Cloud financialsbenefitstheroi businesscaseandoptionsforfaooutsourcinginthecloud


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Cloud financials luncheon on the benefits,

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Cloud financialsbenefitstheroi businesscaseandoptionsforfaooutsourcinginthecloud

  1. 1. Cloud Financials Lunch and LearnBenefits of Cloud Financials The benefits of cloud financialsStreamline and automate administrative processes and reduce transaction costs. Ephor Group, LLC | | 713.401.9643 Charles Bedard
  2. 2. Cloud Financials Lunch and LearnBenefits of Management Science Reporting Using Cloud FinancialsYour revenue and profitability depends on an accurate and prompt service-to-invoice cycle.+ Improve productivity while reducing operating costs.In 2012, the average service business will grow 4% to 6%; while the “best-in-class” performers will achieve significant higher growth rates through portfolio optimization and expansion.Strategies for Growth in 2012:Sync Management Science to Drive Performance Management Science reporting provides the routine visibility executives need to lead daily performance, attract capital, and outperform the competition. By synching operations and management; cash collection and revenue growth achieves resource efficiency improvement.Best Practices for 2012 and Beyond include: I. Have a lower cost of sales than your competition. II. Have a capital efficient pipeline generation and revenue model. III. Utilize Technology: CRM, Social Media, & Marketing Automation II. Multi-tiered Sales Distribution Compensation: PRM, Agent, Alliances, Partners, Account Managers, Sales Personnel III. A Portfolio of Sources and Mix. IV. Management Science reporting to provide visibility and proactive actions: Pro-Activity of the 3 C’s: Cash, Clients, Contracts. V. Asset Management ensures a lower cost of customer acquisition and higher ROI for spend. Ephor Group, LLC | | 713.401.9643 Charles Bedard
  3. 3. Cloud FinancialsPeyton Burch – Intacct Corporation May 16, 2012 – Post Oak Grill, Houston
  4. 4. The Cloud Impacts All of Us Both as Consumers and in Business2
  5. 5. And Now Also for Business Applications Use the Cloud Anytime, Anywhere via any Web Browser y , y y3
  6. 6. Software as a Service – Run your Business Applications in the Cloud  Cloud computing is a broad term e co pass g eve yt g o encompassing everything from B2C C services to infrastructure  Software as a Service is a subset of cloud computing focused on enterprise business applications − Mature, high function applications − Flexible to configure and integrate − World class operations and maintenance −SSupport and service l t d i level agreements l g t − Vastly better economics4
  7. 7. Cloud Computing vs. On-Premises Model  Subscription-based pricing model Ongoing Cost Comparison - Pay only for what you need On Premises On-Premises Cloud Based Cloud-Based − “We know we need to earn your business every year”  Higher ROI and faster payback − Save time with automated and streamlined processes − Higher employee productivity • Ongoing IT workload • Subscription fee − Real time visibility • Fixes, Patches • Training − Anytime, anywhere access • Maintenance & upgrades: • Configuration • Hardware • Security − No IT infrastructure and on-going • Network • Database operational costs • Downtime • Performance tuning − No additional upgrades costs • Rewrite customizations − Continuous product innovation • Rewrite integrations • Upgrade dependent − Industrial-grade infrastructure with applications guaranteed service levels and • Disaster recovery operational excellence5
  8. 8. Cloud Computing Turns Capex into Opex On-Premises Model Cloud Model Upfront License Fees Pay for what you use 18+% Annual Maintenance Included Fee Customer Bears All IT Vendor’s Problem Costs & Risk 18-24 Month Release Quarterly Innovation Cycles Customer Bears All Vendor Handles Upgrade Costs & Risk “Ship and Forget” p g Vendor Accountable6
  9. 9. Security, Infrastructure & Operations Cloud Vendors Have Superior Operating Capabilities  Far better than nearly all small and medium-sized businesses can afford to deploy − Fortune 100 class data center − Encryption & hardened systems yp y − 24x7x365 operations on three continents − SunGard disaster recovery center y − Redundant hardware and networking − Continuous backups C p − Automatic upgrades − SAS 70 type II audited  Possible because costs are spread across thousands of organizations7
  10. 10. Thank You! Peyton Burch
  11. 11. Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing to Finance & Accounting Marcus Wagner - A tT M W AcctTwo May 16, 2012 – Post Oak Grill - Houston© Copyright 2012 AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC · AcctTwo is not a CPA Firm
  12. 12. Cloud Computing Enables BPO• Multi-tenant architecture supports single Multi tenant business process outsourcer (BPO) working with multiple clients• Software and IT cost sharing across clients and economies of scale• Cloud SaaS model f facilitates collaboration between BPO and client in a single system across multiple locations• On-demand pricing and deployment facilitates scalability and adaptability as y p y client needs evolve© Copyright 2012 AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC · AcctTwo is not a CPA Firm 2
  13. 13. Eliminates Distractions• BPO clients focus on their core competencies• Avoid distractions such as: – Managing accounting and back office personnel – Dealing with turnover and employee g p y issues – Delays in completion of financial and y p management reports© Copyright 2012 AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC · AcctTwo is not a CPA Firm 3
  14. 14. Shared Services• BPO functional teams serve multiple clients – Accounts payable – Billing and accounts receivable g – Cash management – General ledger and month-end close• Clients get functional focus, expertise, and segregation of duties they may not be large enough to afford on their own• Process excellence, automation• Access to more sophisticated ERP p technology© Copyright 2012 AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC · AcctTwo is not a CPA Firm 4
  15. 15. Better Cost Structure• Transaction based or outcome based Transaction-based outcome-based pricing• Smoothes cost increases vs. incremental headcount additions to add capacity• Economies of scale• BPO is in the business of optimizing their efficiency and cost structure© Copyright 2012 AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC · AcctTwo is not a CPA Firm 5
  16. 16. More Timely & Accurate Reporting• BPO Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can include transaction processing turnaround times time to close books times,• Use of sophisticated technology and process best practices to ensure timely reconciliations and controls• R l ti Real-time reports and key performance t dk f indicators (KPIs) vs. monthly or quarterly look back look-back© Copyright 2012 AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC · AcctTwo is not a CPA Firm 6
  17. 17. Contact Information John Silver Director of Marketing and Business Development 713-744-8404 Marcus Wagner Chief Executive Officer 713-744-8401 713 744 8401© Copyright 2012 AcctTwo Shared Services, LLC · AcctTwo is not a CPA Firm 7