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A grails puppet eco-system in 5 countries


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On the Lesson learned presentations about how we work and manage to run a high traffic system in 5 countries with more then 45 people in Product&Development. To this challange we work with Scrum&Kanban in 5 Devs teams, manage our infrastructur in puppet and share the same code base with all 5 offices. The presentation will give some insights on how we organize the everyday life and will also give an overview on the learnings from using a innovative technologie stack in a professional environment including: grails, postgres, mongoDB, puppet, activeMQ, bamboo, ehCache, terracotta, graylog & git.

kaufDA is a leading German site for local search and local promotion search. The company enables users to look for the best local sales online, search brochures of local retailers and find stores near them. In germany we operate with several hundreds of requests per second, handle millions of unique visitors each month and deliver more then TBs each day for local deals and promotions.

Twitter: @cbek

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A grails puppet eco-system in 5 countries

  1. 1. A grails puppetA grails puppet eco-system in 5 countrieseco-system in 5 countries Christoph BeckmannChristoph Beckmann 23.07.201323.07.2013
  2. 2. 4 Mio.4 Mio. brochure-pagesbrochure-pages Challenges every day only in DE! 800800 brochure versionsbrochure versions 2.700 CDs2.700 CDs 40 Mio.40 Mio. requestsrequests
  3. 3. Today! inspirationinspiration ourour learningslearnings daily businessdaily business No recipeNo recipe
  4. 4. Team LegendaryTeam Legendary Team FooTeam Foo Team 42Team 42 OPSOPS QAQA MobileMobile CTOCTO
  5. 5. SOS Scrum of Scrum DependenciesDependencies currtentcurrtent problemsproblems OverviewOverview
  6. 6. gitflow
  7. 7. ReleaseRelease Team FooTeam Foo Team 42Team 42 Team LegendaryTeam Legendary Release CrewRelease Crew (QA + DEV + OPS)(QA + DEV + OPS) ● every 2 weeksevery 2 weeks ● start at 8:30amstart at 8:30am ● in DE & FRin DE & FR
  8. 8. BerlinBerlin MoskauMoskau São PauloSão Paulo BarcelonaBarcelona 2013-52013-5 2013-72013-7 2013-112013-11 International ReleaseInternational Release
  9. 9. Grails Grails GroovyJEE Spring GORM API Java Language Java Development Kit Java Virtual Machine
  10. 10. Grails ScaffoldingScaffolding automatic validationautomatic validation i18ni18n Convention over ConfigurationConvention over Configuration
  11. 11. Developer Onboarding IT-MentorIT-Mentor ChecklistChecklist
  12. 12. 42%42% Unit-TestsUnit-Tests 30%30% Integration-TestIntegration-Test
  13. 13. whole infrastructurwhole infrastructur Define – Simulate – Enforce – ReportDefine – Simulate – Enforce – Report stage production
  14. 14. StagesStages by Devsby Devs ProductionProduction by Opsby Ops
  15. 15. central loggingcentral logging
  16. 16. Load Problem Master Slave Slave
  17. 17. Load Problem
  18. 18. ZipZip Zip-GroupZip-Group MM nn Update for 17.000 Zips inUpdate for 17.000 Zips in one Transaction?one Transaction?
  19. 19. graphs for Sequence & Index Scansgraphs for Sequence & Index Scans central loggingcentral logging Load Problem ProbeProbe check long running SQL Queriescheck long running SQL Queries
  20. 20. Thank you!Thank you!