Trek 2012 final


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Trek 2012 final

  1. 1. Dear Trek Teammate,First, I would like to congratulate you on a successful Trek Across Maine. As you experiencedfirsthand, the Trek is a huge commitment. Between training rides, fundraising, writing thankyou notes, and emotionally preparing for the Trek it is hard to find time to even think, but youhave managed to do more than that. You took on each challenge with the end goal in mind andafter 5,650.2 cumulative training miles and $18,736.53 raised for the ALA of ME you crossed thefinish line in Belfast! For that, CONGRATULATIONS!Second, I would like to thank all of you! Each year you make the Trek an experience toremember. One of my favorite things during the Trek is when we are all just hanging out as ateam. Whether it be while waiting for our team picture at Colby, cheering on our team as theyroll in at Farmington, swimming in the river, at rest stops, or just hanging out by the tent or atthe pool. Of course I enjoy riding (and have been really lucky to have Devyn as my partner), butthe time spent just hanging out is definitely something I look forward to every year! For that,THANK YOU!Third, I would like to share some of my memories from the Trek this year. At the top of mylist—finishing another Trek with my dad. Another memory, although I was not there, hearingabout Matt’s leg shaving experience and the aftermath of using single blade razors purchasedat the Cumberland Farms!!! Getting to meet and spend time with Denise, Denise, and Leanne.Hanging with Al. “Mentoring” Lucas for the third year in a row and registering with him for afourth year. Riding with many of the CBC youth Trek veterans Riley, Amber, Devyn, Sophia,Matt, Lucas, and Caleb and also riding with the Trek rookies Megan and Tommy. I hope thatyou all had as much fun as I did and you continue to participate in the Trek for years to come.Fourth, I hope that when you look back at these pictures you share your experiences with yourfriends and family members, as you should be very proud of what you accomplished. It takes alot of hard work and determination to get to the finish line in Belfast and you all did it!Lastly, remember to thank the people that helped to get you to the Trek. Your family, friends,teachers, mentors, neighbors, and teammates all had a hand in helping you meet your goal! Besure to let them know how much fun you had and thank them for their efforts. Look forward to riding with you next year! Andrew
  2. 2. Training Ride #1Biddeford Pool, Timber Point 25 miles
  3. 3. Training Ride #2 HB Provisions 25 miles
  4. 4. Training Ride #3 Skelton Dam 24 miles
  5. 5. Training Ride #4Scarborough Marsh to North Saco 31 miles
  6. 6. Training Ride #5 Merriland Farms to HB Provisions 37 miles After the first five rides of the season, the teamseems to be in pretty good spirits. Everyone is working together and supporting each other along the way. Fundraising has been a challenge this year (more so than in years past), but as I am writing this on 5/17/12 folks are out raising funds for the Trek! I/we are all excited about riding with Tommy this year. He has a great sense of humor and is a very strong rider!
  7. 7. Training Ride #6Buxton Country Store 33 miles
  8. 8. Another ride in the books, another impressive ride from Devyn and Sophia. This year will mark their 3rd Trek Across Maine and it will certainly be their strongest. Watching them grow over the last few years has been a blast! I’m excited to ride again this year with Devyn and hope that he will continue to ride for years to come!!!Training Ride #7Alfred Shelter39 miles
  9. 9. Training Ride #8 Bug Light 41 miles
  10. 10. Training Ride #9Mystery Ride to Andy’s 39.5 miles