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Session 4 bike monkeys


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Session 4 bike monkeys

  1. 1. Session #4: Rotational Systems – Bottom Bracket Bike Monkeys Community Bicycle CenterIntroductory Information & Stuff  Thank you notes:  Announcements: ???  Shop Chores: ???Lesson A: Rotational Systems  Major and minor rotational systems:  Major: Bottom Bracket, Front & Rear Hubs, Headset  Minor: Jockey Wheels, Pedals, Freewheel  Six Parts of every rotational system: 1. Cup 2. Cone 3. Bearings 4. Grease 5. Axle 6. LocknutLesson B: Bottom Brackets  One Piece Bottom Bracket Overhaul & Adjustment  Three Piece Bottom Bracket Overhaul & Adjustment  Left-Hand and Right-Hand Thread Lesson  Bottom Bracket Tools & associated parts matching activity  Guess what’s wrong with this bottom bracket part activityRemove, Clean, Install, and Adjust Bottom Bracket and associated parts  Tools: pedal wrench, crank puller, hook spanner, lock ring spanner, fixed cup remover, bottom bracket press, pin spanner, socket wrench  Keeping parts together in proper order  Save all old parts until bike repair is completedDemonstration Parts:  One-piece bottom brackets  Three-piece bottom brackets  Bottom bracket tools  Right and left hand threaded parts  Rotational Systems: adjusted too loose and too tight  Worn and pitted parts: cups, spindles, and bearingsC:Documents and SettingsAmeriCorpsDesktopBike Monkeys FolderSession 4 Bike Monkeys.doc