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Google Can Do That? How to Search the Internet Effectively


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Google Can Do That? How to Search the Internet Effectively

  1. 1. Google can do That? How to Search the Internet EffectivelyResearch EdgeCindy Fromherz, PrincipalOctober, 2012
  2. 2. The Key ToolsBrowser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, ChromeSearch engine Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL Many others useful for special purposes
  3. 3. Google is the Leader
  4. 4. Chrome is Google’s BrowserFast, stable, unclutteredExcellent bookmark handlingIncognito mode for more secure browsingBuilt-in Google Sync to keep bookmarks synchronized across your computersVoice activated searchingApplication to hide ads
  5. 5. Header ComparisonInternet Explorer: Chrome:
  6. 6. TakeAway TipGive Google Chrome a Try
  7. 7. How Search WorksSearch engines, such as Google, create their listings automatically. They "crawl" or "spider" the web, then record the information found in an index.When you enter words into a search box, search engine software sifts through the millions of pages in the index to find matches and rank them in the most relevant order.The algorithms influencing order are based on number of times the word appears on a site, the quality of the site, page rank and numerous other variables.
  8. 8. The Art of Keyword ChoicesThink about the words that might be in your desired results page.Determine the most important words in your search as well as potential synonyms.Put yourself in the mindset of the author of the words.May have to do several queries in a row to key in on the topic.
  9. 9. Search Tips 1
  10. 10. Search Tips 2
  11. 11. Who was elected president in 1976 and by what percentage? Query – [results 1976 presidential election]
  12. 12. TakeAway TipKeywords are KeyChoose them carefully
  13. 13. Finding Text on a Web PageWindows computers: press the control and F keys at the same time.Apple computers: press the command and F keys at the same time.Android tablets: in a browser window, touch the menu button in the top right of the screen, then select "find on page".Safari on iPad tablets: click the cursor in the search box in the upper right corner of the screen. Directly above the keyboard, a "find on page" box will open.
  14. 14. TakeAway TipUse Control F to Find on Page (Command F on a Mac)
  15. 15. The Search Engine Results PageThere are three main parts of a search engine result: the page title (in blue), the web address (in green), and snippet/abstract (in black) that contains the text from the page around the terms you search for.Links within the search engine results go directly to sub-pages of the site.Ads relevant to your search may appear – they are labeled as ads, and shaded in pink.Related searches are suggested.
  16. 16. Example
  17. 17. Timesaver 1 – Google InstantAs you start to type, results for a popularsearch that begins with those lettersautomatically appears.You can enable Google Instant by accessingyour search settings under the gear icon onany search results page.
  18. 18. Timesaver 2 - AutocompleteAs you type within the Google search boxon Google, the autocomplete algorithmoffers searches that might be similar tothe one youre typing.
  19. 19. Timesaver 3 - Instant PreviewsSee what a webpage is like before clicking asearch result.First, hover your cursor over a result.Then hover over the arrows that appear nextto the result to see a visual preview of thatresult.(Does not work for all pages.)
  20. 20. Example
  21. 21. Timesaver 4 - Knowledge GraphDescriptions and facts that are publicly available on the WebImages from the Web that are selected as the highest ranking images about the subjectRelated searches to help you explore similar subjects, such as other Paris monuments when you search for the Eiffel TowerOther information thats related to the subject, such as a map of a location, upcoming events for an artist or venue, and the latest Google+ posts for some people
  22. 22. Example
  23. 23. TakeAway Tip Take Advantage of Timesavers(Google Instant, Autocomplete, Instant Preview, Knowledge Graph)
  24. 24. Different Kinds of ContentIn the left panel of the search results page, you can filter results by different categories.These categories include images, blogs, discussions, recipes, patents, books, 3D models, scholarly sources, and others.Also check out the More tab. Use google search if you can’t remember how to get to a category.Can search both ways – by topic first than content type or vice versa.The left panel does not appear on tablets (iPad, Android).
  25. 25. Example
  26. 26. Example
  27. 27. More Search Filters Expand Show search tools in left panel. • Location filter • Date range filter • Similar sites • Reading level • Exactly as you enter the search terms • And more
  28. 28. Image Search
  29. 29. Example – Obama Book, Black Cover
  30. 30. Search-by-ImageGoogle will try to match an image you supply with images on the -- Drag and drop images into search box -- Upload image from your computer -- Enter an image’s URL -- Install extension and right clickDifferent than Image SearchNot supported by tablets or all browsers
  31. 31. Example
  32. 32. TakeAway TipUse Different Media to Filter Results (images, news, blogs, video, books, scholarly sources, etc. )
  33. 33. Advanced Search - OperatorsSpecific words, when used before a colon, thatact as commands to filter results.The site: and the filetype: operators are veryusefulMust pay attention to syntax
  34. 34. Example
  35. 35. The Minus SignUse the minus sign (-) to eliminate irrelevant results.There must be a space before the minus sign.There must not be a space between the minus sign and the word you want to eliminate.A plus sign (+) does not mean “and,” nor does it force inclusion of a word. A plus sign before a search term, used as an operator, looks for a Google+ Page by that name.
  36. 36. Example –obama -romney
  37. 37. Advanced Search- QuotesUse quotes to search for a phrase.Quotes glue words together; there can be additional words before or after the phrase, but the phrase will always stay together in the results.
  38. 38. Advanced Search - ORUse OR to include more than one way of expressing an idea.If an idea on one side of the OR is more than one word, it needs quotes around it (e.g.: [handkerchief OR "facial tissue"]
  39. 39. Advanced SearchQuery box that incorporates functions we have just reviewed, and others. Use it if you feel more comfortable using a form than function language.Access at the bottom of the search results page:Or at the following URL:
  40. 40. Example
  41. 41. TakeAway TipUse Operators to Target Searches (site:, filetype:, minus sign, OR)
  42. 42. Search FeaturesSearch features are shortcutsSearching for “Google search features” gets you to the master listWeather, stock quotes, time in other cities, sports scores, sunrise/sunset, statistics, and a lot more
  43. 43. Define
  44. 44. Conversions and CalculatorEnter any math equation into the search box, and Google will calculate your answer.Conversion units to units [number units in units]These search features are available on any computer including cell phone or tablet
  45. 45. Date Range LimitingLimit results to sources published during a specific time period by clicking on Search Tools in the left panel, then selecting the appropriate time range.Time filters are available in Web Search, Books, Images, News, Videos, Blogs, Discussions, and Patents.This feature is not available on tablet browsers.
  46. 46. Translation and SearchTranslate words, sentences, and pages by using in foreign languages using English by clicking "More search tools" on the left panel of your results page, then select "Translated foreign pages". This feature chooses the best language in which to search and delivers results translated back into English.
  47. 47. Example
  48. 48. Example
  49. 49. Other ExamplesWeather – weather New OrleansTime – time ParisStock quotes - AAPL (ticker symbol)Sports scores – New Orleans SaintsSunrise and sunset – sunset Key WestCalculator – (5*9)/2.23 (enter equation)Statistics – unemployment rate LALocal search – pizza 70130Movie showtimes – movies 78502
  50. 50. TakeAway Tip Use Search Feature Shortcuts(define, calculator, conversions, date range, translations, and more)
  51. 51. Research Edge is a New Orleans based consultingfirm specializing in business research. We helpclients understand their customers, theircompetition, and the environment in which theirbusiness operates so they can make smartdecisions.Cynthia B. Fromherz, PrincipalContact us at: