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  • IdealECP presentation for Novo Nordisk

    1. 1. Ideal Systems, Inc. 475 Sentry Road Blue Bell, PA 19422 (888) 308-9888
    2. 2. Ideal Systems, Inc. Leaders and innovators of enterprise contract management solutions for Pharma industry Hired by majority of top-tier Pharmas for over a decade Products/services engineered to identify and recover revenue with proven technology and approaches
    3. 3. Ideal Systems, Inc. Retained every client since inception in 1994 Ownership, management and employees possess unique combination of Pharma, business and technology expertise Attracted a proven management team to accelerate growth and expand offerings
    4. 4. Clients Include…
    5. 5. IdealECP Data Scrubbing Process A NCPDP file(s) NCPDP extract Detail Lines Summary Lines Market ShareLines Market Share Lines G Creation of Maps B Only accepted Lines included IdealECP F D E Accepted Summary LinesC Summarized Detail Lines xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Perform Script xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Validate Validations Summarized Fix Submission Errors / Against Accept Failed Detail Lines Contracts / Products/ Plans xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Rejected Summary Lines Reject Work off errors Work off contract Fix, Override errors Reports Reports
    6. 6. IdealECPDemonstration
    7. 7. Ideal ECP Implementation Standard deployment approach  Project Initiation  Respond to client RFP with a detailed response and bid  Identify Assumptions, Roles, Responsibilities, and Risk Defined  Create Statement of Work and Contract  Project Planning  Understand client technical, application, and business architecture  Identify Gaps and Customizations  Refine Proposal estimates and create plan  Identify and Secure team resources (Ideal & Novo Nordisk)
    8. 8. Ideal ECP Implementation Project Implementation  Create Detail Design (Workshops/Meetings)  Install & Customize Application  Test  Implement to Client Production Environment Project Control  Status monitoring and reporting  Measurement and Analysis  Change Control  Communication – Team and Client Project Closedown Project post-mortem  Project post-mortem (internal)
    9. 9. Statement of Work Project Background Project Objectives Scope Project Implementation Approach Project Management Approach Roles and Responsibilities Assumptions Project Schedule
    10. 10. Implementation Overview Install Application in Test Environment Baseline Functionality Test Initial Training and Configuration Meeting Configure IdealECP for Use Review Base Report Views Project Scope Checkpoint Design/Develop Interfaces (CARS/IS) System Test Perform User Training User Acceptance Test Perform System Roll-Out
    11. 11. Project Resources Project Advisory Board Novo Business Project Advisory Board ECP - Managed Care IdealECP Novo IT Business Manager Novo IT Project Manager Business - Manager Ideal Systems Novo IT Contract Analyst (TBD) Support Trainees Project Manager DBA Developers (TBD) & Consultant Test Team ECP Business Tech SupportLead ECP Tech Analyst (TBD)