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Overview Pp Presentation


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Overview Pp Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. vaco: Latin, meaning to free yourself from work<br />The Vaco Value Proposition<br />> In today’s cost-conscious environment, companies are running  faster and leaner than ever.  Innovative leaders know they need a competitive advantage to keep up with mounting workloads.  Vaco is the strategic solution.   Vaco offers a new experience in the world of  consulting and placement , where freedom and empowerment take careers to a whole new level.   <br />> Vaco partners with clients on critical projects and strategic talent acquisitions in the areas of finance, accounting,  technology and administration. We're  a family of 26 offices throughout the nation  where clients looking for specialized talent intersect with unique candidates seeking career fulfillment.   Successful partnerships have propelled us to $120 million in revenue and a national footprint in only six years.  <br />> Since our start in 2002, Inc 500 magazine has named Vaco one of the fastest growing companies in America for two consecutive years.  However, it’s the tens of thousands of loyal clients, candidates and consultants that really puts the wind in our sails.<br />
  3. 3. The History of Vaco<br />
  4. 4. The Vaco Nation<br />
  5. 5. The Vaco Difference<br />> Vaco players are invested and engaged…<br />Every office is its own LLC with significant equity held by local leadership. This rewards not only the founding leadership, but every employee of Vaco because everyone has the opportunity to invest in each new market. If this structure is the science, then Vaco's culture is the art. Vaco, Latin for "free yourself from a master," is an empowering organization that recognizes its strength comes from diversity and challenging dissent that consistently brings feedback from employees, clients, candidates and consultants to challenge the status quo and strive for more. <br />> Vaco is large enough to serve you and small enough to care…<br />There are larger recruiting and consulting firms in the world-and there are smaller ones as well. Many have as much as 60% turn-over. In its first five years, Vaco enjoyed less than 5%.<br />Our clients don't want to gamble that these smaller shops will be able to survive and aren't interested in the large soulless machines.<br />Vaco offers the zest of entrepreneurialism and the national reach you need! <br />
  6. 6. The Vaco Difference<br />> Vaco is innovative!<br />Serving more as a federation of states than a federal government, innovative ideas are praised and serve as benchmarks throughout the Nation. Being competitive is solely a benefit to those we serve.<br />We band together as client-focused entrepreneurs and believe in celebrating--our success and yours! <br />> Vaco is both seasoned and enthusiastic!<br />Vaco players have the pedigree and experience you need to have productive conversations. They grew up in your industry and have deep relationships in your world. Combine their real world expertise with the freedom and empowerment that only Vaco offers and that translates to a unique and powerful experience in the world of placement.<br />
  7. 7. Specializations<br />Vaco Resources provides the highest quality, senior-level financial and accounting professionals on a project and consulting basis.<br />In today’s cost-conscious environment, companies are running leaner than ever.<br />At various times, you’ve needed specialized expertise for a project. One of those subject-matter experts who are an inch wide but a mile deep. Wow, someone like that you could really use. Or, maybe it's a season of excessive demand and as the workload mounts, you need to augment your staff.<br />Vaco Resources provides the type of diverse talent found in the world’s largest corporations and consulting practices. Only, we provide that talent in a cost-effective, project-based manner.<br />Surfacing hard to find talent is what Vaco Resources does best. Hitting the bulls-eye for you again and again. Every time, the right skill set and the right culture fit-so you can focus on what you do best.<br />Vaco Resources has successfully completed thousands of financial projects for clients in every region of the United States. From internal audit to interim CFOs and everything in between. Let Vaco's highly experienced team free you from worry.<br />
  8. 8. Specializations<br />Vaco Technology works with clients to develop a customized, flexible solution that addresses IT project initiatives and direct hiring needs. We provide IT professionals that range from help desk to bleeding edge developers to visionary CIOs on a project and permanent basis.<br />Our clients keep their competitive edge and save money because Vaco Technology recruits the best IT consultants and candidates that can hit the ground running.<br />We provide resources on a contract, contract-to-hire and permanent basis for any level of technology need. Whether you need a CIO, Project Manager, Software Developer, Network Engineer, Web Developer, or IT Generalist-- free yourself by connecting with your local Vaco Technology office today.<br />
  9. 9. Specializations<br />Vaco Financial sources and delivers the strongest accounting and financial professionals on a permanent basis through its retained and contingency services.<br />Surfacing the hard to find candidate is what we do best, so you can free yourself to do what you do best.<br />Our seasoned professionals have deep resources and a keen sense for understanding organizational culture. Combine that with passion, pedigree and experience and that equals the Vaco Financial difference. <br />We do the legwork . This keeps you from agonizing over stacks of résumés when all you want is a solution to your time-sensitive need. Hitting the bulls-eye for you again and again. Every time, the right skill set and the right culture fit.<br />Vaco Financial has successfully filled numerous financial positions in every region of the US. As sampling of these positions include:<br /><ul><li> CFO
  10. 10. VP of Finance
  11. 11. Controller
  12. 12. Internal Auditor
  13. 13. Tax (Director, Manager, Accountant)
  14. 14. Accounting Manager</li></li></ul><li>Specializations<br />Vaco Staffing is likely the most diverse specialty in the Vaco family. Our clients come from all size companies and the positions we place come from a wide variety of industries.<br />Vaco Staffing provides clients with placement services on a contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire basis for a wide variety of administrative and executive skill sets including general support, accounting, sales, management, customer service, marketing and human resources.<br />We will exhaust all resources to ensure that only the best possible candidates are represented for your unique positions, which allows you to focus on your core business.<br />Our long-term relationships with our clients allow us to be innovative and proactive and truly understand the unique environment. <br />Our systems serve our clients rather than forcing our clients to serve our systems.<br />
  15. 15. Vaco’s National Account Program<br />Vaco's dedicated national account team is ready to assist you with a streamlined and structured implementation process.<br />You can ensure quality at every location--high performance is standard at Vaco. <br />We provide the highest level of contract compliance in areas of candidate on-boarding, candidate vetting, required documentation and client interaction and reporting. <br />
  16. 16. Vaco’s National Account Program<br />While we do follow a traditional approach for working with national accounts,  we prefer and enjoy creating a customized strategy.In the traditional approach, we would manage the RPS account with one point of contact supported by a National Account Manager. <br />Vaco uses a tiered team approach with the structure of:<br /><ul><li> Single point of contact - National Account Manager (NAM)
  17. 17. Dedicated recruiting team per city (off-site or on-site) and are not opposed to building teams to support
  18. 18. Program Manager - The Program Manager would work closely with the NAM to coordinate the communication between all Vaco offices for the on job requirements, incident management, billing, invoicing and quality control.
  19. 19. Shared Services - supports administrative functions for invoicing, billing, and specialized reporting.</li>