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Church capital campaigns are very effective faith-raising and fundraising initiatives. Church Building and Loan Fund Capital Campaign Services is the only capital campaign service authorized by the United Church of Christ. Our Capital Campaign Executives have helped UCC and other Christian churches raise millions of dollars for ministry.

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  • Capital Campaign Services is a ministry of Local Church Ministries, Church Building and Loan Fund of the United Church of Christ.
  • Finding new revenue to fund ministry pib

    1. 1. “Finding New Revenue to Fund Ministry Dreams!” Capital Campaign Services LCM ~ CB&LF United Church of Christ Rev. Susan Mitchell and Rev. Priscilla Bizer and Capital Fundraising Executives
    2. 2. So you got BIG dreams! But how will you make them a REALITY?
    3. 3. Big Dreams begin with Big Visions New Construction Expansion Renovation Repair Replacements New Staff New Ministries Endowments Scholarships
    4. 4. The Visioning Process Basic Steps The vision process engages leaders, members and vested friends in a congregation wide discernment process. Create a Visioning Team of members who represent the makeup of the congregation as a whole, (Be sure to include young members)
    5. 5. Visioning • Involves the entire church community. – Youth and Adults – Ministries – Mission and Outreach – Feasibility Study • A Feasibility Study determines the readiness of a church to conduct a successful Capital Campaign. It will also indicate very effectively the pool of candidates for the key capital campaign positions.
    6. 6. Gather Information The Visioning Team solicits suggestions, ideas and concerns from the congregation about what is important and meaningful to them as well as what they would like to happen over the next five to ten years; ministries, improvements, community programs. Solicit the dreams of the membership!
    7. 7. Sharing Information Once Congregational input has been gathered the Visioning Team will organize the information into broad categories: facilities, ministry, communication; growth or outreach Then invite the congregation to review and respond through focus groups
    8. 8. Prioritize The Visioning Team then prioritizes the responses and shares them with the congregation. Once the congregation has agreed upon a common collective vision the plan can be implemented.
    9. 9. Visioning Requires Clear and Timely Communication and Education – Worship – Bible Study – Testimony – Special Events
    10. 10. Visioning • Requires Challenging Goals – Financial goals – Ministry goals – Mission/Outreach goals
    11. 11. UCC Capital Campaign Services can assist you with securing New Revenue to Fund Ministry Dreams • Faith Based – Undergirded with Biblical principles through the preached word and Bible study. • Spirit Filled – Permeated with joy and excitement for the goals that have been set. • Lay Led – Members are recruited to participate as leaders in the campaign organization and implementation process.
    12. 12. Faith-Raising Capital Campaign For most members this will be the greatest faith-raising experience in their lives! Our campaign process encourages equal sacrifice! A success Faith-Raising Campaign requires a congregation to exercise faith in themselves and God’s gift of abundance! Members will initiate a discerning process about their own generosity and being good stewards with the Blessings of God!
    13. 13. UCC Capital Campaign Services • A campaign consultant to serve the church throughout the campaign period • Provide copies of the United Church of Christ “Capital Fundraising Manual” for use by the Campaign Executive Team • Provide guidance in the selection and recruitment of key campaign leaders
    14. 14. UCC Capital Campaign Services • Orient and train persons recruited by the church to serve on the Campaign Executive Team and coach them throughout the organizational period • Resource the Campaign Administrator through unlimited contacts by phone, mail, e- mail and fax in between on-site visits • Provide written resources on stewardship, visitor training and samples of print and publicity resources
    15. 15. UCC Capital Campaign Services • Guide the preparation of campaign materials • Provide specialized guidance and training for all Task Group Members • Train Witnessing Stewards • Monitor progress toward campaign goal throughout the organizational process • Follow-up by the Consultant within one month after the end of the campaign and periodically throughout the giving period
    16. 16. Recruit not Volunteer • Recruit means that we seek persons who we know have the skill set to complete the task we are asking them to do. • Recruit means we have a relationship with the individual that we are inviting to participate. • Recruit means we seek out members and personally ask them to share there gifts and talents.
    17. 17. Raising Money • We have not because we ask not • UCC has over 60 years of experience conducting successful capital campaigns. • Our process has demonstrated that churches can raise 3x their total annual giving • And some have raised up to 5x their total annual giving
    18. 18. What does Cost! Time: 12 – 15 Weeks, Organizing, Carrying out tasks, Building Relationships, Talent: Asset Mapping of Members to utilize resources with the church. Financial: Currently our fee is 12% of you annual giving of tithes and offerings. 25% due with a signed contract. Balance is paid in 10 equal monthly payments following completion of campaign.
    19. 19. More Than Money • Increased fellowship/relationships among church members • Increase member participation in ministries and programs of the church • Increased understanding and annual giving as an act of worship • Increased number of members in leadership
    20. 20. UCC Capital Campaign Services Is a ministry of Local Church Ministries and Church Building & Loan Fund. For more information please contact: Maria Haslam-Sterp Phone: 1-866-822-8224 ext. 3834