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CBM Audit & Conseil - Services - English Prez


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Presentation of our International Desks Services in France

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CBM Audit & Conseil - Services - English Prez

  1. 1. • OUR MISSIONPROFESSIONALS SHARING THE SAME AMBITION: TO PROVIDE YOU WITH HIGH-QUALITY SERVICESAs a well-known expert in audit, consulting and accounting matters, CBM has based its rapid development on a clear ambition: to provide its clientswith high-quality services.This requirement, continuously developed by our professionals, has enabled CBM to acquire and to keep the confidence of major French andinternational companies in various areas of business.Whatever your needs, the size of your company/group, your type of activity, your national or international environment, CBM pools the skills of adedicated, well-trained and specialized team using all kinds of technological means to provide you with services that meet your expectations.Our group, deliberately dedicated to the areas of audit, consulting and accounting, with incontestable know-how, strict working methods, provenprocesses, complete independence and freedom of analysis, fulfils your needs in a precise and concrete way through original approach and solutions.COMPLEX MULTIDISCIPLINARY ASSIGNMENTSIn case of complex assignments requiring skills beyond the scope of our basic activities, we would call for the best local resources in the areasconcerned (legal, tax, IT, etc.) with the agreement of our clients, in order to provide them with the best services.30/07/2010 Page 1 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  2. 2. • OUR LINES OF BUSINESSHELPING YOU START UP IN FRANCEWhy call on CBM?Your Group has decided to start up in France. As a competent and reliable partner, highly skilled in international practices and with a wideknowledge of French complex regulations, CBM will offer you tailor-made services and will meet your accounting and administrative needs inFrance.What CBM can do for you? Entrusting a third party with your accounting and administrative tasksBook-keeping – Recording of current operations, filing of supporting documents, matching purchase orders for authorizations for payments,issuing detailed records – each task is performed competently and efficiently. Legal registers are kept up to date.Reporting – Our experienced professionals periodically produce your financial statements according to your Group accounting and presentationstandards and deadlines.Cash flow tracking – Entrusting CBM with the monitoring of your payments will guarantee compliance with the purchase and settlementsprocedures of your Group. Cash flow statements will be sent to you on a regular basis.30/07/2010 Page 2 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  3. 3. Subcontracting your tax compliance workCBM manages your tax files and obligations (VAT, business tax, corporate income tax, corporate dividend withholding tax, etc.) and deals withFrench tax authorities on your behalf. We will obtain the timely refund of deductible VAT linked to your investments in France. You also have thechoice to give us a mandate to sign your tax declarations. Outsourcing payroll and HR administrative managementCBM offers you its experience and its thorough and up-to-date knowledge of legal issues relating to French payroll. Our experts will perform all therelated work with complete security and confidentiality: selection of funds (pension, employee benefits, etc), expatriate payroll, implementing laboragreements when employees are hired, estimates of employee costs, pay slips, social declarations, hiring formalities, leaving documents, follow-upof social laws, assistance in case of audit (Social Security, Labor Inspectors), …30/07/2010 Page 3 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  4. 4. ACCOUNTING ASSISTANCEWhy call on CBM?The objective of a companys financial and accounting department is to produce reliable and relevant information on a timely basis. It is structuredwith a view to always carrying out this task. But exceptional circumstances cannot always be foreseen: an absent employee, substantial workoverload, a particularly complex operation, which cannot be handled in-house:- Replacement of the financial manager, chief accountant, budgetary controller, of the person in charge of reporting to the group, or of an employee within the financial and accounting management.- Above-listed persons made unavailable for their daily work due to assignment to any specific task/project.- Temporary work overload linked to closing of annual or consolidated accounts, notably in case of limited manning levels or shortened production deadlines.- Corporate restructuring or legal transaction concerning your company, which requires specific technical skills.- Answers to your statutory auditors requirements as regards account analysis, updated bank reconciliation,...The above-listed events often lead to significant delays, and even accumulated errors as regards recording and analysis of accounting transactions.What CBM can do for you?A manager, chartered accountant of CBM, or an experienced consultant, comes to your office, gets to know your requirements, the assignmentcontext, and draws up a list of all the tasks to be carried out. He is the person charged with selecting professionals according to their experience andtheir knowledge of your industry sector. He will recommend an action plan formalized through a detailed assignment proposal and also determinethe levels of reciprocal responsibility. This manager is your personal contact, in charge of managing the assignment under the supervision of apartner of CBM.30/07/2010 Page 4 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  5. 5. In order to perform the work entrusted to them, one or more professionals of our " Services " department will supervise or integrate your teams.They are competent and motivated, immediately operational and totally dedicated to their assignment. They have the technological andmethodological support of our firm, and they rapidly assimilate your corporate culture to transmit their know-how more easily. Whatever theduration and complexity of their work, you can rely on their professionalism.When performing the assignment, a follow-up procedure is implemented. It may include reports drawn-up at regular intervals. If required by yourcompany, an end of assignment report will describe the whole work performed. When necessary, it includes an analysis of the current organizationand recommends constructive improvements.30/07/2010 Page 5 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  6. 6. STATUTORY AUDITWhy call on CBM?The high involvement and availability of our partners and managers, who are our clients specific contacts, enable us to listen carefully to theirneeds and to offer them tailor-made answers, avoiding rigid methods and pre-established programs.All our specialists in audit and statutory audit have been trained in universities or business schools. Every year, they take part in our in-housetraining program.They have highly efficient methodological and IT tools at their disposal. They provide assistance to significant international groups in connectionwith complex consolidation processes, whatever the standards required (French, international or others).Our skills relate to service and industrial companies, processing and distribution activities, associative and public sectors. We also have arecognized audit experience in the financing sector (banking, insurance, UCITS,…), real estate, French multinational companies and subsidiaries offoreign companies located in France.What CBM can do for you?Our signature, well-known in the business environment, will make your financial statements more reliable. On the basis of strict compliancewith professional standards, we are constantly anxious to bring actual added value to our clients when performing auditing or statutory auditingassignments.30/07/2010 Page 6 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  7. 7. CONTRACTUAL AUDIT TransactionsWhy call on CBM?A successful transaction of external growth or a successful transaction in general, is based on industrial and economic relevance, on appropriatefinancial, legal and tax arrangements and on accurate operational management. We can help you at each step of the transaction and contribute toyour success by providing the required assurances.What CBM can do for you?Validate the options selected to set up the transaction - Identify the risks and opportunities linked to the line of business and to the target - Present and assess the information provided by the target - Assess the synergies identified and analyze the business plan - Assess the targetMake the transaction setting-up more secure - Audit or analyze the reference accounts - Carry out the due diligence assignment30/07/2010 Page 7 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  8. 8. - Check computation of transaction price - Check whether transaction is feasible from a financial, legal and tax point of view - Review purchase agreement and guaranteesProvide post-transaction assistance to your company - Assist your management in case of application of agreement clauses concerning price adjustment or guarantee of liabilities - Control implementation of business plan and check the management information produced30/07/2010 Page 8 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  9. 9. Risk ManagementWhy call on CBM?Businesses have to face many kinds of risks: their environment requires more and more reactivity; information systems are more and more complexand integrated. We offer you our assistance to identify the risks, to define an internal control system and to check the smooth running of this system,based on our wish to preserve your companys assets and to contribute to its success.What CBM can do for you?Carry out a diagnosis of procedures and information systems - Identify the risks according to their level of importance, taking into account your company, its organization and its line of business - Compare your companys processes with the best practices and the generally accepted internal control principles - Assess the strength and running of your internal control - Review information flows and check that their processing is secureOffer solutions that will enable you to master the risks - Provide recommendations in order to avoid prejudices to operational efficiency - Draw-up a procedure manual and provide the related assistance in implementationCheck compliance with procedures - Review application of all or part of a procedure - Search for fraud30/07/2010 Page 9 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  10. 10. ACCOUNTING Preparation of annual accountsWhy call on CBM?At least once a year, all businesses must produce accounting and tax documentation on a timely basis. They do not necessarily have the required in-house skills. According to the size of your business, the scope and the workload of your accounting department, CBM offers a tailor-made service tomake your accounting function immediately operational.What CBM can do for you?- You have no in-house accounting department – Choosing the option of entrusting your Book-keeping to CBM means giving your business the professionalism and experience of specialists. You have nothing to do, except transmit your accounting documents. Recording current operations, filing supporting documents, issuing detailed reports, preparing periodical tax returns - every task is performed with the competence and efficiency of a major accounting firm. An additional advantage: chartered accountants will answer all your questions and provide consulting services throughout the year. Producing the annual accounts will be the completion of our assignment for the current financial year.- You require the skills of a chartered accountant on a regular basis – Accounting supervision: for a low cost, supervision proves especially valuable. Its principle: your accounting department deals with the day-to-day work. CBM intervenes in support. This will make your staff feel more secure - as they will be able to converse with experts at any time. It will be the guarantee that your accounting records are updated and that accounting rules are correctly applied. In addition, we will draw your managements attention to possible tax or social risks and recommend constructive solutions to avoid them. At the end of the financial year, the regular work of our firm will represent a valuable gain in time when preparing the annual accounts. Finally, at the time of your statutory audit, our working papers will allow you to reduce your accounting departments workload.- You require the skills of a chartered accountant at year-end – Although efficient when handling current operations and closing your accounts, your accounting department has neither the time nor the necessary tax knowledge for preparing your annual accounts and corporate income tax return. Whatever the organization of your department, you forward your accounting documents to CBM once a year. We will compile them in order to produce the financial statements of your business.30/07/2010 Page 10 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  11. 11. Tax and accounting management of holding companiesWhy call on CBM?Whether your Holding Company’s object is only to receive dividends, or is to take over a company or to structure, organize and manage your Groupaccording to the hierarchical system, you need the skills of experts to deal with the specific technical nature of financial engineering transactions andtax matters (VAT, tax on wages, tax consolidation…).What CBM can do for you?- Accounting assistance – Book-keeping and payroll processing, preparation of social and tax declarations, preparation of payments and reporting statements, budgetary control, preparation of the consolidated corporate income tax returns, drawing up the reference document required by financial markets…- Assistance and technical advice – Placing at your disposal expert professionals to support your financial management. Specific accounting and tax advice (group restructuring, analysis of your right to deductible VAT and of your tax liability concerning wages, management of your dividend distributions, accounting translation of complex operations…).- Operational management of tax consolidation – Assistance and advice to implement tax consolidation, training in tax consolidation, follow- up of changes in the tax consolidated group, processing intra-group transactions, preparation of tax consolidation forms, follow-up of the effects of group restructuring, computation of the tax consolidation result and of the deferred tax and assistance to tax audits.30/07/2010 Page 11 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  12. 12. Operational management of tax consolidationWhy call on CBM?Tax consolidation has become a tool of tax optimization widely used by affiliated companies. As it allows offset of the companies’ positive andnegative results and neutralization of a number of internal transactions, tax consolidation reduces the group’s total expenses and offers many taxadvantages.However, the daily management of tax consolidation remains complex, due to the deferred taxation involved, and requires first-rate technical skills.What CBM can do for you?- Operational management of tax consolidation – Follow-up of changes in the tax consolidated group, processing of the intra-group transactions, preparation of tax consolidation forms, follow-up of the effects of group restructuring, computation of the tax consolidation result, management of dividend distribution, computation of the deferred tax and coordination with the consolidation process.- Assistance and technical advice – Placing expert professionals at your disposal, accounting and tax advice regarding implementation of tax consolidation and processing of specific transactions, assistance in preparation of tax consolidation agreements and assistance in tax audits.- Compilation and electronic transfer of the yearly tax declarations – Compilation of information based on the data provided, issuing the tax declarations, electronic data transfer.- Information systems – Assistance in the analysis of your needs, proposal of solutions, implementation of the organization adapted to the tax consolidated group.- Training – Assistance / dealing with your teams’ training process.30/07/2010 Page 12 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  13. 13. ReportingWhy call on CBM?Your group, whose parent company is of foreign nationality, intends to set up (or has already set up) a subsidiary in France, and wants to maintaincomplete and secured control over the development of the latter. Furthermore, your group wishes to focus on its core business and to handle thesubsidiarys growth mainly with technical and commercial employees. Thus, there are no in-house skills to provide the group with the managementdata required to manage its French subsidiary in real time.Which solution? Call on CBM, which will take care of your companys accounting and produce regular financial data in compliance with yourmanagements requirements.When - or after - starting your activity in France, in order to meet your groups requirements as regards financial and economic information onyour subsidiary,When your management statements must comply with your parent companys requirements, in their contents (standards and accountingprinciples) and in their form (presentation requirements),As soon as you require financial data at regular intervals (pre-defined deadlines), in order to react rapidly and to adapt your strategy to thebusiness environment.What CBM can do for you?Our assignment proposal will define our contractual relations, and notably the allocation of commitments between your company and ours. Adedicated team of CBM, supervised by a manager, chartered accountant, will carry out the contractual tasks required.30/07/2010 Page 13 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  14. 14. Start-up phase: we will define together the accounting structures that will optimize the reporting process: compliance with the chart of accounts,definition of statements required between corporate accounts and group accounts, definition of reporting parameters, approval of adjusting entriesaccording to your groups accounting policies.Our team will draw up a procedure of administrative and accounting organization that will detail the data processing method applied for each type ofwork and the exact involvement of each person concerned. The " rules of the game " will be then clearly defined and applicable by everyone, ineveryones interest.Recurrent phase: in accordance with your deadlines, we will produce the monthly reporting packages adapted to your management requirements,together with appropriate comments when needed/required.30/07/2010 Page 14 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  15. 15. LITIGATION AND EXPERT WITNESSWhy call on CBM?Transactions between companies do not always proceed peacefully. Sometimes, disputes of financial nature do arise which parties cannot solve ontheir own. The only solution is to appoint an arbiter or an independent expert.What CBM can do for you?The skills and experience of our partners in our various lines of business, our thorough knowledge of French and foreign companies of any sizeand of national/international accounting principles, enable us to carry out frequently contractual or legal assignments as arbiters or independentexperts.In the case of arbitration proceedings we can also provide consulting services to one of the parties.30/07/2010 Page 15 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  16. 16. PAYROLL AND HR ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENTWhy call on CBM?Payroll management is a profession of its own. It calls for a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of legal issues and requires absolute confidentiality.For the company, it is a monthly, complex task, which is inescapable.CBM can offer and implement a solution adapted to simplify your payroll process and your supervision of human resources.What CBM can do for you? Outsourcing payroll and HR Administrative ManagementCBM will first carry out a detailed analysis of your situation, and then select the team of specialists dedicated to your company, define theappropriate work methods and the best way to exchange information, depending on the services required:Current work:- Pay slips, social declarations- Payroll accounting entries- Formalities linked to recruitment of employees- Full settlement documents, ASSEDIC certificates (unemployment fund)- Taxes based on salaries, surveysWork relating to HR administrative management:- Certificate of sickness, management of luncheon vouchers, management of time- Management of social data, " bilan social " (social report)- Computation of profit-sharing breakdown and provisions for retirement30/07/2010 Page 16 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit
  17. 17. Follow-up of social regulations:- Compliance with collective labor agreement and agreements at company level- Assistance in relations with social organizations (Occupational Safety and Health Administration,…)- Formalities linked to requests for employment aids Payroll specialist at your disposal for specific assignmentYou retain one or several payroll specialists for a specific assignment: to replace an absent employee, carry out exceptional work or work requiringspecial technical expertise. With CBM, you find the missing specialist(s) at once, whatever the length of the assignment.30/07/2010 Page 17 / 17 Produit exclusif de CBM – Reproduction partielle ou totale interdite sans accord préalable écrit