Will Kanban save your life?


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Slides used in the 1st #webdebs agile night 2011 - April, 8th @codiceplastico

The story of a successful implementation of Kanban for the IT team of an italian SMB

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Will Kanban save your life?

  1. 1. Will Kanbansave your life? @carloz 04/11 #webdebs
  2. 2. Tonight we’ll talk about ...Agile Methods and Principles (briefly!)What is KanbanWhy I / we decided to use KanbanThe way we used it (our personal evolution)Our results #webdebs
  3. 3. [2001] AGILE [2003] LEAN“software development methodologies “maximize customer value whilebased on iterative and incremental de- minimizing waste”velopment, where requirements andsolutions evolve through collaboration (from manifacturing to software)between self-organizing, cross-func-tional teams” Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendi- eck, “Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit”Agile methods: Scrum, XP (1996),Agile Unified Process, Agile Model- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_ling, ... software_development #webdebs
  4. 4. [2009] SOFTWARE CRAFTMANSHIPhttp://manifesto.softwarecraftsmanship.org/(1999 - The Pragmatic Programmer)[2011] ALE - Agile Lean Europehttp://alenetwork.eu/ :-D #webdebs
  5. 5. Visualize the workflow Split the work into pieces, write each item on acard and put on the wall Use named columns to illustrate where each What’s Kanban?item is Limit WIP (work in progress) – assign explicitlimits to how many items may be in progress ateach state. Measure the lead time (average time to com-plete one item), optimize the processhttp://www.crisp.se/kanban #webdebs
  6. 6. The Kanban Board Kanban vs Scrum – how to make the best of both (Henrik Kniberg) Deprecated version! Latest version is available at http://www.infoq.com/minibooks/kanban-scrum-minibookOne day in Kanban-land Develop Backlog Selected 2 Deploy Live! 2 What’s Kanban? Ongoing Done 1 A B G C F D H I Develop Backlog Selected 2 Deploy Live! 2 Ongoing Done 1 A G C B F D H & B are the 2 most A I important things right now! Develop Backlog Selected 2 Deploy Live! 2 Ongoing Done A We’ll do A 1 #webdebs G
  7. 7. The Kanban Board What’s Kanban? #webdebs
  8. 8. AGILEwhy it mattered to me I Individuals and interactions over process- es and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract ne- gotiation Responding to change over following a plan [http://agilemanifesto.org/] #webdebs
  9. 9. AGILEwhy it mattered to me II “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valu- able software.” “The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.” http://agilemanifesto.org/principles.html XP Values: Simplicity, Communication, Feed- back, Respect, Courage http://www.extremeprogramming.org/values.html #webdebs
  10. 10. LEANwhy it mattered to me Eliminate waste. Amplify learning. Decide as late as possible. Deliver as fast as possible. Empower the team. Build integrity in. See the whole. #webdebs
  11. 11. carloz@work - 2007/2010 - where and who fast growing Italian SMB - B2B market, IT and legalservices me from “the IT guy” to “IT Manager” / Team Leader only partial control of an heterogeneous team (seniors,juniors, external consultants, non techies, boss, ...) #webdebs
  12. 12. carloz@work - 2007/2010 - what and how (too) many small different IT projects running at the same time (customers + internal): CRM, CMS, email mkt, DMS, BPM, BI, ... a few medium projects, many small, many micro, a lot of post sale assistance ... rough and plain old style processes / workflows exciting but stressful (and sometimes frustrating) (a lot of waste / MUDA!) #webdebs
  13. 13. Our needs ... as user storiesAs a DEVELOPER, I want to be able to (sometime) choose whatto work on.As a DEVELOPER, I want to reduce the number of differentthings I’m working on, at the same time.As a DEVELOPER, I want to be able, when I’m done, to pull anitem on which to work, without having to wait for hours / days. #webdebs
  14. 14. Our needs ... as user storiesAs a TEAM LEADER I want to protect my team from continuousinterruptions and context switching.As a TEAM LEADER I want my team to feel collectively re-sponsible for the work being done (coding, deploying, assistance,...) #webdebs
  15. 15. Our needs ... as user storiesAs a TEAM we want to make the managers (and the rest of theorganization) aware of the quantity of work we deal with.As a TEAM we want to make our job more sustainable. #webdebs
  16. 16. Ok, but ... Why KANBAN? Because SCRUM wouldn’t fit :-/(I do love pigs & chickens, daily standings, timeboxed iterations, ...) #webdebs
  17. 17. We needed evolution. (I couldn’t afford a revolution!)ACCEPTABLE tools and practices.Fitting for our own company, our own business, our own people.(While I kept working on values, and culture ;-) #webdebs
  18. 18. [http://www.infoq.com/minibooks/kanban-scrum-minibook] #webdebs
  19. 19. KANBAN & USBACKLOG | SELECTED | WIP | DONE (and a few swimlanes ;-) #webdebs
  20. 20. KANBAN & USWe had to use the URGENT ISSUES (= which can bypass normal flow)feature... (but at least this limited the number of issues deemed urgent ;-) #webdebs
  21. 21. KANBAN & US ... WE WERE DOING IT ... AND IT WAS WORKING!VISUALIZE!We could see things. Otherscould too!There’s a new request? Put it on thequeue! #webdebs
  22. 22. ACHIEVEMENTS Moving towards team collective ownership / responsibility /commitment More respect to team work / “being busy” Less context switching Less pressure / headache (In parallel, efforts were being made to have all team mem-bers partecipate more in estimates and planning) #webdebs
  23. 23. WIP A better definition of “DONE” A more strict enforcement of the WIP limits Extending the use of KANBAN to other company teams A more complete understanding of Agile / Lean princi-ples by all team members (A single bigger KANBAN board) A less superficial understanding of Agile values by salesguys and managers (Agile is NOT only faster and cheaperproduct delivery) #webdebs
  24. 24. Will Kanbansave your life? It depends! #webdebs
  25. 25. Be Agile, no matter what they say! And please remember:“Il buon esempio vale + di 1000 parole” (thx mom ;-) #webdebs
  26. 26. arloz s chi aka cCarlo Be org carlo@ webdebs. .i t p://ww w.devsum htt #webdebs