Strategies for Growth: Selling to SMB Buyers 2012


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Strategies for Growth: Selling to SMB Buyers 2012

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Strategies for Growth: Selling to SMB Buyers 2012

  1. 1. Strategies for Growth Selling to SMB Buyers*The following information is a combination of primary market research studies conducted by Ephor Groupwith small business owners and 3rd party online published research. © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056
  2. 2. Small Business Forecast © 2012 Ephor Group | /Resources.asp
  3. 3. Small Business Findings Small Businesses with Less than 100 Employees 2012: p y © 2012 Ephor Group | /Resources.asp
  4. 4. Cloud Technology Adoption
  5. 5. CRM Technology Adoption
  6. 6. Small Business IT Purchases
  7. 7. Workforce Technology Adoption
  8. 8. Social Technology & Tools Adoption
  9. 9. Technology, Software and Solution Adoption and Use Findings: Technology has eliminated many barriers, but also created adoption challenges. The following chart highlights the market adoption and utilization among small to medium organizations regarding adoption and use by functional area area. Solution Most Common Tools (>10%) Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, SharePoint,*Note: No common time and Communication Tools Social Networking Sites, Intranetattendance, HR management, Customer Relationshipworkforce management, Management, Microsoft Dynamics CRMbusiness intelligence or Enterprise Resourcebenchmarking tools were noted Management Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks Enterprisein the survey. Other notable Financial Management QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Peachtreeplayers identified, but not Operational Reporting QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamicsutilized by > 5% included Productivity Software Microsoft Suite, Google AppsAutomaticData, Basecamp, Security McAffee, Norton, Zenith, MicrosoftLawson, Oracle, PeopleSoft , ZOHO. Storage Dell, HP, EMC  Technology adoption findings: Nearly Nea l 80% of companies are outsourcing at least one f nction Approximately 10% of the a e o tso cing function. App o imatel market is currently evaluating outsourcing a new or additional function. While buyers continue to be cautious, the percentage of companies outsourcing is growing, and the number of functions being outsourced is too. These workforce findings are based on a series of surveys conducted during Q3 and Q4 calendar year across the USA of small business executives.
  10. 10. Strategies for Growth in 2012 eBook #1 Community Marketing to Drive Optins © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056
  11. 11. Community MarketingWhen it comes to lead generation,referrals are the most cost efficientsales and marketing tactic. The Internet has shifted the balance of marketing effectiveness away from outbound marketing which is more effective than advertising or teleselling.
  12. 12. Community MarketingLinkedIn drives the most referralsfor B2B outside of client referrals.Client referrals have the highest close Companies using Social Media acquire clients.rate (typically 1 in 3 or better).Not everyone can sell, but everyonecan ask for feedback and a referral! fo efe al! Average Cost Per Client for B2B <$1,000 using Inbound Marketing versus 5 to 50x the cost for traditional advertising (Ephor Group 2011 research report) report). 89% of US business users search online before they make a purchase (Big Research 2011).
  13. 13. How People Buy Today Has Changed#1. Buyers first ask peers or experts: y p p Blogging and Community Research: #2. Buyers then go online for:  Vendor Comparisons Product/Service Details and Case Studies Online & Analyst Reviews
  14. 14. Strategies for Growth in 2012: Create HR Tech LinkedIn Communitya Referral Community EcosystemAre you searching for ways to convert prospects toclients quicker and more efficiently?Fish where the fishes are currently.For the first time in history, you can find, listen toand interact with prospects online. Bypass adminsand reach buyers directly.Key Success Factor: Be a branded sector leader. Alsbridge Outsourcing Leadership
  15. 15. Discover What People Want By Asking Them! 1. LinkedIn 2. Polls 3. 3 Q&A 4. Surveys 5. Contests 5 C LinkedIn’s “Groups” are a powerful way to grow yourLike Facebook, LinkedIn now has a wall network and spread that drives “likes” and comments (as a message. well as traffic).
  16. 16. Strategies for Growth in 2012 eBook#2 Buyer Segmentation to personalize each experience © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056
  17. 17. Buyer Segmentation
  18. 18. Strategies for Growth in 2012 eBook#1 Community Marketing to Drive Optins#2 Buyer Segmentation to personalize each experience#3 Sell via multiple distribution strategies and partners © 2011 Ephor Group | 1 (800) 379-9330 | | 5353 W Alabama Suite 300 | Houston, TX 77056
  19. 19. Revenue Management in 2012 Marketing is • Crowded marketplace. Too much noise. Conversion Rate from Lead to Close Hard Resource constraints. • Focus on buyers and not selling selling. • Social CRM seamlessly integrated Referral throughout the Customer Experience Chann including your web platform, marketing Direct el automation, customer service, and customer analytics. Partners Matter • Reputation = Lower cost of sales • Use of best practices from both organizations Direct • Create referrals incent referrals referrals, Partners Execution is CRM Operations Key • Provide expertise and service to pre and post sell. New Origination Opportunity from a Partner’ Client • Must be committed to client outcomes beyond Opportunit satisfaction. y MAPPING Alignment Upsell • Integrated Revenue Management Upsell (sales/channel/marketing) includes people + data + technology. Client Management • Buyers require Immediate ROI from a Branded Leader
  20. 20. “In this economy there will be bifurcationStrategies for Growth between leaders and laggards to win customers for life.” Legacy Thinking Revenue Strategy for 2012 Outcome of New Revenue Management Practice“Feet-on-the-Street” Direct Sales Multi-tiered Distribution Lower Cost of Client AcquisitionOutbound Marketing Community Marketing Lower Cost of Sales Pipeline CreationLead Generation Partner Generation Referral based opportunity introductions introductions.Outbound Telemarketing Market Research & Satisfaction Intelligence integrated into ongoing routines. SurveysMarket to Enterprises or SMBM k tt E t i SMBs Market Niches M k to Ni h Specialization Improved M i S i li ti = I d Margins.  Multi-tiered distribution is key. y  Referrals from partners, alliances, and communities will generate the majority of new clients.