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Vem global full service layout

  1. 2. Workflow: A Complete Online Marketing Platform. VEM Global™ connects you, your company and your marketing to an exciting new world. It’s a world where your website is your storefront that must sell your entire brand experience along with your products and services. Where demand for your business now comes from Vertical Engine Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. And where web and phone analytics help you better understand which marketing initiatives drive performance and long-term growth for your company.    Website Design Search Engine Marketing   Vertical Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing   Web Analytics Web Applications   Phone Analytics Content Writing   Video Services Search Engine Optimization  
  2. 3. Website Design Based on the approved brand platform, brand strategy, and design program, VEMGlobal will develop a Web site for the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark brand. VEMGlobal will develop an information architecture that is most appropriate for potential guests of the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark. Once approved, this architecture will be implemented using the selected design program.     
  3. 6. Vertical Engine Marketing VEM Global™ bases much of its vision on the movement towards Vertical Engine Marketing (VEM). Like Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, VEM is another form of Internet marketing that seeks to help advertisers increase their visibility on vertical or niche websites using a variety of paid placement strategies. Because these types of websites are aimed at specific topics or interests, they produce more qualified leads and higher conversions.  
  4. 8. Web & Call Analytics – Campaign Reporting VEM Global™ partners with Google to offer and properly implement the most advanced web tracking capabilities anywhere. Instead of just measuring web traffic to your site, we’ll help you quickly and easily view and analyze where your traffic is coming from, what other sites users have visited during their searches and how many of your prospects are converting into actual sales. So you can create better-targeted advertising, strengthen each marketing campaign and generate higher conversions from your entire marketing initiatives. By partnering with the worldwide leader in web search, VEM Global™. VEM Global™ uses Phonalytics™ call tracking solutions to validate your online and offline marketing campaigns, and gives you complete control over your most profitable source of revenue - the telephone. Using Phonalytics™, you can easily attach dynamically changing tracking phone numbers to all of your online marketing - cost-per-click ads, online directory listings and advertising banners to name a few. You can also use Phonalytics™ tracking numbers on your offline marketing, including radio, outdoor and television. Like never before, it connects your business to the billions of dollars in business done over the phone.
  5. 12. Video Services and Tours The use of video is exploding on the Internet – in November 2009 alone, 170.6 million U.S. residents watched almost 31 billion videos online. VEM Global™ was among the first to recognize this lucrative trend, and we invite you to become a part of it. Our team of videographers and editors has produced a tremendous inventory of client videos for our vertical websites, including resort and hotel property videos, personal interviews and promotional videos that focus on a client’s particular area of expertise. And we can put the same team to work for you. We can write, shoot, edit, produce and deliver your videos, online or as part of custom DVD packages. Our comprehensive video services include:
  6. 14. Search Engine Marketing - (Cost Per Click Management) We manage tens of thousands of different keywords daily across individual hotel sites to some of the most prominent travel sites. Every day, millions of people use major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! to locate businesses like yours. VEM Global™ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can ensure that your key messages appear prominently before these motivated customer and prospects. Yet our overall goal is to generate the highest return on your SEM investment. We focus our SEM services on the search terms that consumers use most: the ones that include your brand, and the ones about your local area. And our account managers can recommend a variety of SEM placement options to maximize visibility and impact. Our Search Engine marketing services include: 1. Contextual and display advertising design and content writing 2. Consultation on placement strategies including CPC, CPL and flat rate advertising 3. Sponsored listings on major search engines 4. Multimedia web channels including video and social media 5. Ongoing tracking and optimization
  7. 15. Cost Per Click Management
  8. 16. Cost Per Click Management
  9. 17. Search Media Marketing Broadcasting messages through popular social media channels is the ultimate way to interact with the people who know you, with those who don't yet know you - and with those who should. With sites like Facebook and YouTube consistently appearing from #1 to #5 among websites ranked by number of visits worldwide, Social Media Marketing is vital for communicating your product and your entire brand experience. It's also a great way to drive traffic to your website, increase your exposure and manage your brand and your business reputation across the Internet.   VEM Global™ provides a complete toolkit to help your brand capture hearts and minds in the emerging, inexpensive world of social media. Our toolkit includes:
  10. 19. Social Marketing examples: Facebook – Targeting online users based off your demographics
  11. 20. Web Applications – (Content Management System) VEM Global™ can provide Web applications that enhance not just your website, but your entire business. Our talented and experienced Web developers can build web apps that add functionality and user appeal to your site, or help streamline your back office. Whatever your company needs – VEM Global™ can provide web-based applications that make your business more successful. Applications can include:
  12. 21. EZCMS – Dashboard Home
  13. 22. EZCMS – Example Client Front-end
  14. 23. Editing content is as simple as logging in and editing individual content blocks
  15. 24. EZCMS – Manage files and images with click of a few buttons
  16. 25. EZCMS – Edit your metadata for your pages easily and effectively without getting into your websites code
  17. 26. EZCMS – Custom end to end templates and ezCMS add-ons
  18. 27. Content Writing Great website content will do more than just read well. It will create a lasting impression in the minds of your readers – and among the search engines. VEM Global™ can put a team of experienced content writers behind your website, experts at balancing all of these goals. So your site will deliver strong, compelling sales messages. It will also have the most accurate, ethical and effective keyword density, meta descriptions, page titles and H1 page headings. And that’s just for your website. Our staff has proven knowledge and experience in advertising, journalism, public relations, promotional marketing and more. Powerful web content SEO content Blogs Newsletters Editorial articles Promotional writing Video scripts
  19. 28. Search Engine Optimization With more than a decade of experience developing vertical websites, VEM Global™ knows every detail about search engine optimization (SEO). We start by helping you develop your website with the most relevant source code, content and keywords. And, we can update your site with fresh content weekly or monthly. So over time, your website gains a stronger web presence and higher visibility for consumers searching for businesses like yours. And it remains dynamic and appealing for your other important audience: the search engines. Our SEO services include: