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The Count Of Monte Cristo


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This presentation includes questions I have created for each chapter of The Count of Monte Cristo (Bantam Classics).

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The Count Of Monte Cristo

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The Count of Monte Cristoby Alexandre Dumas<br />Introduction<br />Discussion Questions<br />Helpful Websites <br />Created by Ms. Crystal Barletta<br /><br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br />Edmond Dantes: young sailor, loved by all except: Danglars and Mondego<br />Enemies of Dantes: Danglars, Mondego, and Villefort<br />After spending 14 years in the Chateau D’if, Dantes becomes a smuggler and gets the treasure on the Isle of Monte Cristo<br />The plan: to get close to his enemies and destroy them in order to “get even” for what they did to him<br />
  4. 4. The Main Character and his alter identities<br />Edmond Dantes: young, beloved sailor who is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit by Danglars, Villefort, and Mondego<br />He later creates two other identities in order to delude his enemies:<br />Abbe Busoni: priest<br />Count of Monte Cristo: rich count who wins over the elite of Paris<br />
  5. 5. Friends and Family of Edmond Dantes<br />Monsieur Morrel: ship-owner and friend of Edmond Dantes<br />Maximilien Morrel: son of Monsieur Morrel<br />Julie Morrel /Herbaut : daughter of Monsieur Morrel<br /> Louis Dantes: father of Edmond Dantes who dies of starvation after Edmond is imprisoned <br />AbbeFaria: priest Edmond Dantes meets in jail <br />Mercedes/Countess de Morcerf: fiancé of Edmond Dantes who later marries Fernand Mondego (later known as the Count de Morcerf)<br />Haydee:lover of the Count of Monte Cristo<br />
  6. 6. The Characters<br />Fernand Mondego/Count de Morcerf: his love for Mercedes propels him to conspire against Edmond Dantes by writing the letter to Villefort, incriminating Dantes as a Bonapartist<br />Albert de Morcerf: son of Mercedes and Fernand<br />
  7. 7. The Characters<br />Monsieur/ Baron Danglars: purser on the Pharaon; his jealousy for Edmond Dantes prompted him to set up Edmond Dantes as a Bonapartist; he later becomes a rich baron<br /> <br />Madame Danglars:wife of Baron Danglars<br />Lucien Debray:The secretary to the French minister of the interior and lover of Madame Danglars<br />Eugenie Danglars:daughter of Baron and Madame Danglars<br />
  8. 8. The Characters<br />Monsieur Gerard de Villefort: chief prosecutor who sends Edmond Dantes to jail in order to keep his father Noirtier ties with Napoleon secret<br />Monsieur Noirtier: father of Villefort<br />Renee de Saint Meran/Villefort : first wife of Monsieur de Villefort <br />Marquis and Marquise de Saint-Meran: parents of Renee de Saint Meran/Villefort <br />Madame Heloise de Villefort: second wife of Monsieur de Villefort <br />Valentine de Villefort: daughter of Renee and Gerard de Villefort; engaged to Franz d’ Epinay; in love with Maximillian Morrel<br />Edouard de Villefort: son of Madame Heloise de Villefort<br />
  9. 9. The Characters<br />Caderousse: witnesses the conspiracy against Edmond Dantes, but does not do anything to prevent it<br />Doctor d&apos;Avrigny: doctor who attends to the Villefort family<br />  Bertuccio: trusted stewart of the Count of Monte Cristo<br />Benedetto: illegitimate son of Villefort and Madame Danglars; later known as Andrea Cavalcanti <br />
  10. 10. Minor Characters<br />Luigi Vampa: infamous Roman bandit and friend of the Count of Monte Cristo<br />Peppino: An Italian shepherd who was about to be sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit when the Count of Monte Cristo saves him, buys his freedom, and hires him as an employee<br />Jacopo: smuggler and friend of Edmond Dantes who helps him win his freedom; Dantes/the count later awards him for his loyalty by buying him his own ship and crew<br />Emmanuel Herbaut -  Julie Morrel’s husband<br />Louise d’Armilly -  Eugénie Danglars’ music teacher and companion<br />Ali -  Dantes&apos; mute Nubian slave<br />
  11. 11. Minor Characters<br />Beauchamp : A well-known journalist; engaged to Eugenie de Villefort; good friend to Albert de Morcerf<br />Major Cavalcanti -  A poor and crooked man whom Dantès resurrects as a phony Italian nobleman and father of Andrea/Benedetto<br />Franz d’Epinay :good friend to Albert de Morcerf; fiancé of Valentine Villefort. <br />Ali Pacha : A Greek nationalist leader whom Mondego/Morcerf betrays; father of Haydee<br />Baron of Château-Renaud : An aristocrat and diplomat; friend of Maximillian Morrel<br />
  12. 12. Chapter 1 Questions<br />What has happened to the captain of the Pharaon?<br />Briefly describe Edmond Dantes as a character.<br />What did Dantes do on the Isle of Elba?<br />What are two reasons why Dantes asked Monsieur Morrel for two weeks off from work? What is Morrel’s response?<br />  <br /> Describe the promotion Monsieur Morrel promised Dantes?<br />
  13. 13. Chapter 2 Questions<br />Why has Louis Dantes (Edmond’s father) been living in poverty?<br />Who is Gaspard Caderousse? Briefly describe him as a character.<br />What did Danglers and Caderouuse want to know concerning Mercedes?<br />Briefly describe the relationship between Caderousse and Danglers.<br />
  14. 14. Chapter 3 Questions<br />Who is Fernand Mondego? Briefly describe him as a character.<br />What does Fernand propose that he and Mercedes do? What is her response?<br /> <br />Briefly describe the relationship between Edmond Dantes and Fernand Mondego.<br /> <br />Describe the tactics Caderousse and Danglers use to bait Fernand into helping them with their plan. What is their plan?<br />
  15. 15. Chapters 4&5 Questions<br />Chapter 4<br /> <br /> Describe the nature of Edmond and Mercedes’ wedding feast. Be specific.<br /> What happens that interrupts the wedding feast. Be specific.<br />Chapter 5<br /> Briefly describe Monsieur Villefort as a character.<br /> How is Villefort connected to the Marquis and Marquise of Saint-Meran ?<br /> <br /> Describe the relationship between Renee of Saint-Meran and Villefort.<br /> <br />
  16. 16. Chapter 5 Questions Continued<br /> What are three questions Villefort asks Edmond Dantes during his questioning?<br /> Villefort was about to release Edmond Dantes, but changed his mind at the end of the questioning. What happened that led Villefort to change his mind and put him in jail instead of releasing him?<br />What promise did Edmond Dantes make to Villefort? <br /> What promise did Villefort make to Edmond Dantes?<br />
  17. 17. Chapter 6 Questions<br />Where did the gendarmes (police officers) take Edmond Dantes?<br /> What did the police officers and jailer deny Edmond Dantes of?<br />What did the jailer warn Edmond Dantes could happen to him if he continues to declare his innocence and make demands to see the governor?<br />Where did the jailer move Edmond Dantes? Why did he move Edmond to a different location in the jail?<br />
  18. 18. Chapter 7&8 Questions<br />Chapter 7<br />King Louis XVIII spoke with Villefort. What did Villefort tell him and what was the King’s interest in Villefort?<br />What did Villefort try to convince the King of France?<br />What reward did the King give Villefort?<br />Chapter 8<br />Describe the change of power in France during this time (1815).<br /> What did the term “the hundred days” refer to in regards to government?<br />Who did Villefort marry? What were his reasons for marrying her?<br />
  19. 19. Chapter 8 Questions Continued<br /> What happened to Louis Dantes since his son has been in jail for the past 5 months?<br />What did Morrel do to help Louis Dantes? What was the risk of helping him?<br /> What happened to Mercedes in the time that Edmond was in jail (5 months)?<br /> Why did Fernand leave Mercedes when she needed him the most?<br />How did Mercedes’ feelings for Fernand change after Edmond went to jail and Fernand went off to fight in the war?<br /> <br />
  20. 20. Chapters 9&10 Questions<br />Chapter 9<br />How long has Dantes been in the Chateau d’ If? How old is he now?<br />What tools does Dantes use while in jail? What is his plan?<br /> Chapter 10<br />Who is Abbe Faria? What are 3 things about him that are revealed in this chapter?<br />Name 2 items that Abbe Faria made while in the prison. How did he make each of these items and what was the purpose of making them?<br />What revelation does Dantes have (with the help of Abbe Faria) concerning the events that took place before he was imprisoned? Be specific.<br /> What has happened to Abbe Faria? What does Dantes do to help him? Be specific.<br /> <br />What oath does Dantes make to Abbe Faria? Be specific. <br />
  21. 21. Chapter 11&12 Questions<br />Chapter 11<br />What does Abbe Faria give to Dantes? Explain in detail.<br /> Why did Abbe Faria keep what he recently gave Dantes a secret from him until now? Cite a quote from the text to support your answer.<br />Describe Abbe Faria and Dantes’ relationship. <br />Chapter 12<br /> How did Dantes escape from prison? Be specific. <br />
  22. 22. Chapters 13-15 Questions<br />Chapter 13<br />How many years has Dantes been in jail? What year is it? How old is Dantes now? <br />How has prison changed Dantes both mentally and physically? Be specific. <br />Chapter 14<br /> What did Dantes do to stay behind on Monte Cristo? What did Jacapo do that surprised Dantes? <br />Chapter 15<br /> What information does Jacopo tell Dantes after having gone to Marseilles? Give two examples. <br /> <br />
  23. 23. Chapters 16-18 Questions<br />Chapter 16<br />Give three examples of the information Caderousse tells Dantes. <br />Chapter 17<br /> In Chapter 17 Dantes presents himself to the Mayor of Marseilles. What information does Dantes obtain from him? Give two specific examples.<br />Chapter 18<br />What has happened to Monsieur Morrel’s business? What deal does Dantes make with Monsieur Morrel? Under what pretense does he make this agreement? Be specific. <br />
  24. 24. Chapters 19&20 Questions<br />Chapter 19<br /> What was Monsieur Morrel planning to do before he received the news about the Pharaon? What miracle happens concerning the Pharaon in this chapter? Explain how this miracle was made possible. <br />Chapter 20<br /> What are Albert de Morcerf and his friend Franz unable to get in Rome? How do they obtain what they were attempting to get? Be specific. (Chapter 20)<br />
  25. 25. Chapter 21 Questions<br />Explain the letter Albert receives from the woman he saw in the carriage.<br /> What happens to Albert during the carnival in Rome?<br />Explain the contents of the letter Franz receives from Albert. What does Franz do when he receives this news?<br />What information does Peppino give to the Count of Monte Cristo and Franz? Be specific.<br /> What location was Albert taken to and how did he react to his captors?<br />
  26. 26. Chapter 21 Questions Continued<br />What agreement did the Count of Monte Cristo have with Luigi Vampa? <br /> What surprised Luigi Vampa about the ways in which Albert held up as a prisoner?<br />Who saves Albert de Morcerf? Why does this person save him? Be specific. <br />What favor does the Count of Monte Cristo ask of Albert de Morcerf? When will the count be visiting Albert?<br />
  27. 27. Chapter 22 Questions<br />Who has Albert invited for lunch?<br />Answer: <br />The Count of Monte Cristo (guest of honor)<br />Monsieur Beauchamp (journalist)<br />Monsieur de Chateau-Renaud (nobleman) <br />Monsieur Maximilien Morrel (son of Monsieur Morrel; Captain of Spahis)<br />Monsieur Lucien Debray (Secretary to the Minister of the Interior)<br />
  28. 28. Chapter 22 Questions Continued<br />What is the Count of Monte Cristo’s secret to sleeping at will?<br />Describe the count’s pill case. What does he tell his companions about the emeralds? (pgs. 168-169)<br />Explain the Count of Monte Cristo’s history with Luigi Vampa. (pgs. 169-170)<br />Who is Albert’s fiancé? How does he feel about her? What is the significance of this?<br />
  29. 29. Chapter 22 Questions Continued<br />How does the count claim he knows of Baron Danglars?<br />What is Maximilian Morrel’s reaction to the count when he tells him of the firm “Thomas and French”?<br />Where is the count’s house in Paris? Who selected it for him? (pg. 172)<br />What does the count boast of in regards to women? (pg. 173)<br />
  30. 30. Chapter 23&24 Questions<br />Chapter 23<br />Describe the portrait that interests the count which is displayed in the home of the Morcerf family.<br />What is the Countess de Morcerf’s reaction when she meets the Count of Monte Cristo? (pgs. 177-179)<br />Chapter 24<br />What deal does Dantes make with Monsieur Morrel? Under what pretense does he make this agreement? Be specific.<br />
  31. 31. Chapter 25 Questions<br />What does Danglars have that the Count of Monte Cristo wants? What does he do to attain it/them? <br />What do Danglars and the Count of Monte Cristo discuss in this chapter? What partnership do they develop together? <br />What does the Count of Monte Cristo do to help Edouard Villefort? Be specific. <br />
  32. 32. Chapters 26&27 Questions<br />Chapter 26<br />Briefly describe and explain the conversation that takes place between Villefort and the Count of Monte Cristo. Who does the count say his three adversaries are? What is Villefort’s reaction? <br />What does Villefort tell the Count of Monte Cristo about his father, Noirtier? Be specific. <br />Chapter 27<br /> <br />What does the Count of Monte Cristo tell Haydee concerning her life and future? What is her response? <br /> <br />
  33. 33. Chapter 28 Questions<br />Chapter 28<br />Who is the angel that Julie, Emmanuel, and Maximilian speak of? What miracle did the angel perform for them? <br />Who is Lord Wilmore? How did Lord Wilmore and the Count of Monte Cristo know each other? Be specific. <br />What impression do Julie and Maximilian have of the Count of Monte Cristo? Be specific. <br />Provide three examples of how the Count of Monte Cristo has begun to carry out his plan of revenge. Be specific. (Chapters 16-28)<br />
  34. 34. Chapters 29 Questions<br />Where has the Count of Monte Cristo met Madame de Villefort before? Briefly explain your answer.<br />Who was King Mirthridates? What precautions did he take that the Count of Monte Cristo follows? <br /> <br />Briefly explain the conversation the count has with Madame de Villefort. Give three examples to support your answer.<br />
  35. 35. Chapter 30 Questions<br />What does Albert tell the count concerning his mother and the Danglars’ family? Be specific.<br />What does Lucien Debray tell the count concerning Madame Danglars and her spending habits? Be specific.<br /> <br />Who are Major Bartolomeo Calvalcanti and Andrea Calvalcanti? What favor does Albert ask of the count concerning one of these individuals? Be specific. <br /> <br />
  36. 36. Chapter 31 Questions<br />Give three details concerning the meeting that takes place between the count and Major Calvalcanti. Be specific. <br />Briefly re-tell the conversation that takes place between Major Calvalcanti and Andrea. Provide a minimum of two details.<br />Briefly explain the context of the letters that Major Calvalcanti and Andrea received? Who were the letters from? Be specific. <br />What roles have Abbe Busoni, Sinbad the Sailor, and Lord Wilmore played in the novel thus far? Provide a minimum of two examples to support your answer. <br />
  37. 37. Chapters 32-34<br />Chapter 32 <br />Briefly explain what Eugenie and Valentine discuss concerning their fiancés. Be specific.<br />Why does Madame Villefort oppose the idea of Valentine getting married? Be specific. <br />Chapter 33<br /> <br />Explain how Noirtier communicates with Valentine. What response does he give her concerning her upcoming marriage to Franz d’Epinay? Provide a minimum of two examples to support your answer. Be specific.<br />Chapter 34<br /> <br />What is Villefort’s reaction when the Count of Monte Cristo invites him to his house in Auteuil? Provide two examples to support your answer.<br />What information does Debray give to Madame Danglars? What does she do in response to his suggestion? What is the end result of her actions? Be specific. <br />
  38. 38. Chapters 35&36 Questions<br />Chapter 35<br />Explain the transformation that has taken place in the Count of Monte Cristo’s house in Auteuil. Describe the room that was left in its original state and explain why it was left unchanged.<br />Briefly list the guests at the Count of Monte Cristo’s dinner party. Explain the reason for bringing the guests together and what Betruccio tells the Count about the identity of some of the guests. Provide a minimum of three examples to support your answer. Be specific.<br />Explain the story the Count tells his guests about one of the bedrooms and the garden. Provide a minimum of three examples to support your answer.<br /> <br />Chapter 36 <br />Who surprises Andrea? How do they know each other? What does this person want from him? <br />
  39. 39. Chapter 37 Questions<br />Chapter 37<br />Briefly describe the relationship between Madame Danglars and Lucien Debray. Provide 2 examples to support your answer. <br />Briefly describe the conversation between Madame Danglars and her husband Baron Danglars. Provide 3 examples to support your answer.<br />Briefly describe Baron Danglars as a character given the events that take place in this chapter. Provide a minimum of 2 examples to support your answer.<br />
  40. 40. Chapter 38 Questions<br />Chapter 38<br />How does Jacopo play a role in the Count of Monte Cristo’s master plan for revenge? How do Jacopo and the Count know each other and what service does Jacopo perform for the Count? Be specific. <br /> <br />What are 2 things the Count tells Baron Danglars concerning Andrea Calvalcanti? What interest does Baron Danglars have in Andrea? Be specific.<br />What does Baron Danglars tell the Count about Count Fernand de Morcerf? Provide 2 examples to support your answer. <br />
  41. 41. Chapters 39&40 Questions<br />Chapter 39<br />What information does Villefort reveal to Madame Danglars? Provide 2 examples to support your statement.<br /> Chapter 40<br />What worries does Albert have concerning his upcoming marriage to Eugenie Danglars? Be specific.<br />What information does the Count tell Albert concerning Eugenie Danglars? What is Albert’s response? Be specific.<br /> <br />
  42. 42. Chapters 41-45 Questions<br />Name three people who have died in Chapters 41-45. How did each of them die and who is being accused of the death of these individuals? Be specific.<br />Why has Franz d’Epinay refused to marry Valentine de Villefort? Be specific (Chapters 42-43)<br />What has Baron Danglars done to insult Fernand de Morcerf and his son Albert? Be specific. (Chapter 43)<br />What two favors does Caderousse ask from Andrea? (Chapter 45)<br />What does Andrea do to disguise himself? What does Caderousse notice about Andrea that he forgot to change? (Chapter 45)<br />
  43. 43. Chapters 46-50 Questions<br />How does Monte Cristo learn of the impending robbery? <br /> Does Monte Cristo really think someone wants to rob him? <br />How does Monte Cristo disguise himself after he recognizes Caderousse? <br /> Who freed Caderousse from prison? <br />What does Caderousse do when Abbe Busoni tells him he is going to turn Caderousse and Benedetto in to the police? <br />What happens to Caderousse after Abbe Busoni lets him leave? <br />What does Caderousse do before he dies? <br />What does Abbe Busoni reveal to him just before he dies which causes him to repent? <br />What does Monte Cristo propose to Albert after it is announced that Andrea, instead of Albert, will  marry Eugenie? <br /> What reaction had the information about Morcerf&apos;s betrayal caused in the chamber? <br />
  44. 44. Chapters 46-50 Continued<br /> How does Morcerf react to Haydee’s testimony? <br />What surprising information does Baron Danglars give them?<br />What is arranged at the opera that night? <br />Why does Mercedes  visit Monte Cristo that same night? <br />Does Mercedes know the true identity of Monte Cristo? <br />What does Monte Cristo promise Mercedes? <br />Why does Monte Cristo demonstrate his shooting skill to Albert?<br />
  45. 45. Chapters 48-50 Continued<br />What do Albert and his mother decide to do? <br /> How does Monte Cristo react to seeing Haydee again? <br />How does Morcerf react when he discovers that Monte Cristo is Edmond Dantes? <br />Why do Madame Danglars and Eugenie visit the Villefort&apos;s? <br />To whom does Maximilien go to for help? <br />What has caused Valentine to lose consciousness?<br />
  46. 46. Chapters 51&52 Questions<br />Chapter 51 (pgs. 374-379)<br />Who visits the Count? What does she know about him and what favor does she ask of him?<br />What does the Count promise his visitor? What are the consequences of his promise? Be specific.<br />Chapter 52 (pgs. 379-385)<br />  Why does the Count talk to Maximilian about his will?<br />What skills does the Count reveal to Maximilian? What is the significance of this scene?<br /> <br /> What does the Count tell Maximilian about why he is prepared to die?<br /> <br />What does the Count ask Maximilian concerning his love life? Why does he ask this of him?<br />What does Albert do on the day he is scheduled to fight the Count in a duel on the field of honor? What are his reasons for these actions? Be specific. (pgs. 384-385)<br />
  47. 47. Chapters 53&54 Questions<br />Chapter 53 (pgs. 385-388)<br /> Explain the conversation that occurs between Mercedes and her son, Albert.<br /> Explain the letter Albert receives from the Count.<br />Chapter 54 (pgs. 388-395)<br /> <br />Why does the Count of Morcerf come to visit the Count of Monte Cristo?<br /> Briefly describe the conversation the Count has with Fernand.<br /> What do Mercedes and Albert decide to do? Why have they made this decision?<br /> <br />What has happened to the Count of Morcerf (Fernand Mondego)? Be specific.<br /> <br />
  48. 48. Chapter 55 Questions<br />Chapter 55 (pgs. 395-405) <br />What does Valentine tell Maximilian about their plans concerning their relationship? <br />Briefly describe Valentine’s state of health.<br /> Why does Maximilian ask the Count for help? What is his response?<br />Briefly describe the conversation Doctor D’Avrigny has with Noirtier.<br /> <br />Who has moved in next door to the Villefort’s? What is the significance of this event?<br />
  49. 49. Chapter 56 Questions<br />Chapter 56 (pgs. 406-410)<br />What event is taking place in this chapter?<br />  What affect does the Count of Monte Cristo’s presence have on other people at the gathering?<br /> What information does the Count tell everyone at the gathering concerning the murder of Caderousse? <br /> <br />What reaction do the Danglars’ have to the news the Count has revealed in combination with the appearance of the police?<br /> <br />What does Andrea do to avoid the impending situation? Be specific.<br />
  50. 50. Chapters 57&58 Questions<br />Chapter 57 (pgs. 410-413)<br /> What plan has Eugenie and Louise devised? What is the reason for this plan?<br />What is the relationship between Eugenie and Louise? How did Louise know the Count? Be specific. <br />Chapter 58 (pgs. 413-420)<br />What did Andrea do before leaving the Danglars’ residence? Why did he do this? Be specific. <br />What did Andrea do to elude the police?<br /> <br />Who did Andrea meet when he was trying to escape from the hotel? What happened as a result?<br /> <br />
  51. 51. Chapter 59 Questions<br />Chapter 59 (pgs. 420-428)<br /> What is one of the side effects of Valentine’s illness?<br />What does the Count tell Valentine about what he has been doing for her and what has been happening to her?<br />Who does Valentine recognize as the killer of the household? How does she find out this person is the killer?<br />Why has the killer committed the previous murders and is trying to kill Valentine? Be specific. <br />What is the Count’s plan to save Valentine? Be specific.<br />
  52. 52. Chapters 60-61 Questions<br />Chapter 60 (pgs. 428-437)<br />What does everyone believe has happened to Valentine? <br />How does Maximilian react to the news he receives about Valentine? Provide at least one example.<br />Explain the actions the priest takes in protecting Valentine. <br />Chapter 61 (pgs. 437-443)<br />What trick does the Count play on Danglars? What was the Count’s goal? Describe this scene in detail.<br />What does Danglars do at the end of the chapter? Why does he follow through with these actions? Be specific. <br />
  53. 53. Chapter 62 Questions<br />Chapter 62 (pgs. 443-452)<br />What event is taking place in this chapter?<br />Explain the state of Maximilian Morrel in this chapter. What does he plan on doing? What advice does the Count give him? Explain <br />What secret does the Count reveal to Maximilian? What is his reaction?<br />What deal does the Count make with Maximilian regarding his life?<br /> <br />
  54. 54. Chapter 63 Questions<br />Chapter 63 (pgs. 452-461)<br />Briefly describe the contents of Baron Danglars’ letter to his wife.<br />Describe how Debray treats Madame Danglars.<br /> <br />Briefly explain the conversation that occurs between Madame Danglars and Lucien Debray.<br />What does Albert tell his mother Mercedes concerning his plans for the future? Be specific. <br />What does Debray do after he leaves Madame Danglars?<br />Briefly describe the exchange that takes place between Debray and Maximilian. <br />
  55. 55. Chapters 64&65 Questions<br />Chapter 64 (pgs. 461-466)<br />Who comes to visit Benedetto when he is in jail? Why has this person come to visit him? <br />What information did Benedetto want from Betruccio? Be specific. <br />Chapter 65 (pgs. 466-473))<br /> <br />What case is Villefort working on? How is his involvement in the case a conflict of interest? Be specific. <br />What does Madame Villefort send her husband? What are his thoughts about what she sent him and what is his reaction when he finds out his suspicion was incorrect?<br />Explain Villefort’s questioning of his wife’s activities. Briefly describe their conversation. <br />What does Villefort ask his wife to do? What is the alternative if she does not comply with his demands?<br />
  56. 56. Chapters 66&67 Questions<br />Chapter 66 (pgs. 473-480)<br />Who appears at the trial of Benedetto/Andrea? Why is this act a shameful act?<br />What shocking answer does Andrea give when asked about his father and mother when he is on trial for murder?<br />What is Villefort’s reaction to Andrea’s declaration concerning the identity his parents?<br />Chapter 67 (pgs. 480-487)<br /> What did Villefort regret doing concerning his wife? Be specific.<br />What has happened to Madame Villefort and Edouard? <br />Briefly describe the conversation that takes place between Villefort and the Count of Monte Cristo. <br />What happens to Villefort? Provide three examples.<br />
  57. 57. Chapters 68-70 Questions<br />Chapter 68 (pgs. 487-497)<br />What are Mercedes’ plans for the future? How does the Count feel about what has happened to Mercedes’? Provide a minimum of two examples to support your statements.<br /> <br />Chapter 69 (pgs. 497-505)<br /> <br />What place from his past does the Count visit in this chapter? Why does he revisit this place and what does he find? What does the guard tell the Count about the prisoner? Provide a minimum of two examples. <br />Chapter 70 (pgs. 505-512)<br /> <br />Who has captured Baron Danglars? What are Danglars’ thoughts about why he was captured? Be specific.  <br />
  58. 58. Chapters 71&72 Questions<br />Chapter 71 (pgs. 512-517)<br /> <br />What is the Count’s plan for Danglars? Why has he chosen this form of punishment for Danglars? Be specific.<br />Chapter 72 (pgs. 518-522)<br />How many days is Danglars kept prisoner? Describe the suffering he goes through and Luigi Vampa’s response to his suffering.<br />Describe the Count’s confrontation with Danglars. Provide a minimum of two <br /> examples to support your argument.<br />What happens to Danglars? Provide two examples to support your statements.<br />
  59. 59. Chapter 73 Questions<br />Chapter 73 (pgs. 523-531)<br />Who does Maximilian see when he believes he has died? What is the reality of the situation? <br />What clue does the Count leave behind for Valentine and Maximilian? Be specific. <br />What are the plans of Maximilian and Valentine?<br />What plans does the Count have for the future?<br />How has the Count changed now that he has gotten his revenge on his enemies? Be specific. <br />
  60. 60. Helpful Websites<br />Movie Clip<br />Literature Website<br />Read The Count of Monte Cristo online<br /><br />
  61. 61. The End<br />All rights reserved Copyright 2009<br />Contact information: Ms. Crystal Barletta<br /><br />Website:<br />