAT THEY ACHIEVED we tell advertisers that we use Anchor Intelligence to monitor all ClearMark for Traffic has given Burst Media a new weapon to traffic across our network, it raises our stature as an ad network combat click fraud more efficiently and effectively. The extensive they can trust,” says Harry Klein, COO of Burst Media. information available within ClearMark Reports has enabled Burst’s Publisher Services team to investigate suspicious traffic Burst Media plans to keep up the good work with ClearMark by activity more quickly and thoroughly than ever before. As a using Anchor’s positive reputation metrics to continue its result, the average click quality score for Burst improved by 47% growth online. “Anchor Intelligence enables us to fulfill our commitment to our advertiser and publisher partners to consistently deliver value,” says Klein. “We look forward to leveraging Anchor’s updated scoring outputs to deliver even greater returns to our partners.” For more information about Anchor Intelligence, please visit www.anchorintelligence.com, or email toby@anchorintelligence.com. For more information about Burst Media, please visit www.burstmedia.com, or call (781) 272-5544. Anchor Intelligence Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, CA, provides ad networks, search engines, and advertisers from around the globe with rigorous, cutting-edge solutions to maximize advertiser ROI. With its diverse portfolio of data and predictive analytics derived from across the web, Anchor's award-winning ClearMark suite enables industry players to improve the performance of advertising spend online by predicting click and keyword performance. For more information, visit: www.anchorintelligence.com. Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/AnchorIntel. Toby Trevarthen VP of Business Development Phone: (650) 492-5750 www.anchorintelligence.com Fax: (650) 320-9101 480 San Antonio Road, Suite 235 toby@anchorintelligence.com Mountain View, CA 94040 © 2010 Anchor Intelligence, Inc. All rights reserved.