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Staying Agile: multi-team product development, the modern way


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Hints and good practices to approach the creation of digital products and services in a modern way - a way that "scales"

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Staying Agile: multi-team product development, the modern way

  1. 1. Staying agile Multi-team product development, the modern way
  2. 2. /me Web guy since 1999 Agile #aHa in 2005 e-* organizations 1 to 50 teams scale “expert”
  3. 3. “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” - I. Newton Craig Larman - the purist Henrik Kniberg - the pragmatist Sriram Narayan - the herudit
  4. 4. This is NOTabout “i’m in a big org, with hundreds of engineers, how can we make it more agile?” This is ISabout: “i’m in a small,cool, nimble org and we are growing, how can we stay agile?”
  5. 5. Why do companies hire more “IT” people? ● 1 minute - All: think individually. Find 2 or 3 reasons “why” ● 2 minutes - All: share your answers with the person next to you ● 3 minutes - a few of you: share your answers back with us
  6. 6. “Hire only when it hurts” AND “Hire slowly”
  7. 7. I know small “tech teams” that sustain globally successful businesses ... … and I happened to lead one, too :-) (btw, what a coincidence... 3 xp shops!)
  8. 8. 1950s, first large scale software intensive product development, S.A.G.E. - shipped over budget and partly outdated. A S.a.G.E. director was asked: “if you had to do this again, what would you do differently?” “FIND THE TEN BEST PEOPLE AND WRITE ThE ENTIRE THING THEMSELVES” (horowitz 1975, quoted in larman, 2010)
  9. 9. Still companies add people, instead of LEVERAGING on ... - Product-wise: - Early validation of ideas and solutions (Lean UX) - Impact mapping (vs backlog as a laundry list) - Tech-wise: - Slow down to go faster - Pay back any debt soon - Use state of the art engineering practices - People-wise: - Hire great people - Give them the best environment
  10. 10. Small teams, kind of given How to organize work across teams: big improvement opportunity! :-)
  11. 11. Case study I - the check box odyssey CasestudyII-theluxurychannelEpic
  12. 12. #walkofshame
  13. 13. You can learn from our mistakes... - Component teams (FE vs BE, internal vs internal systems,...) - Separate QA team in-house and off-shore - The Bug fixing team - The Ops team - ...
  14. 14. Autonomous co-located Cross-functional multi-learning self-organizing product team
  15. 15. Autonomous co-located Cross-functional multi-learning self-organizing product teams
  16. 16. Autonomous co-located Cross-functional multi-learning self-organizing feature teams
  17. 17. #scaling "Scaling Agile is good business for scaling vendors. It’s not necessarily good advice for you” Ron Jeffries
  18. 18. “Agile teams coordinate using tests”
  19. 19. Kniberg
  20. 20. AGAIN: help a 20 teams company re-design its operating model is a fascinating topic and not our focus (not tonight :)
  21. 21. Autonomous product teams, fully cross-functional (cross-departement) Narayan
  23. 23. A process / a methodology which is … “Lightweight & disciplined” “Unobtrusive” “Barely sufficient”
  24. 24. ? (almost done. Questions, so far?)
  25. 25. pro-Tip I: “You can’t use the things written on the right to fix the things written on the left”
  26. 26. pro-Tip II: Autonomy Mastery Purpose … for your team(s), too
  27. 27. Pro-tip III: “Continuous attention to Technical excellence and good design enhances agility”
  28. 28. thanks! carlo.beschi at Happy Agile Coach at ASOS Glad to speak more about: “scaling”, “coaching”, “transforming”, ... Ping me :-)
  29. 29. Assets ent/uploads/2015/11/Real-lif e-agile-scaling.pdf nTerry2/from-chaos-to-confid ence-leankits-pd-operating-m odel ooks/Rework-Jason-Fried/8324 671226 [in italian] nsd/the-nature-of-software-d evelopment ka/Large-Scale-Scrum-More-Le ss-Addison-Wesley-Signature- Cohn/0321985710 e/agile-it-organization-desi gn-for-digital-transformatio n-9780133903355 inciples.html