Solar charged electric cars


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Solar charged electric cars are taking off in the United States.

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Solar charged electric cars

  1. 1. Solar-charged vehicles: The future of driving
  2. 2. Solar-charged vehicles: The future of driving panel members Christof Demont-Heinrich, Editor & Founder, SolarChargedDriving.Com Jim Jenal, CEO, Run On Sun Cary Hayes, Director of Business Development, REC Solar
  3. 3. Solar-charged vehicles: The future of driving- What is solar-charged driving? How does it work?- History of solar-charged driving- How many are doing it- Who’s doing it & why- What are they saying about it- What does EV + PV mean for solar?- What are some solar companies doing on EV + PV front?- Summary- Future of solar-charged driving
  4. 4. Solar-charged driving: What is it & how does it work?
  5. 5. How much does it cost?
  6. 6. Solar-powered EV charging canopies
  7. 7. Maps of solar-powered EV charging canopies Solar EV canopy goes up at Illinois Chevy dealerKyocera panels power German solar EV station Solar EV charging stations on way for Minnesota Georgia to get another solar EV charging station Car sharing company building 16 solar EV canopies Nissan builds solar EV charging station at headquarters Bulgaria plugs into solar EV charging
  8. 8. Solar-charged driving: A short history1980s: Handful of EV enthusiasts fuel custom-electrifiedautos with home solar.1997: Toyota RAV4 EV leased; significant % of RAV4 driversinstall solar. Limited media coverage of EV+PV (but dies out).2008: Tesla Roadster becomes available; significant % ofRoadster owners install home solar PV to charge EV.2008: EV + PV begins to make news media radar, althoughbarely.2009: SolarChargedDriving.Com launched.2009: News media coverage of EV + PV slowly rises; Roadsteravailability, coming availability of Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF +growing number of solar EV stations inspires more coverage.2010: Chevy Volt/Nissan LEAF become available late in year.2011: Big automakers actively tap EV + PV (Ford, GM,Mitsubishi, Nissan).2011: Up to half of early EV adopters go solar.2012: More EVs become available in U.S., cost of home solardrops while gas prices push toward $4 to $5 per gallon – butupfront costs of new EVs and solar continue to discouragemany from going EV + PV.
  9. 9. Who’s going EV + PV – and why?
  10. 10. How manysolar-charged drivers? Up to half of early EV adopters end up installing home solar
  11. 11. EV owners like solarEarly Adopter EV Buyers either have solar orare interested in solar electricity. 30% of Chevy Volt buyers already own home solar systems 45% of Nissan Leaf owners plan to power their car with solar 90% of EV buyers plan to charge their car at home
  12. 12. EV owners like solar• One in five Residential inquiries mention EVs – Over past six months – Either presently owned or considering• New Homes? – Will this become the standard?• Run on Sun moving more to Commercial – Charging stations for employees
  13. 13. Solar-charged drivers: What they’re saying After five years, ‘Sunco Station’ is now completely paid for by offsetting our home utility cost and our gasoline costs. Essentially the system, and a LED lighting retrofit, cost a little over $34,000 and we have been saving a little over $7,000 a year in home utility and gasoline cost . Thats the new school. The old school was $430 a month of electricity, $275 a month for gasoline. -- Peder Norby, 7-year solar-charged driver, Calif. “I just really hated oil. The advantages of EVs could easily sway a person, but in my case, it was just a hatred for oil and what oil was doing to the oceans . . . I’ve [also] always been a public interest kind of guy. What’s good for humanity and society and the earth, I believe in that. It’s that simple.” -- Dr. Rob Wilder, 5-year solar-charged driver, Calif. “You have a quicker pay-pack on a photovoltaic system if you are using it to replace energy costs for a car, that equation also gets better as utilities start paying people back for the energy rather than turning the meter back to zero.” -- Felix Kramer, long-time solar-charged driver, founder CalCars.Org “The problem I see is selling people on going solar. It’s very rational to equip one’s home with solar and, over the course of five or six years, to amortize the full cost of that installation. But it’s still intimidating to the majority of my neighbors to ante up eight to 10,000 dollars just to get in. For ourselves, though, we’re grinning from ear to ear about the decision we’ve made.” -- George Parrott, solar-charged driver, Nissan LEAF & Chevy Volt Owner
  14. 14. Solar-charged drivers: What they’re saying“Basically, there is finite supply of oil. We need to find ways ofsubstituting transportation fueling. Many people think the 1980s willcontinue forever, that tomorrow will be just like yesterday. But that’s oneof the great delusions of our time.”-- George Parrott, solar-charged driver, Nissan LEAF & Chevy Volt owner“What I’ve found is that solar guys speak a different language from EVguys. They’re from two different paradigms. I took these two disciplines –solar and electric cars – and put them together. As simple as that sounds,it’s not something many people have thought about.”-- Paul Moore, long-time solar-charged driver, founder,DrivingOnSunshine.Com“A big part of it is, I think, seeing an example [of EV + PV]. A lot of times,people can see or hear about it (in the media) and then they carry itaround in their heads without doing it. But when they actually see it inperson, that’s a stimulus that moves the idea from the back of the mindto the front of the mind – and then maybe people actually start doing it.”-- Phil Blackwood, long-time solar-charged driver, New Jersey“EVs will definitely drive solar more than the other way around. For solar,the economics change when you bring an EV into the mix. Instead ofhaving a seven-year payoff period, you’re now offsetting $3 per gallon,and you have a five- or six-year payoff. EVs will definitely drive householdsolar sales and, to some extent, commercial solar sales too.”-- Paul Scott, long-time solar-charged driver & America’s first EV + PVsalesperson
  15. 15. (Future) solar-charged drivers: What they’re sayingThe Future The future will be clean, no more pollution, goodbye petroleum, hellosun energy!Driving on Sunshine Im driving on sunshine!Hows this for a sunroof!This is what I do with sun. What can you do?Got Sun?Filler up...wit Sunshine!!The sun never sets on a Tesla.Next Fuel Station 93,000,000 Miles.PV 2 EV 4 MEElectric sunshade!Free Sun Miles© for Life!Environmental Benefits 101% SustainableCompletely green and totally clean! :]0 emissions, 100% funFueling Independence Free fuel, any other questions?Freedom... Whats in YOUR tank?Goodbye Oil Solar>OilOil lol.Bend over OPEC.Strait of Hormuz? They can keep it!EV Parking Only - Fossils Will Be Towed.No pipeline needed here!Look ma, no oil!
  16. 16. PV Meets EV What is REC Solar doing?Offer residential charging stations to customers Become known as an expert in the field of EV/PV Increase revenue from new solar customers New way to find solar customers through charging station installs Additional revenue possibility for previous customer base Understand EV rate schedules from utilitiesOffer residential kit systems targeted to EV buyers/users Designed to offset annual use of Leaf/Volt Market to EV buyersDevelop partnerships with local car dealers Offer a kick-back to dealers that send you customers Offer to sell a system to the dealer
  17. 17. Solar-charged driving and the solar industry 3,000 - 4,000 kWh per year = typical EV driver’s extra electricity use  = 1.5 to 2.5 kW solar PV system
  18. 18. Summary- Solar-charged driving around quite awhile, only beginning to take off;- People solar-charge for independence, environmental & economic reasons;- More & more people are solar- charging EVs, but big upfront costs still a barrier to many;- Solar-charged driving represents tremendous opportunity for solar industry;
  19. 19. Solar-charged vehicles: What does the future hold?